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Published By Elena

Old English Brand Flagship Shop Grand Opening!

Old English Brand is excited for our Grand Opening of our Flagship Shop. Tomorrow, Saturday, July 11th, it will be going down in Santa Fe Springs, California and we have a very dope Meet & Greet with 2 very talented artists. Hip Hop artist Reverie and Published Model Cecilia! Reverie has a huge buzz in the hip hop world, and Cecilia is a famous published fitness model. We have interviewed Reverie at the shop already, and talked about her success and her worldwide tours. And with Cecilia, we have collaborated with her for the OE “Cecilia Tee Shirt” that is available in black and burgundy. The fun starts at 12 Noon, so make sure to come down and hang out with us, Reverie, Cecilia and more special guests! We will have a Live DJ and a Food Truck available, along with free giveaways! Our address is below!

Old English Brand

11781 Slauson Ave

Santa Fe Springs, CA


Old English Brand Interview with Reverie

Cecilia In Comfortably Numb – Old English Brand Campaign

Cause We’re Next

People ask us when its our time. They ask us whats new and whats coming for the future. They tell us what they like. They tell us what they love. They tell us what they want and they tell us what they need. We tell them what is new, we tell them whats coming, we tell them thank you…

We don’t wait for good things to happen. We don’t stand around wishing and waiting for our next opportunity. We go out and hit the streets with the newest gear, starting our own trend. Turning heads and getting double looks is in our nature. From the clothing and especially from the person. Old English is a lifestyle that has been awaiting the day,and its time, Cause We’re Next.

Fast As Hell Joggers

Old English Brand released the first ever bottoms to our collection. It is the OE “Fast As Hell Jogger Pants” and they been a hit since they came out. With fashion trends changing, we always stay ahead of the rest and release clothing that will be popular, and these are no different. The style with the Old English Brand carries a new style for the public. With Old English Brand boldly across the leg, along with Athletic Dept. Track and Field, these have been a hit with everyone. Make sure to check them out today and get your pair. I have been wearing mine throughout town and always get asked about them. Plus they are comfortable too. Check them out, available in black! Available at The Old English Brand Flagship Shop and online at The Old English Brand Online Store! We ship worldwide!

Old English Brand Flagship Shop

11781 Slauson Ave

Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670

Monday – Friday

Hours : 12pm to 6pm

Pay You All With A Reality Check!

Old English Brand is ready to bring in the new year, and we will be showcasing the OE “Reality Check Tee“. We showcase all the top favorites of our fans, and we chose the Reality Check Tee in Burgundy. It is available also in Black. You can pick this up directly from us at The Old English Brand Flagship Shop at 11781 Slauson Ave, Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670. We are open now til 6pm.

YBe – Rumors In The Streets Music Video

Official Still Frame Picture Of “Rumors In The Streets”

Rumors In The Streets – Official Video by YBe, Smilone & Slow Poke

Old English Brand sponsors the hottest artists around, from photo shoots to music videos. We have sponsored this brand new music video called “Rumors In The Streets” by some of our favorite artists, like YBe, Slow Poke and Smilone. We let all artists choose their favorite Old English Brand shirt. YBe picked the OE “Street League” Crew Neck, Slow Poke was really feeling the OE “Street Breed” Crew Neck, and Smilone loved the OE “OE Shield 2“. This video came out sick, with a raw gritty view of the streets, and the lyrical precision and wordplay was really dope! Theres nothing like sponsoring artists and loving the results. Shout out to YBeSmilone and Slow Poke for supporting Old English Brand! Make sure to watch the video above and support these artists!