The buzz is growing and July 1st is the big day!!

Ms Krazie’s buzz in the streets is the biggest this year. Emails after emails phone calls after phone calls the day is finally here. July 1st marks a big day for Ms Krazie. Putting every little strength she has towards this release she has hit it big. With the word buzzing in the streets make sure you visit FYE, Ritmo Latino to name a few to pick up the album. Selected Virgin Mega Store, selected Best Buy, Selected Sam goodies among other stores who will also carry her cd . International markets can pick up her cd @ Ms Krazie website directly from her. If you are not aware of her features this album is jam packed with the hottest artist. The Mega hit “Let Me Love You” with Mc Magic is currently getting plays all over the internet and radio stations. “Baby Angels” her first single set the road for this successful album. “Bad Girl” with Brown Boy is a smooth hit and performance on both artist is excellence. Slush Tha Villain comes all the way from San Diego to drop his part called “Me Vale Madre”. Chino grande as always comes with his strong delivery on “Gangster Wife” were they nail the everyday situation between girls and boys. Back into my life with the mega producer .D. Salas is a song straight from Ms Krazie’s diary. Writing poetry of what is happing to her in her life at the moment the song is straight from the heart. “Up To No Good” With Midget Loco is a banging street anthem. The lyrics  are a riding song just like the title represents. With plenty more features you will have to hear for yourself in order to actually understand the strength this album is packed with..

Between The Sheets With Gabriella Jeanne

We have been working hard on bringing everyone some really dope photos. The Old English Brand standard is a bar high above other brands. From coloring, to film photography, we go  beyond just a picture. We had a photo shoot a while back with the beautiful Gabrielle Jeanne. It was our first time shooting with her and the pictures came out awesome. Gabrielle came out sexy, the coloring and angles were top notch and the lighting was perfect. We also made a short video commercial called “Between The Sheets With Gabrielle Jeanne“. See the amazing photos below and watch the video below as well! Now, we would like to introduce you to Gabrielle Jeanne.

Meet Gabriella Jeanne

Only In A Dream

Watch The Exclusive Video

Old English Brand Presents : Between The Sheets With Gabrielle Jeanne

Conejo’s Limited Portraits

“The Shady Conejo” was truly the first album Conejo recorded and if anyone says anything different they don’t know the story I’m about to tell….. Conejo made this album way before “Angel Of Death” (released in 2005) but he hid ” The Shady Conejo” because he was saving it for the perfect moment to come. Unfortunately  things didn’t go as expected .He caught a case and went on the run. It was around this time, when he decided to sell the album to Urban Kings Inc.Urban Kings Inc. released the album and  then later re-released it as the album now known as Dead End Gangster.

And still to this day this album remains has one of Conejo’s top selling albums. Containing his hit songs Smiling Faces, Killer of the West, El Varrio Mas Chingon and so on. This other canvas you see before you comes from Conejo’s album, “Game Over”.

Both of this canvases are made from the original film that was use for the photo shoot. How do we know? Urban Kings was close friends with the photographer and hired him to do Conejo’s photo shoot. At that time Conejo was deep into his addictions, which is why he always had a syringe on him.

When photo editors got the photo, they would edited as a pencil or took it off completely.  Both of the canvases are hand stretch and have a wooden frames.  These canvases are in auction right now, and the bid start at $120. The Shady Conejo is currently at $200. Enter your bid at Conejo is still currently on the run but both of these albums have become his monuments.

Rap Battle

Check out this picture of a rap battle I found online. There were a few pictures that were posted, but what caught my eye was our homie Cyzer from CTE in the background sporting the dope Old English Brand Kings Of The Streets T Shirt . Looks dope on him while hes in the cypher and im sure  he spit some dope lyrics that day too.

OE Behind The Scenes Photoshoot With King Lil G

Today is Friday, so today imma try something new and do a Flashback Friday. Im going to go into the Old English Brand vault and bring out a classic video. I found one that I started to preview, but ended up watching the whole clip, and laughing through it because I remember how cool the day was. We scheduled a photo shoot, and we made an official Behind The Scenes video to go along with the shoot. It was with King Lil G and he sported some of my favorite designs. Like the OE “California Love” Tee, the “OE Division” Tee, and the OE “University” Tee, just to name a few. Make sure to watch the video, its on the brink of reaching 100,000 views on Youtube! The video was directed and shot by Echosworld, as well as the photography!

OE Spotlight – You Gots To Chill Slippers

Old English Brand would like to showcase one of our most popular items in our Footwear Collection. We feature the OE “You Gots To Chill Slippers“, a product that has become in demand since its release. These feature the signature Bandana scheme with the paisley print. These are a very comfortable slipper that can be worn in house or out in public. I remember when we released these, Wiz Khalifa and his bodyguard requested a pair and we met with them in Vegas to hang out and give these to him, as well as Compton Menace. We sizes  6.5 to 13 available in our store. Make sure to check them out and represent! Here in the OE Spotlight, see the You Got To Chill Slippers in a closer view!

You Gots To Chill Slippers, available in Black

Walk In Our Shoes

Always Get The Side Eye

We Started From The Bottom

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