Spring Bash 2012 TV Commercial with Ms Krazie

Here is the Spring Bling Television Commercial for the big concert in Yakima, Washington that is featuring Ms Krazie, DMX, The Game, Ying Yang Twinz, Baby Bash and just added was BROWN BOY. This concert is hosted by Ray J. All going down at the Yakima Sundome. Make sure to get your tickets today at www.TicketsWest.com . 
Event Brought To You Bonafide Ent and 2Cor Ent.

The Ol English Mug is Back & Better Than Ever!

Have you seen the official Ol English Brand Mug? We have had these offline for a week or two because they had sold out. These mugs can hold 25 ounces of any beverage, preferably beer and wine. These are what all OE staff member uses for their office use of coffee. The mug comes with two different sides to this one of a clear glass mug. The official OE Division Seal, featuring the same logo that is on the OE “Division Seal Tee“. It also features the Original Old English Brand logo! This mug also represents how our company has grown into a clothing line that now has accessories! We now have the mugs back in stock and they are now available to order!  Click Here To Order The Ol English Mug Today!

Just Staying In

During rainy days, wouldnt you rather stay in? Thats what I would do, and thats what Gabby would do, as she lies around comfortably in her room with her Old English Brand “3rd Strike Baseball Tee“, available now at the Old English Brand Flagship Shop and online in our online store!

Dont Forget Your Slippers

In Cholo Adventures Sleepy Brown is wearing our slippers in their newest episode called Wanna Be. Get a laugh and see how hood they look even when your not lol. And they are very comfortable Burst Rock usally likes to wear them when he is working at our head quarters and we hide his shoes to mess with him. For those who don’t know who Burst Rock is.. He is a famous pop locker he is coming out in a movie called  Filly Brown and has recently released a Documentary of his crews Soul2Soul and Funny Bones called Street Level I have seen it, it is hilarious you guys would love it.

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500 Free Tee Shirts At The Dub Show

Extra Extra!!! We will be doing an exclusive 500 Tee Shirt giveaway at the DUB Magazine Carshow & Concert. Totally free, no strings attached, yours to own and rock. But this design is an exclusive, that we dont even have for sale on our website or inside our flagship shop. This one right here is a real one of a kind, and gives the authentic limited edition status. We will have our street team at the DUB Show handing these bad boys out, all you gotta do is find them! Make sure to get there early!

OE Sponsored Artists True Starr & Chino Grande In Studio!

Our friends from Urban Kings put together two of thier artists together to make one hit song. Both are also sponsored by Old English Brand and they booked time at a studio in Hollywood, and both Chino Grande and True Starr hit the booth and the outcome is called “Mind Right”, which will be on True Starr’s upcoming album “Your Welcome”. UKMG Director Famous 8 also went to record the studio session and give you a behind the scenes look of the new song. Also talking with Chino Grande and True Starr in short interviews. This is an exclusive behind the scenes session, and their will be a music video to this song as well. Make sure to stay posted for the release of this song, because it will be released as a single. More info will be coming soon, as well as the releases for True Starr’s Your Welcome and Chino Grande’s “1300 Block Boys”. Make sure to check out the Old English Brand and Chino Grande Collaboration Tee for “Trust Your Struggle Tee Shirt” which is available now at The Old English Brand Flagship Shop and also inside Old English Brand Online Store!