At The Kwik-E-Mart

Shout out to Fernando the aka Travieso for showing love from SLO TOWN-805 ( and shout out to everyone staying out there). He sent us this pic of when he went to his liquor store and found Ms. Krazie’s Firme Homegirl Oldies 2. And the newest Urban Kings album that is being sold in 7elevens(see it your city is one of them) is the Urban Kings Street Anthems 3.

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Happy Birthday True Starr!

Old English Brand would like to wish sponsored artist True Starr a happy birthday. We seen the potential and talent in True Starr from the beginning, and knew we had to get him on the OE Team. Since he signed to our friends at Urban Kings, he has already released two music videos, called “Roll Thru” and “What You Need“. Both videos were directed by Kast N Fame. You got the world True Starr, and we cant wait to see what you deliver next.

True Starr – Roll Thru – Music Video


True Starr – What You Need – Music Video

OE & Marty Obey

Yesterday, I got a phone call that one of my good friends is in town. His name is Marty Obey and he is signed to Baby Bash’s “Bashtown Records”. He is working on his solo album and let me know he was doing a cameo for a new music video, to roll through and lets do a photo shoot for OE. We drove to the set, met up with Marty, and had him rock a few tees. In these pictures, Marty is rockin the OE “Digital Camo Tee“, and we drove to Downtown LA to a warehouse location. What do you think of these photos we took? Let us know at The Old English Brand Official Facebook Page!

Meet Our Old English Staff Member – Jose

We would like to introduce you to our warehouse manager, Jose. This young man is solely responsible for the upkeep of our warehouse, from stocking, maintenance, and inventory. He is one of the rising stars in our company, and a huge asset to our team. Jose just graduated high school, and is showing real promise in becoming a powerhouse in the clothing industry. A fast learner, he is learning how to design, ship product, and be an all around employee at our company. He makes our working environment possible, and we appreciate him. On Jose’s personal time, he likes to play sports, go to the movies, hang out with friends, go to concerts, and promote Old English Brand. He is also an amazing networker, meeting and scheduling the photoshoot we have conducted with platinum artist Baby Bash.

get familiar with the order.. just crack it, then pour it , then sip slow, my eyes low with that XO

Fold, Tag, Label and repeat

We got new shipments coming in and we are going to need make more room to for them. We got to fold, tag and organize them in our warehouse.Want to see what we restocked on just click here.

You can say this is our library collection

All the shirts are organized by size and by theme.

These sweaters still need to be reviewed to make sure they are up to quality standard. Then folded, tagged, separated and then finally organized by its size.

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