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We have been uploading all the response videos for Ms. Krazie’s Guy Contest. Check them out and turn in your vote for your favorite.

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We Keep The Streets On Lock

Old English Brand has always had the streets on lock, and this shirt is another way to prove that we work hard. This is the Old English Brand “Keepers Of The Streets” tee. With the signature California Brown Bear and the State of California in the a Old English Brand Shield, this tee came out dope. This is the type of shirt that you can wear during the day, and then rock it at night in a club. When people ask you where you got this shirt, make sure to tell them you got it from Old English Brand. When you keep the streets, everything falls into place.

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MMA Kid Kicks Ass

Up and coming jiu jitsu kid makes another kid tap out by arm bar. He won first place in a BJJ tournament a few weeks ago so here’s the footage.

California Love Is Teasing

If you thought we were done making new designs, well we are just getting started. We are couldn’t leave the the west coast out of it. Coming soon, but meantime enjoy our teaser.

OE Sponsored Artist True Starr On BSide Show

Have you seen the interview with Old English Brand Sponsored Artist True Starr, (of Urban Kings Music Group) who was featured on one of the biggest online radio stations, called BSide Show. It is ranked in the top 5 online hip hop radio shows and this weeks guest was True Starr along with Self Provoked. Here is a picture taken of True Starr along with BSide Show Hosts Silly Rabbit and Susie Plascencia. The full episode is now available online and we have the show just for our blog readers! You can see True Starr rocking out reppin Old English Brand with the OE “Logo Sweater” and the OE “LS ANGLS Snapback Hat“, both available now at The Old English Brand Flagship Shop and our online store! Watch True Starr’s interview below at about the 44:00 minute mark.

True Starr Featured Guest on The BSide Show

Ride The Positivity

Old English Brand isnt about just a clothing company. Its also about inspiration and creation. Positivity and reaching goals. We were hanging out with our friend Kay G, who had some legal issues and has now turned a complete 180 and turned a negative into a positive. But like everything in life, its not always easy. Its a process of getting better and better and positivity comes more and more. But we always have to remember to always keep going, never giving up, and always doing your best, whatever the task is. We featured Kay G as we traveled through Venice, California as he gave us an insight on what gives him hope. Thank you Kay G for inspiring those who listen. He is wearing the Old English  Brand “3rd Strike Baseball Tee“, available now at The Old English Brand Flagship Shop or online inside Our Online Store!

Just remember, always keep in focus what you do have, and work to get what you dont have.