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Old English Brand Photoshoot With ISuppose

Old English Brand did a really dope photo shoot and interview with hip hop artist ISuppose. We have known ISuppose for a while, and with him being on the road like crazy this last year, we finally linked up and did a photo shoot, along with an in depth interview, and even a freestyle video. We took some photos in some different Old English Brand tees, including the OE “Self Paid Sweater“. Here are a few of the photos we have taken for the shoot, done by OE Photographer  (@KingKast1 on Instagram). Make sure to check them out, and stay updated for the ISuppose Interview along with his upcoming freestyle video, both presented by Old English Brand. The OE “Stay Paid Sweater” is available now at The Old English Brand Flagship Shop or online inside Online Store!

Its as big as you want it to be!

Are you rocking with style? Now in days its not what you wear its how you wear it. This is true due to so many various trends out there this is why we decided to design a shirt that anybody can wear and we hit it on the nail. Homicide Capital has become one of our best sellers because of its diverse design. As many people might look at old english brand with the typical urban wear look we like to think its its bigger then that. Its as big as you want it to be! The pic below displays just that!

Photo Credit: Kast of


Free Pins With Every Order!

Free Pins. Free Pins. Free Pins. With every order from Old English Brand, you will get a Free Pin! Which one would it be? Cant say yet, but its a FREE PIN, and it will come with every Old English Brand Order from The Old English Brand Flagship Shop (we are open today from 12pm to 6pm) and online inside Our Online Store!

O.E+UKMG present at the DUB Show

This Sunday at the LA Convention Center DUB will be hosting there and guess who is going to be selling there… lol. Its a family event carshow, concert, and food a perfect way to spend a sunday afternoon. Kids under 5 are free. Kids from 6-12 are 10 and everyone over is regular. Its not like you got something important to do on sunday (well besides church lol) its perfect for a sunday afternoon.


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Secret Show With Ricky Hil

Ricky Hil did a Secret Show this week and invited Old English Brand to go and hang out. We are good friends with Ricky and we always support him. This was an invite only event, with only his biggest fans and good friends. There was food, drinks, music, and a special live performance of Ricky from songs from his latest album “SYLDD” aka Support Your Local Drug Dealer, (which is always being played by our staff throughout our offices). When I got invited, I was geekin, cuz its always amped when your gonna see someone in concert that you been waiting for. So its no suprise I already knew all the songs and words, while taking some really cool pictures. The Secret Show was at the SYLDD house, and Ricky performed right in the living room and killed his performance. This event was the best, hangin out with good friends, and meeting new ones. Here are pictures that I had seen through my eyes, that I would love to share with everyone.

Click Here To Download Ricky Hil’s Album – SYLDD

Ricky Hil

Performing SYLDD

Performing Nomads

Bonic Performing “Understand Me”

Some Of The People In Attendance