The Ms Krazie SadGirls Club Hits Denver on Feb 27th

The Ms Krazie SadGirls Club Tour has two final stops left for 2016. Ms Krazie is scheduled to perform in Denver, Colorado on Saturday, February 27th, at the The Roxy Theater. This is going to be a huge show, and Denver always turns up for Ms Krazie. The last few concerts in Denver has been sold out, and this one will be no different. This performance is All Ages, and will be featuring some dope talent hitting the stage. Make sure to come to the concert, because this will be the last time Ms Krazie will be performing in Denver for a long time.

Old English we got YOU

Onorio Corrales sent his batch of old english. I like how you got the Fiesty 2 Guns Talking guns (you got on that when it got out huh, props). And you got the new editon Ms. Krazie Try Me Shirt that we busted a mission for. I’m wondering if you got the Firme Homegirl Oldies 2 and The Oldie Collection at 7eleven. Because if you did and you got in on video send it to us and we’ll post it. I like the Trust No One Fear No One. ( I got that shirt too : )). Also got the Stomper’s New Testiment I hope you have seen the music video Aztlan is the truth, speaking on him, he came the other day. Rockin the West Coast, OE Sweat shirt and the Evil Side Skull. Damn thanks for the showing and supporting us Onorio. Send us your collection at and we will post it up. Keep on supporting.

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3 Strikes Is Law

Old English Brand would like to thank everyone who participated in our Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales last weekend. We had a really good sale and saved you some money for the upcoming holidays. Our staff was hyped up about our sale, because its always dope to give back to our supporters and know that we appreciate everyone that supports us. We also opened the Old English Brand Flagship Store, that is Open Monday through Friday, from 12pm to 6pm. The excitement is real and with the new OE Winter Collection releasing This Friday, expect the year to end with a bang! Stay tuned to our blog for more information on all our upcoming news, photo shoots, video commercials and more!

Look What’s Coming This Summer

Check out two new shirt designs coming this summer  from Old English Brand “Hustle Hard” & “Thank My Connect”.  You definitely want to scoop these tees when they come out!

Karen Denise “No Guts No Glory”


Loyalty ,Glory and the art of endeavor to thrive ambitiously we can all relate to one way or another in situations from our lives. Whether in the past or issues of today’s unfortunate detrimental society the issues of being misunderstood and stereotyped are everything in our Spring Launch this 2017. This launch is for the Underdogs that disproved disapproval, and took the move to success.Everyone has a story but, it’s the Eminent group of respectable people that make everything for themselves and we know of one and that’s why we choose her for our Spring Launch. Her name is Karen Denise (ig _karendenise_ ) this Thursday in Los Angeles OE photographers and designers Kast and Fame and Blogger on set stylist Dahlia Monroe had the opportunity to shoot the Spanish Barbie and spend some time shooting the face of our spring launch and getting to know Karen and we asked her what loyalty, ambition and misunderstandings she herself as popular model of minority background overturned to reach the ambitious heights she continues to climb today among social media and everyday society modeling in Los Angeles with collaborations among various photographers, companies she has worked with and her perspective.


1.) “Where did you grow up? Do you do anything outside modeling for a living?” How did you get into modeling ?”1.) “Where did you grow up? Do you do anything outside modeling for a living?” How did you get into modeling ?”

I grew up in West Los Angeles with three siblings and a single mom. I started modeling at 20 years old during college. I got into modeling because I had always wanted to do it and now had time and was willing to experiment with the industry. It was amazing to start modeling as Instagram became popular because it allowed me to network and access many photographers. Currently, I model full time and manage myself. I worked in the food and beverage industry but in October of 2016 I decided to take a risk and fulfill my passion. It’s been amazing!

2.)“Describe what loyalty is to you ? Why do you see loyalty as being something important?”

Loyalty is everything to me. I experienced unloyal relationships at a young age and it made me appreciate being 100 percent with people. Loyalty is about being honest with people you are invested in. If someone can keep it 100 with me, I can respect them forever. We don’t all always feel the same way and I’ve learned that it’s more valuable to express yourself and be honest.

3) What traits about you would you say make you ambitious? What achievement’s did you or have you made prior to those traits?”

The traits that I say make me ambitious are patience and determination. It has taken me a lot of time to build myself and to get to the point where I manage myself so I’d say that’s a prime example. I realized these were my strengths when I was in middle school and high school and had completed six marathons. Completing six marathons taught me a lot of mental willpower and has helped me as I have become an adult.

2.) “Do you see yourself as an underdog? In what way or situation have you ever yourself been misunderstood

I used to see myself as an underdog. Sometimes I still do. It’s hard for people to categorize my race so sometimes they put their own stigma on me. I play it off by acting universal and always staying humble. It has made people notice me or want to Lee working together.

4.)”What made you agree to work on this collaboration with Old English Brand for the Spring Launch?”

I think the brand is awesome! When I was approached with the opportunity I checked out their Instagram and liked the vibes. I felt like we could collab very well and sure enough the shoot was awesome.

I really enjoyed being a part of the Old English Spring release because it captivated strength and personal character within the collection through its art and style. I can’t wait to see the final photos and see everyone rocking the 2017 Old English Spring Collection.




Written by: Dahlia Monroe (@dahliamonroe)

Photos by: Sammy (@fucmyart)

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