Tell Ms Krazie Which One You Like

Urban Kings wants you to tell UKMG Artist Ms Krazie which design you would rather wear, Option A or Option B. Here is a message directly from Ms Krazie asking for your input on which snapback is your favorite and that you would own. Let us know on the Urban Kings Facebook Page!

Ms Krazie :

“DECISIONS.. trying to decide which font we will be using for the new hat! i had a sample of both made to see which i liked better, but ladies i need your help. which do YOU like better, A or B? by the way we will also have a guys one too lol sadboys do not cry i got you! ^.^”

Sincerely, OE

Bone Thugs ~n~ Old English Brand 420 Event

Old English Brand was invited by Go Green Bear and Kush N Wax Connection for an exclusive event with Bone Thugs N Harmony on 420. This event was off the hook, with many artists coming through to perform and to hang out with Bone Thugs. Dope Artists like Jasper Loco from Charlie Row Campo (who Old English Brand sponsors), Cyzer CTE, Big Silenca, Big Lyrk and more performed throughout the day. This was an exclusive event, because ALL 5 Bone Thugs artists came through and performed a surprise set for the fans that went. Thats right, Bizzy, Layzie, Krayzie, Wish and Flesh were all at this party, and performed a reunion show! Old English Brand brings you a special behind the scenes look at the event, backstage access with Bone Thugs N Harmony brought to you by Old English Brand, and special shout out to Go Green Bear and Kush N Wax Connection for inviting us!

Backstage With Old English Brand – Cyzer – Jasper – Wish Bone – Krayzie Bone

Ready To Jump On Stage

Eazy E Tribute

Fans Choosing The Next Song

A Packed House

Old English we got YOU

Onorio Corrales sent his batch of old english. I like how you got the Fiesty 2 Guns Talking guns (you got on that when it got out huh, props). And you got the new editon Ms. Krazie Try Me Shirt that we busted a mission for. I’m wondering if you got the Firme Homegirl Oldies 2 and The Oldie Collection at 7eleven. Because if you did and you got in on video send it to us and we’ll post it. I like the Trust No One Fear No One. ( I got that shirt too : )). Also got the Stomper’s New Testiment I hope you have seen the music video Aztlan is the truth, speaking on him, he came the other day. Rockin the West Coast, OE Sweat shirt and the Evil Side Skull. Damn thanks for the showing and supporting us Onorio. Send us your collection at and we will post it up. Keep on supporting.

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Jucy-Conceret Ft Nikki Diaz

Music Video Juicy with Conceret ft Nikki Diaz and our very own Burst Rock on the set pop locking. With a exclusice Old english Brand OE Bridge appearance.

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Women Crush – Karen Denise Set II

In lieu just shooting Karen for our look book, we felt it only right to have some fun and shoot some playful images in our amazing location. I’m really in love with this set and i hope you all are as well. Thanks to Sam for the assistance and to Dahlia for the stylezzzzzz. -Kast