Preorder Ms. Krazie’s FHO 2

So we’re getting emails about the date. Originally we were promoting the 3rd as Ms. Krazie’s release date, and that has NOT changed. The reason why we are promoting the 10th is because the distribution center in now located in New York. So now the cds have to go to new york and then make its way back to the west coast. That might cause a delay for a few stores but not all stores. So if you’re anxious you can still go to the store on the 3rd and if they don’t have it on the 10th. Or you can pre-order it from us.

PS. It will also be available on iTunes on the 3rd.

2013 Winter Collection Is Now Here

Thats right, Old English Brand has just released our brand new 2013 Winter Collection to the world. This is a very special collection for us, as we debut 17 brand new items into our catalog. With new Crew Necks, Tee’s, Bandana’s and Snapbacks, this season will be focusing on our growth and maturity. With 3 new crew necks, which have been demanded since the first showing, is also included in our winter line, which brings the “On The Rocks Crew Neck“, the “High Expectations Crew Neck“, which features Stela Bunny and photography from Jeff Reyes, and the “Self Paid Crew Neck“. This collection also marks the very first time we are releasing our “Hooligan Kids Collection”, which features two brand new releases, like the “I Scheme For Ice Cream” and the “Little Leaguer Baseball Tee“. We also have 5  brand new Tee’s that are added to our collection, and they are the “Internationally Known“, the “On The Rocks“, the Sleep When We’re Dead” and the “True Till We’re Through” and finally the “Stay On Your Toes” Tees. We also released a brand new bandana, called “OE Hatchet Bandana“. Each item released was made to inspire to never quit, always work hard and get to the status you want to be.

We also brought out more color schemes to our OE Members Only Collection, including Dodger Blue, the Raider, the Blue & Red, the All Grey, and the Grey and Black Brim. We have been getting emails from our fans since we released the first Members Only Snapbacks, asking if we will be releasing anymore snapbacks and which colors would look best. So we took your imput and wrote a list of the top demanded colorways, and made them officially for you. We also created a new Snapback line within Old English Brand, with a positive message to always remain loyal to yourself, with the OE Stay Humble Snapback Collection. Their are 6 brand new Snapback Hats in this, and each one is a power of its own. With colors like Burgundy, Dodger  Blue, Grey & Black, Red & Black, and All Black with Red, and All Black with Grey, each hat will coordinate with many Old English Brand Tee’s, Crew Necks, and Tanks!

We have worked endlessly on bringing our supporters and representers some really cool designs and concepts, while featuring the newest and hottest trends in the streets right now. We work for you, to stay ahead of everyone else and hustle for those who appreciate and respect it. Feel Free to tag us on The OEB Instagram and Old English Brand Official Facebook Page!

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Have you wanted to go with us when we do music videos, photo shoots, commercials, and all the industry events? Well, now is your chance, and you can go with us. We post pictures of everything we do, from hanging out with celebrities, to athletes and cool people, to the hottest clubs and red carpet events. All you have to do is follow us on The Old English Brand Official Instagram, and you can see what we see. We might even do something cool and invite a follower to an event soon. You seen we just got back from The Game music video shoot, we just posted a hot instagram video of model Gabriella Jeanne, so what are you waiting for? Follow us and be part of Old English Brand!

The Menace & Wiz Khalifa

Did you know that Old English Brand was featured in the music video of The Menace and Wiz Khalifa’s music video for “Aint No Changin Me”?. I have known Menace for a few years and Menace has always been a friend of OE. When he told us he was featured on Wiz Khalifa’s mixtape from Cabin Fever 2 called “Fucc Shit“. The next song they worked on  together was “Aint No Changin Me” and they did a music video for it. Menace called me once it was finalized and wanted to rock an Old English Brand Tee in it. He decided to wear the OE “University Tee” and it came out dope in the video. Make sure to watch the video above and support.

Big Sean Hall Of Fame Party

Old English Brand is back at it again, working with the top names in the music industry. Yesterday we were at the Snow Tha Product Music Video Shoot, then we went to the studio with Baby Bash to talk about some good things in the works. Today, we have an event we will be at, celebrating Big Sean of (Good Music) and his new album “Hall Of Fame”. Everyone will be in the building today, and you know Old English Brand has your back with the photos of the events. Also make sure to add us on instagram to see photos we dont post at The Official Old English Brand Instagram.

Merry Christmas From Old English Brand

Old English Brand would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. We have been working hard this whole year to release the best quality clothing and designs to the world. Christmas has always been our time of reflection and appreciative of what we have blessed with, no matter how little or how much. We have grown as a company this last year, releasing new items we only dreamt about, like our OE “Pillows“, just to name one. We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and have an awesome time with your family and friends.