Pre Order The Ms Krazie One Krazie Night DVD Today!

Its Official, The Pre Order for the “One Krazie Night” concert is now available! It is the infamous concert dvd that took place in Los Angeles, Staring UKMG Artist Ms Krazie. This was Ms Krazie’s very first concert in Los Angeles and it was a sold out show. Plus we gave out 50 FREE LOCA HATS to the first 50 fans in line! The concert was one that everyone been asking for and we brought Ms Krazie to LA with a bang! She performed all of her hits, brought out special guest artists and it was the realest show to date. The DVD brings you from behind the scenes, to the stage, to preparing for the concert. Join Ms Krazie and follow her throughout her journey to perform at her first concert in Los Angeles, backstage in Ms Krazie’s dressing room and on stage! I cant describe all the footage that is on the DVD, so you just have to watch it and see! Filmed by Echosworld! If you havent seen the sneak preview, make sure to watch it below! The official release date is February 9th, 2016!

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*Pre Order Comes With Free Pin & Sticker!

One Krazie Night – DVD Trailer Preview

Welcome To Our Family

Old English Brand is proud to showcase the newest addition to the OE Original Beanie Collection. We release the OE Original Beanie in Princess Pink. Who is ready for this new color? This will be a fast going beanie so make sure to get yours before they are out! We currently have all Old English Beanies available in stock at The Old English Brand Flagship Shop as well as The Old English Brand Online Store!

Baby Bash, Juan Gotti and OE

We caught up with Baby Bash and Juan Gotti on there past stop in California. They were filming a music video and asked us to stop by. We chopped it up about business, the clothing line and upcoming projects from both Bash, Juan Gotti, Carolyn Rodriguez and upcoming Urban Kings releases and Old English Brand exclusive shirts. We snapped this picture with Urban Kings Staffer Jose, Baby Bash and Juan Gotti. Be on the lookout for Bash and Juan Gotti sporting Old English Brand Clothing in upcoming music videos and concerts.


True Starr Preps For His Photo Shoot

Yesterday, we did a photoshoot with Old English Brand sponsored artist True Starr for some of the latest clothing items from our recent collection. We were prepping our photoshoot, for a behind the scenes picture, before we officially started, and this is what we took. He is wearing the OE “Left Coast Tee” and the OE “Members Only Snapback“, and both are available now, at The Old English Brand Flagship Shop and The Old English Brand Online Store.We will be posting more photos very soon from the photoshoot, so make sure to stay posted to our blog for more information and visuals. You might even see a little video too, but we will see!

The OE Loud As Hell Speaker

Old English Brand has a really dope wireless portable speaker for everyone, but its a very special limited edition item in our electronics section. It is the OE “Loud As Hell Bandana – Blue Tooth Speaker“, which is available now. Its a really dope speaker that is portable, so you can take it anywhere. Plus, it can connect to your phone, iPad or tablet, or your iPod. Or, you can just use an aux cable and connect it directly from your music player to the speaker. You can also just plug in a memory card and play your music that way if you want. All we know is that this is a dope design, it gives you different options to listen to music, and it bumps pretty loud. Make sure to not miss out and dont let this opportunity pass you by. You can come down to The Old English Brand Flagship Shop or order online!

Old English Vandals!!