This Filter Is Taking Over The World

Everyone and their mama has been having fun with the new snapchat filters, and now you can add everyone and your favorite rapper. Check out this side by side of Urban Kings artist Ms Krazie and….Ms Krazie lol. The picture she took on the right is Ms Krazie in her signature blonde hair with her makeup. And she’s wearing her exclusive Lashes And Liner Tank Top that was only sold during her 1 Day Sale. On the left is Ms Krazie in a black wig, which is the total opposite of her blonde look. Which style do you like better? Let us know at The Urban Kings Facebook Page!

Nipsey Hustle Rocks With Old English Brand

OE Classic – Old English Brand was hanging out with Nipsey Hussle in Los Angeles as he was finalizing his $100 mixtape called “Crenshaw“, a free mixtape for online mixtape websites, and it became the First $100 mixtape ever, and sold 1,000 copies in its first day. Old English Brand caught up with Nipsey to talk about the mixtape and to talk about the Old English Brand “Since 96 Thug Life” Tank Top, which is available now! Summer is here and tanks are going fast, and Nipsey picked his favorite OE Tank. With BET Weekend starting tomorrow, we might be running into Nipsey again, so stay tuned!

Just Staying In

During rainy days, wouldnt you rather stay in? Thats what I would do, and thats what Gabby would do, as she lies around comfortably in her room with her Old English Brand “3rd Strike Baseball Tee“, available now at the Old English Brand Flagship Shop and online in our online store!

The Campain – The Truth Music Video


We had a brand new music video emailed to us by The Campain, who is a very dope new group of emcees that formed a superstar lyricist crew. They are wearing Old English Brand in the music video, like the OE “California Love” and the OE “Keepers Of The Streets“. This is one of my favorite new mixtapes that has released recently, from the Campain called “Gun Powder Poetry“. The video came out really dope, with a soulful beat and a killer hook, and The Campain gets off on the verses. The video was very artist, and was directed by our friend Eyekon Fotography as well. Make sure to support and watch the video and we appreciate dope artists that support us!

Just Off The Press Take Your Pick

OE Photoshoot With YG Hootie

Old English Brand has some really dope videos in our Ad Campaign Section that features Music Videos, Commercials, Behind The Scenes and Features, with each featuring Old English Brand. We have todays highlighted video of a past OE Photoshoot with YG Hootie from Waka Flaka’s Bricksquad Record Label. YG Hootie has been working heavy in the music game, and his song “Two Presidents” featuring “King Kendrick” aka Kendrick Lamar has just reached #4 download on iTunes. It is a dope song and Old English Brand has just been invited to the very exclusive music video shoot, that will be coming up very soon. You know OE will have the exclusive footage, so make sure to Follow Old English Brand on Instagram to see some cool pictures! Watch the video below and download the song “Two Presidents” today.

Old English Brand Photoshoot With YG Hootie

YG Hootie Featuring Kendrick Lamar – Two Presidents