Tell Ms Krazie Which One You Like

Urban Kings wants you to tell UKMG Artist Ms Krazie which design you would rather wear, Option A or Option B. Here is a message directly from Ms Krazie asking for your input on which snapback is your favorite and that you would own. Let us know on the Urban Kings Facebook Page!

Ms Krazie :

“DECISIONS.. trying to decide which font we will be using for the new hat! i had a sample of both made to see which i liked better, but ladies i need your help. which do YOU like better, A or B? by the way we will also have a guys one too lol sadboys do not cry i got you! ^.^”

New Schoolboy Q Blank Face Album Trailer

We always keep our ear to the block and our eyes on the street. Fashion and Music go hand in hand when it comes to our lifestyle. Hip Hop and Streetwear. One of the albums we have been waiting for is the new Schoolboy Q album “Blank Face”. Finally, TDE will be releasing the album July 8th, featuring Kendrick, Ab Sol, Kanye and more. He already dropped some dope singles from the CD, and just released an album trailer today. If this gives us anything to expect, is that the music is gonna be even better than we think.

Meet Our Old English Staff Member – Jose

We would like to introduce you to our warehouse manager, Jose. This young man is solely responsible for the upkeep of our warehouse, from stocking, maintenance, and inventory. He is one of the rising stars in our company, and a huge asset to our team. Jose just graduated high school, and is showing real promise in becoming a powerhouse in the clothing industry. A fast learner, he is learning how to design, ship product, and be an all around employee at our company. He makes our working environment possible, and we appreciate him. On Jose’s personal time, he likes to play sports, go to the movies, hang out with friends, go to concerts, and promote Old English Brand. He is also an amazing networker, meeting and scheduling the photoshoot we have conducted with platinum artist Baby Bash.

Beer Me…Again!

Old English Brand presents a brand new commercial. In honor of Saint Patricks Day, we made a video that would be enjoyed EVERYDAY. We are showcasing one of my favorite items from our OE Collection, called the “Ol’ English Mug” 25 oz Mug. This Mug has been around with me since I received it the very first day that came into our offices. I use it for beer, coffee, more beer, alcohol, soda and pretty much basically whatever I want at the office. I actually have two of them, one that is strictly for my office, and one that I use for my house. Watch our brand new commercial that we made, and remember, your always cooler when your drinking out a Mug, especially a 25 oz mug!

Old English Brand Cell Phone Cases

Here is an exclusive sneak peak of the official brand new iPhone cases from the creative team at Old English Brand. We chose a classic design that is relatable and showcases 2 of the brand designs by Old English. Our new Respect instantly came into our minds to release an exclusive OE design. With a simple and classy, yet vintage look, this cell phone case has already gained a huge interested in customers and we are expecting to sell out, once we make them available online. These will be made for the iPhone 4, 4s and 5 and we are expecting to make them available for a variety of other phones very soon. We will let everyone know when they will be available. Respect The Hustle.

Merry Christmas From Old English Brand

Old English Brand would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. We have been working hard this whole year to release the best quality clothing and designs to the world. Christmas has always been our time of reflection and appreciative of what we have blessed with, no matter how little or how much. We have grown as a company this last year, releasing new items we only dreamt about, like our OE “Pillows“, just to name one. We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and have an awesome time with your family and friends.