At The Kwik-E-Mart

Shout out to Fernando the aka Travieso for showing love from SLO TOWN-805 ( and shout out to everyone staying out there). He sent us this pic of when he went to his liquor store and found Ms. Krazie’s Firme Homegirl Oldies 2. And the newest Urban Kings album that is being sold in 7elevens(see it your city is one of them) is the Urban Kings Street Anthems 3.

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Surprise $15 Sale!

Old English Brand is having a surprise sale! For today only, we are making the OE “L.A Tee” available in both Black and Blue for just $15.oo each! The sale ends at Midnight and no promo code is necessary. Browse through our entire collection as well. You can also come down to The Old English Brand Flagship Shop, Monday – Friday, from 12pm to 6pm to buy in-store!

Kat Deluna Supports Old English Brand

We are about to end the year of 2012, and we all have went through many different changes throughout the year, from the weather changes all around the world, to new fashion and trends and music. Old English Brand also went through a change, debuting our first season line this year, “Summertime In The OE”, which featured 8 new designs to the Old English Brand Catalog. We have also had many new artists come through or show support for our clothing, including Kat Deluna! She is holding up the Ms Krazie – Try Me Tee, which is our first collaboration shirt with Urban Kings Artist Ms Krazie! Check out Kat Deluna’s single “Wanna See U Dance”, which was one of my favorite songs from Kat, and I seen her perform it live this year. It  has over 2.5 MILLION VIEWS!

Kat Deluna – Wanna See U Dance – Music Video

Beanie Colors Back In Stock

Old English Brand has just made the most popular Original Beanie colors back in stock. We had sold out of the Grey and Black beanies, and we were dangerously low on stock in Green, Burgundy and Blue. The OE “Original Beanie Line” has been demanded and we love it. It’s not just the favorite beanie from our fans, its also a favorite from our staff members. These beanies have received nothing but positive comments and feedback, and I love seeing people posting pictures wearing their OE Original Beanies on InstagramFacebookTwitter. So now you can visit our store and browse through your favorite colors and pick your favorite.


Old English Brand Fashion Show

Old English Brand was featured clothing brand during the Los Angeles Fashion Week this year. It all took place in Hollywood, California and we took our photographer and videographer down to the event to capture it all. We featured many items from our collection, including the OE  Natives, Run N Gun, and the OE Logo Tank Top. It was a very good event, that brought out many models, fashion designers, industry executives and fashionistas. Watch the video and we have been invited back to Fashion Week for next season! Make sure to support us and come down to the event. We will be giving you more information

She Makes Our Fantasy League

We are back at it with a brand new photo shoot for this week. We rented out a penthouse loft studio in Downtown Los Angeles. We called up Demi for a new shoot with the concept of baseball season being back. So we showcased this shoot with the OE “3rd Strike Baseball Tee“. Something cute, sexy and fun, the shoot came out amazing. This is the first set of unbelievable picture we took of Demi, and more will be coming very soon. We will also be posting exclusive never-before-seen pictures on the Old English Brand IG. Stay tuned!