Tomorrow Night!!!! Spring Bash/Hello Loca Tour

Tomorrow is the day Washington has been waiting for…Ms Krazie makes her first Washington concert appearance ever  as she performs at Spring Bash 2012 aka The Hello Loca 2012. She is performing with artists like  The Game , Baby Bash , DMX , Ray J , Brown Boy and The Ying Yang Twins ! This is the biggest concert to hit the Yakima area this year. All going down at the Yakima Sundome!! The Backstage Passes include a one of a kind meet and greet with all the artists performing! That means you can meet The Game, Take pictures with DMX and get autographs by Ms Krazie and Baby Bash. Make sure you dont miss out on this one of a kind event going down in Yakima!!!



Compton Menace And Old English In Music Video

Old English Brand is featured in many dope music videos, commercials, concert footage and we appreciate everyone who supported us and represents what we stand for. We have a music video of our friend Compton Menace called “Aint Changin Me” that featured Wiz Khalifa. OE was invited by Menace to be on set of the video while it was being shot. It was a really dope location and many special guests came down to get cameos, film for BET, MTV, VH1, Fuse, and online hip hop websites. If you haven’t seen the video, then make sure to check it out! Menace is wearing the OE “University Tee” in the music video. Make sure to support by watching the video!

True Hollywood’s Story

Old English Brand has always collaborated with artists who we are fans of. We did a photo shoot with True Hollywood, a talented, popular hip hop artist from Miami. He came down to Los Angeles for a few concerts and we did a shoot with him in Downtown LA. We showcased some of our most popular items, that he picked to wear for the shoot. He chose the OE “The Good Die Young Tee Shirt“, along with the OE “Members Only Snapback Hat“, which are both available now at The Old English Brand Flagship Shop (Monday – Friday : 12pm to 6pm). You can also order at The Old English Brand Online Store!

The check list

Life is a Gamble

Visual artist Fucmyart takes Old English’s videos with a different approach. “I want to mix art with the designs. I want to give it some sort of identity and mood to these concepts.” Fucmyart teams up with Russian model Eliza Tkacheva to make this concept “Life is a Gamble.” “I think a lot of the symbolism was inspired by the creator of Old English Brand. While having a conversation with him about social media he said to me, ‘Fuck what people think. Just be you, do whatever the fuck you want and people will love or hate that, but you will be happier.’ Most of us go on thru life not ever taking off that imaginary mask, not truly ever showing who we are underneath. It is a bit untrustworthy and sad for people that never really get to be themselves for fear of being ridicule.” -Fucmyart

Check out the video:

Guess Whats Back In Stock

Yes, you guessed it right! The Old English Brand Original Beanie colors are now all fully stocked and available in our online store! We were completely sold out of the OE “Original Beanie in Grey” and the OE “Original Beanie in Black“. These are the two top sellers and they are back available to order! We were also running low on the Green, Burgundy and Blue Beanies, and now everything is fully stocked. This has officially been beanie season, with beanies being very popular for the last few months, and I think they will still be popular into summer. Old English Brand has the hottest beanies around, so make sure to browse through our beanie selection and order your favorite color now!