The OC Weekly talks about the Ms Krazie contest Winner

Once again thanks to OC Weekly for showing so much support and love on covering the Ms Krazie contest. Click on the pic below to hear what they got to say.. Make sure to leave your comments on there blog to show support.

FIFA 2016

One of my favorite video games will be coming out next Tuesday, September 22nd, and thats Fifa 2016. Im pumped up for the new Fifa and the graphics look even better than 2015, and with women players now available, it gives more defense abilities on defense, the AI markers are going to be better to play as a team, its gonna be more realistic to make interceptions while on defense, you can defend slide tackles, you can cradle the ball with your foot, and there will be angled crosses now. Those are the new big tweeks from last years game, and its gonna be a big improvement and more realistic on defense. Im still getting the game and will let you know if its better or worse than Fifa 2015.

Cyzer – What You Talkin About – Music Video


Old English Brand has just received a brand new music video from a hip hop artist from Los Angeles named Cyzer. The song is called “I Dont Hear What You Talking About”, featuring Jasper Loco of Charlie Row Campo and Big Silenca. In this video, Jasper Loco is wearing an Old English Brand shirt, called “Keepers Of The Streets“. We always show love to artists that support our clothing and wear them in music videos, photo shoots, and performances. We are feeling the song, and wanted to put it on our blog to support. So click the video above, turn up your speakers, and jam out to “I Dont Hear What You Talkin About”. Directed by Eyekon Fotography.

The Original Beanies Are Available Now

Have you seen the brand new OE Original Beanies? We feature the classic Old English Brand Logo on many new colors, like Black, Grey, Blue, Green and Burgundy. Many of our supporters have been asking us for beanies, requesting certain colors, and we are proud to announce the release of our new beanie line. These are the first 5 of their kind, and will match many of your favorite Old English Brand Tees, Tanks and Crew Necks. Check our gallery of our brand new Original Beanie Collection and choose your favorite color. You can pick up your favorite color today at The Old English Brand Flagship Shop, Monday – Friday from 12pm to 6pm!

The Old English Brand Flagship Shop

11781 Slauson Ave

Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670

Life is a Beach

Who knows how many times I have photographed Belinda. Like most things it all started with a text. These days getting our schedules right is much harder to do than ever before. The thing was that Belinda was here for a limited time and I needed to shoot her, for i wouldn’t get another shot to photographer her for another few months or possibly next year.

I conveniently had 35mm film with me, and had recently found a place near Norwalk to develop my film. So I said, “Why not?” and I shot her with some expired fuji film. After developing the film, i fell in love with shooting film once again. The colors, the contrast, the location, everything about the shoot came out right.


Photos by: @kingskast1
Model: Belinda

Juan Diego “Salud”

The more we grow the more we are having people from out of states and even out the country stop by the flag ship store when they are visiting Los Angeles. The homie Juan Diego came to Cali to shoot one of his videos “Salud” and he wanted one of the scenes to be shot at the OE shop. So because of that love that he showed us, we want to give it right back by sharing his new video “Salud” check it out.

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