Tell Ms Krazie Which One You Like

Urban Kings wants you to tell UKMG Artist Ms Krazie which design you would rather wear, Option A or Option B. Here is a message directly from Ms Krazie asking for your input on which snapback is your favorite and that you would own. Let us know on the Urban Kings Facebook Page!

Ms Krazie :

“DECISIONS.. trying to decide which font we will be using for the new hat! i had a sample of both made to see which i liked better, but ladies i need your help. which do YOU like better, A or B? by the way we will also have a guys one too lol sadboys do not cry i got you! ^.^”

The Streets Are Calling

Most of us grew up having some street influence in them. From growing up in the city, rough neighborhood or even our friends that influenced us into their world. Now, now, in my opinion being street doesn’t necessarily mean you ganged banged or sold drugs. At least we are not going to talk about that part of the lifestyle. I wanted to acknowledge how the street culture and the environment influences our mentality to becoming entrepreneurs. The breed of street people that are born with a dream and the drive to succeed. These people are the street philosophers, the thinkers and the opportunist. They sit back and watch, like wolves waiting for the right moment to catch a prey and eat. I use this example because when you are hungry and the odds are against you because of where you grew up or the color of your skin, these individuals tend to work extremely hard to succeed, against all odds.

They know how to earn a dollar. Take it, re-up and sale more. Flip that dollar to make it two, three, four, to eventually becoming hundreds, and thousands. It is the hustle, the desire to live better. The urge to give their family a better way out. The dream to just become Set for life. But all that drive comes from answering that call and hitting the streets.

The Streets are calling, are you going to answer?


ou can catch ups this week at the Gaged ink Tattoo Expo at the Fairplex-Pomona ca

You can catch ups this week at the Gaged ink Tattoo Expo at the Fairplex-Pomona ca august 14-15-16, 2009. We will have a both set up with all our merchandise so make sure you pass by check us out. Special pricing as always and all product will be in stock. Her are some flyers you can check out. You can also visit the site

The Revenge Super Sale – OxExB

The Riot on Us? You gotta be kidding me. We cant let no one get one up on us. And we are gonna prove it by showing you the revenge. We are gonna offer a bigger % than what them other boys tried to do on our site. They may have known someone that knew someone, but we are that someone. We are gonna raise up the percentage again for Monday, November 26th, for one day only, for a 25% discount off every minimum purchase of $30. This is gonna prove who control what we do. Our Revenge on the Black Riot sale is here!

Monday, November 26th, 2012. 25% off every order (minimum of $30)

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Ride With Us

Take a little trip with us to Downtown Los Angeles, as we check in on the restock of our sold out tees. We check into our manufacturing building, which happens to be the original American Apparel warehouse. Ride backseat with Old English Brand CEO Jaime C Diaz as he describes the situation, and shows you the remade items we will add back into our store. Jaime also gives you a rundown of the upcoming plan for the OE season. Watch the video and see what we’re talking about. All Tees in this video are available now at The Old English Brand Flagship Shop and inside our Online Store!

Mexico – Music Video by Cecy B & Lil Rob

We have a brand new music video for everyone to check out. This is the music video by Cecy B called “Mexico” and features Lil Rob. This is a really dope video and also features a cameo from Old English Brand Sponsored Artist Chino Grande sporting a brand new OE Tee that is currently unreleased and unavailable until our 2013 Fall/Winter Collection. The video was directed by Adam Roberts, who has directed videos for Ca$his, King Lil G, Reverie, YBe, Mitchy Slick and more. Shout out to Cecy B, Lil Rob, Chino Grande, Z Gunz, Baldacci, Diamonique and everyone else that was in the video! Peep out the video below!

Cecy B  featuring Lil Rob – Mexico – Music Video