The Ms Krazie xSetForLifex DVD

Its Official, the Ms Krazie xSetForLifex DVD will be releasing on February 9th! This is the DVD that everyone has been waiting for, the video that takes you all access through Ms Krazie’s very first concert in the Los Angeles Area. Watch as Ms Krazie takes the stage and performs a classic set, bringing many special guests who have featured on some of her biggest albums. It also takes you inside Ms Krazie’s dressing room, and getting ready for the concert. The xSetForLifex DVD also includes special bonus performances from MC Magic and Brown Boy, along with Jasper Loco, Spanky Loco, and Stomper. The concert was hosted by Lala Romero! Coming Soon!

About Us With OE CEO Jaime C Diaz Jr

Jaime CEO of Urban Kings talks about what Old English Brand is about. The team, the creativity and what motivates the company. Join us as we sit down with Jaime and hear about what make Old English Brand happen. Watch the video and see where much of the inspiration and motivation comes from.

Keepin The Streets Aint A Problem x OE

We had another photo shoot with Problemz from Smooth Hustle/DSG. This time, he decided to wear the Old English Brand “Keepers Of The Streets” tee. This tee represents the status of the person wearing the shirt. With the symbol of the California Brown Bear, and the State of California, this shirt is the lifestyle of the Westcoast. Worn by Problemz, a fast rising artist, and an upcoming boxer, this is the shirt that you must have if you live the fast life. This shirt was a major fan favorite with everyone who has seen it, and flew off the shelves. If you don’t have this shirt in your Old English Brand collection already, then you are missing out on looking as fresh as possible. We have the “Keepers Of The Streets” available right now in the Old English Brand Store, so make sure to pick up your shirt today!

“Keepers Of The Street” is currently available in Black, sizes M – 3XL

Problemz of Smooth Hustle

Got The Streets On Lock

We Keep The Streets

Old English Brand Reppin

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Keepers Of The Street Back In Stock

One of our most popular tee shirts are back in stock in all sizes! Old English Brand’s “Keepers Of The Streets” has been a top seller since its release, and with its popularity, we sold out of this tee many times. I remember releasing this tee shirt and everyone asking about it. The hype was real because after two weeks of its release, it was sold out of 4/5 sizes, and two days later it was completely sold out. This time around, we have restocked all sizes for Keepers Of The Streets, from Medium through 3XL. Browse through the shirt and the sizes, because it will be sold out again quickly, just giving you a fair warning, because thats how in demand Keepers Of The Streets is!

Hot In The Kitchen – Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. We took a picture of Alex preparing her Thanksgivings Day feast. Showing that women can pull off this City Of Angels, Where There Are No Angels Shirt By Old English Brand and look very good doing it. Remember that Old English Brand has Black Friday discounts so make sure TO CLICK HERE to get 25% off your order!

Welcome To The Comfort Zone

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Old English Brand presents a brand new video campaign called “Comfort Zone“. It is another hot commercial created by the OE Creative Team and features Bergumuz. The video is very sexy and one of our best yet. Watch how comfortable our model is as she poses for the camera in her favorite tees. She showcases the OE “Natives“, “Hard Knock Baseball Tee“, “Ill Tempered Pocket Print ” and the OE “Members Only Snapback Hats“. There are really no words how to describe how awesome this video is, so make sure to watch the video and check back with us tomorrow for some pictures from our photo shoot! Each item is available now in the Old English Brand Store!