The Latest Ms Krazie Tattoo

Have you seen the latest tattoo of Urban Kings artist Ms Krazie? We were emailed this photo of a fans newest tattoo that featured Ms Krazie, that was taken off a picture from Ms Krazie’s Instagram Page (IG – @HelloLoca). This tattoo came out really dope, and very much like the actual photo. What do you guys think of the picture and the inkwork? Let us know at Urban Kings Official Facebook Page!

The Old English Brand Faded Beanie

Old English Brand has released one of the freshest and newest beanies from our collection. It is the OE “Faded Beanie in Black” and its now available. The faded beanie has been a hit since we released it. So we created this awesome beanie also available in Red. You can come into The Old English Brand Flagship Shop and see this beanie for yourself (Open Monday – Friday from 12pm to 6pm) or online inside The Old English Brand Online Store!

Old English Brand Photoshoot With ISuppose

Old English Brand did a really dope photo shoot and interview with hip hop artist ISuppose. We have known ISuppose for a while, and with him being on the road like crazy this last year, we finally linked up and did a photo shoot, along with an in depth interview, and even a freestyle video. We took some photos in some different Old English Brand tees, including the OE “Self Paid Sweater“. Here are a few of the photos we have taken for the shoot, done by OE Photographer  (@KingKast1 on Instagram). Make sure to check them out, and stay updated for the ISuppose Interview along with his upcoming freestyle video, both presented by Old English Brand. The OE “Stay Paid Sweater” is available now at The Old English Brand Flagship Shop or online inside Online Store!

Guzzle – Marital Law Music Video

Here is the newest music video from Guzzle & Z Gunz called “Marital Law”. Guzzle was sporting the Old English Brand Special Edition Beanie throughout his whole facetime in the video. The music video was Directed by Lv Visions. A raw hip hop track with crazy lyrical content and dope patterns. This is definately a video worth checking out so make sure to click the video and hear some dope ill shit. The Old English Brand Beanie is available under the “Limited Edition” tab in the Old English Brand Store.

We Love Lil Debbie

Check out this video we found of Bay Area artist Lil Debbie. She is one of our favorite artists, not only is she beautiful, but she is also talented and very fashionable. We always keep our eye out on the top talent out, not only talent, but also a great sense of fashion taste. Lil Debbie has been making noise in the industry for a hot minute, from the White Girl Mob to her new solo projects, and her newest track has the clubs turnt up. Her new song is called Ratchets and she just released the brand new music video for it. There are some stars that shine, then fade out. Lil Debbie is a star that has  become brighter and brighter. Check out her music video below, take a listen, and support Lil Debbie. With a unique and stylish personality, in and out the studio, while being herself, she will continue to reach huge success. And who knows, you might see Lil Debbie in a Old English Brand sweater…


Lil Debbie – Ratchets – Official Music Video

Welcome To The Turf

We are gearing up for our next release from our Set For Life – Ambition Since Forever campaign, and with the next drop scheduled to be the upcoming OE Turf Club Tee. This tee is for all those people who are dedicated to their area, their community, their residence and their neighborhood. A common message for those who are represent what their community is. From the struggle and close knit bond we have with the people raised with us. Our area, thats our turf, the ones who are from here. Everyone has a turf where they are raised. Represent with pride. We are releasing the OE Turf Club in Burgundy and Black and they will be dropped next week! Stay posted for more information! It will be available at The Old English Brand Flagship Shop and online!