This Thursday Ms Krazie Will Be Performing In Minnesota

THIS THURSDAY, UKMG Artist Ms Krazie will be performing FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER in Minneapolis, Minnesota on Thursday at the Mango Bar & Grill. It is Official And Its GOING DOWN!!!! Many fans have been asking when Ms Krazie is gonna hit the North Star State, and now its locked in. Ms Krazie will be in the house performing all her hits. Also performing will be El Aztecano, Killa Khoas, SPK, Player City & Mayote, which are Minnesota’s top artists. There will be Food Specials till Midnight, and it will be an 18+ event. Their will also be a Dance Competition and A Freestyle Competition. DJ Fresko will be spinning all night long with all the jams. The VIP has a cool package for this event, which will include VIP Entrance to the venue, Ms Krazie T Shirt, Ms Krazie Poster and Ms Krazie CD! Make sure to come down and support Ms Krazie’s first Minnesota concert!!

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A Kodak moment to post up

Cacthing a pic of Mr. Blue with the old english homicide back up by the Centro Side clan If you don’t know who Mr. Blue is, do yourself a favor check out his music video It’s Chicano Rap which is featured in the 1st Urban Kings Street Anthem.
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New Old English batch just hit the warehouse floor.

This new batch just hit our floor today. We have been out of stock for some time but now are back in stock. Click on images to view product.

Old English Brand “OE Flannel Classic”

Old English Brand ” OE Shield 2″

Old English Brand Stay “West Coast”

Whats Under Your Tree?

Today is the day, its Christmas Eve and its time to spend with family and friends. The one day out of the year where we show appreciation and when its better to give then to receive. I was at home last night, drinking a glass of hennessy and looking at the presents for this years Christmas, and appreciating what I have. Really, I think thats what life is about. I didn’t grow up with everything, but I worked hard for my dream and working harder to maintain it. Presents come and go, but appreciating your family and friends, knowing that they are there for you, is really what this holiday is about to me. I hope everyone has a happy Christmas Eve and hope you are able to spend the day with your family and loved ones.

- From your friends at Old English Brand

Only A Chosen Few

There are always people that always talk about their plans, actions and even their accomplishments, but there are only a chosen few who actually have followed through with their game plan. For those who do what they say, and say what they are actually going to do, this is for you. Here is our official ad for the Old English Brand “Members Only – Black and Green” Snapback. Even though we are a chosen few, our fashion speaks for itself.