New Music Coming From Urban Kings


The Urban Kings Music Group will feature some brand new music for 2015, including music from Ms Krazie . She has fans excited with her upcoming “Sad Girls Club” CD, and its coming out really really dope. I cant wait for you to hear it, I was in the studio with her while she was writing and recording and its so good. We will also have new music and videos from UKMG artists Chino Grande and True Starr. If you are interested in booking Ms Krazie, Chino Grande and True Starr, Click Here and Get Your Favorite UKMG Artist At Your Event Today!

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Are you following Old English Brand on Instagram? With the brand new Old English Brand Summer Collection just released to the world, we have been posting some really cool pictures of the new Tee’s, Tanks, Snapbacks, Pocket Prints, Backpacks and more. Not to mention the models and Exclusive Instagram videos. We are almost at 10,000 followers on Instagram! Make sure to support Old English Brand by following us and following the movement. We might even follow you back if you tell us you read our blog! Just search @OldEnglishBrand and click follow!


Auction of Conejo’s Still Live Portraits

Week 3 into the auction of Conejo’s Canvases and we have gotten several interested buyers. The highest bid so far comes from R. Vasquez for $376 for the Shady Conejo portrait.

This canvas is from the original film that was used to capture the album cover of Conejo’s first album cover.

The Shady Conejo’s canvas stands over 3ft tall and over 2ft wide.

If you want to beat R. Vasquez’s bid enter it at Game Over canvas is still at its starting bid of $120.

The canvas of Game Over stands a bit over 2ft tall and 3ft wide.Both of these canvas were hand stretched to fit the wood frame.

We will be keeping an update of all the bids thru the urbankings4 gmail account so if you have questions or concerns reach us thru this email.

These are only limited edition items a few will be made for the world to own. The future owners of these canvases will be receiving a certificate guaranteeing the authenticity of their one of a few portraits.

Published By Elena

Now we can call it art before it was vandalism

OE Venture Now In Stock

Old English Brand has debuted a brand new item from the OE Summer Collection this year, something we have never released before until now. It is called the OE “Venture Backpacks” and we have over 10 different colors now in stock and available to order. Traveling all over the country on various assignments, from photoshoots, to last minute road trips and just going on a long hikes in different areas, we thought this is perfect to put your belongings on your back and take them with you. It has saved my life on a quick trip I had to take, and running down Runyon Canyon, I just throw a few waters and towels in the Venture, then exercise up the mountain. I put together some different angles of the Venture, so you can get a better view, and see why we love it so much!

OE Venture is available in many different colors!

Whats Your Favorite Color?

Click Here To Order The OE “Venture Backpack” Today!

Ride The Positivity

Old English Brand isnt about just a clothing company. Its also about inspiration and creation. Positivity and reaching goals. We were hanging out with our friend Kay G, who had some legal issues and has now turned a complete 180 and turned a negative into a positive. But like everything in life, its not always easy. Its a process of getting better and better and positivity comes more and more. But we always have to remember to always keep going, never giving up, and always doing your best, whatever the task is. We featured Kay G as we traveled through Venice, California as he gave us an insight on what gives him hope. Thank you Kay G for inspiring those who listen. He is wearing the Old English  Brand “3rd Strike Baseball Tee“, available now at The Old English Brand Flagship Shop or online inside Our Online Store!

Just remember, always keep in focus what you do have, and work to get what you dont have.