This Filter Is Taking Over The World

Everyone and their mama has been having fun with the new snapchat filters, and now you can add everyone and your favorite rapper. Check out this side by side of Urban Kings artist Ms Krazie and….Ms Krazie lol. The picture she took on the right is Ms Krazie in her signature blonde hair with her makeup. And she’s wearing her exclusive Lashes And Liner Tank Top that was only sold during her 1 Day Sale. On the left is Ms Krazie in a black wig, which is the total opposite of her blonde look. Which style do you like better? Let us know at The Urban Kings Facebook Page!

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XXTALES from INK to Skin

When a man has the desire to make something good out of himself, there is nothing that will stop him. Obstacles are just challenges because nothing good comes easy and nothing easy is always good. I met Big Sikes from Riverside, a man that has done a total of 20 years in prison. In his time in prison Sikes would use his passion for tattoos to survive. He would draw and apply ink to former inmates in return for soups, which is a commadity in prison. Now a free man, Sikes is putting all of his energy and focus in becoming the next great tattoo artists. “If I survived in prison doing tattoos, why can’t I do it out here?”

Filmed by: Sammy T.

Photos by: King Kast

Plenty of califa luv to go around

After hearing you guys demand the old calif to be back in stock Old English got to work and called Baby Jokes for a quick welcome back shot. So allehuja your prayers were answered lol

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I know, you know i rep

life in a carpool lane

Damn yesterday was a mission. We left the office at 8 in the morning to pick up the Ms. Krazie T-shirts in Van Nuys (my hometown). In case if you were not it Southern Cali, ITS RAINING! So we get to Van Nuys and before we go to pick them up from the factory the boss wanted to get Starbucks. Now, Jaime (Boss) doesn’t know Van Nuys but I do. So I’m thinking about the Starbucks in “The Plant” (818 you know where its at) but he calls up his friend and he told him that there is one on Sepulveda and Sherman Way. And I was like there isn’t one there cuz for real it’s not in the corner and I grew up around there. So we decided to bet on it…And guess who lost. (Tip in life don’t bet against your boss lol) In my defense I don’t even go Starbucks cuz it’s all about Gloria Jeans lol. I lost cuz it was hidden (it’s before hitting Sepulveda coming from Reseda). Despensa Van Nuys but come on how many of us really go to Starbucks when we can make coffee at home and where we can actually pronounce it. (I’m not being a sore loser lol). After that we headed over to the factory where we got to see the shirts coming out from the machines freshly printed.

Looking at the shirts had me mesmerized. I guess Jaime noticed because he asked me how I would feel if I got a shirt of Ms. Krazie. I immediately smiled and he just turned to me and said “Well to bad their all Pre-ordered.” (What a tease!)We were going to take the whole order but A.) There was no room in the car and B.) The boss from the factory didn’t want to give them to us because they haven’t been reviewed to make sure they were up to quality standards. So we only ended up only taking the pre-sales which were already quality checked (sorry guys you’re just going have to wait).

I took these pics of the factory before Jaime’s phone died.
On our way back to the office (going thru the traffic, rain and fogged up windshield) the Boss starts clowning on me cuz I guess he was just that bored lol and jamming to his music. We finally get to the office (after 4 hours on the freeway and of being clowned on lol) to only pick up the Old English sweatshirts, so they can also get their neck label. Loaded them in the car and headed to Santa Ana. Listening to Drake throughout the car ride (Jaime kept jamming to his song Miss Me lol). We finally arrive to Santa Ana to another factory where they can put the neck labels. Looking around the factory, Old English is affiliated with other big name labels like Quick Silver, element, Rebel 8, Crooks and Castles, DC  just to name a few. Meanwhile we waited for the shirts to be ready, we went to a Thai restaurant (never ate Thai, it was good I brought my chiles though to spice up the food.

The boss just shook his head lol). We went back to the factory to pick up the clothes packed them in the car and headed to another factory (the Boss’s friend Danny) to pick up the flyer’s for Charlie Row Campo “Talking Guns”. And with the few minutes we where there I noticed the other flyers that they where printing out and the one that stood out was “Together as One” which is a big rave organization that everybody goes to. Finally we were done with the errands only thing left was the to face the traffic and the rain for the last time. Boss was starting to get sleepy on the wheel but throughout the whole rainy day there was no accidents on the freeways (so thank you So Cal) even though it’s a lil weird how on this raining day there was no accidents but on a nice sunny day everyone and their baby mama gets in an accident (reflect lol). Finally, tired out of our minds around 6 pm we made it to the office despite the traffic and a fogged up windshield. So now, the Ms. Krazie shirts are in the warehouse and we look forward to packaging them up to send them to you guys that pre-ordered them (you should feel special).Spending time with the boss today I realized that under all those mean remarks there is a loyal, passionate, computer geek human being with sick ass ambition. This was a day with Old English.

*Posted by Alejandra