Ms Krazie will be performing tonight in Casa Grande, Arizona!!! This will be her first time performing in Arizona, and since she has announced that her Hello Loca 2012 Tour will be ending early, this might be the only chance for fans in Arizona to meet her. This is an ALL AGES EVENT so there is NO REASON to miss this concert!!! This will for sure be One Krazie Night…With Ms Krazie, Da Beast, Killy Kill, Problemaz, Payaso 915, Tokes, Pachuco Records, and just added Cuete Yeska!!! This show is gonna be off the hook!!! Make sure to come out and have fun with us and see a dope show!!

Higher From 7 Triiibes – NJ

Check this one out, our good friend, music artist legendary tattooist Spanky Loco, brought Higher from 7 Triiibes of New Jersey down to the Old English Brand Warehouse to talk about the music, fashion, and lifestyle of New Jersey, since we havent been out there for a few months. With 7 Triiibes coming up quickly in Jersey and surrounding states on the Eastcoast, we booked a restoration shop to do a photoshoot. Check out a few of the photos from the shoot, we will be posting more next week. Higher is rockin the OE “OE Logo Sweatshirt” along with the OE “Members Only Snapback Hat“. Both are available now at The Old English Brand Flagship Shop and online inside our website!

Put It Together

Here is another image we put together of the Old English Brand “Division Seal“. This is one of the most popular shirts we have released thus far. With a fresh coloring of Black and Grey, the shirt is easily matchable with all colors. With the classic but bold design, Old English Brand Division Seal gives the look of a very fashionable image. We will show you how we would match this shirt, starting with the Division Seal Tee. Secondly, we would choose shoes to match the shirt, and for this instance, we will grab some charcoal grey Nike Janoski’s. Next is pants, which we will grab some jet black Levi’s, that would go perfect with the shirt and the shoes. Last is the headwear, which will be the final item, we can grab a simple charcoal grey beanie, it can be a beanie or a skullcap. Like we said, this shirt can match with anything!

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Urban Kings and Old English Brand At The Magic Show 2010

Check out the footage from a full week at the Magic Show 2010 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Baby Jokes, Jasper, and Midget Loco were representing Old English Brand. We had lots of fun. We ran into the likes of Estevan Oriol, Dyse One, Big Tiny and tons more people. We saw great gear coming from brands like TITS, OG Abel, Joker Brand, The Wild Ones, Tribal, Rocca Wear, Famous, and the list could go on and on. Enjoy this video.

OEB x Ms Krazie – Forgive Not Forget – Girls Tee

We here at Old English Brand have already released the Mens Tees for the OEB x Ms Krazie collaboration shirt called “Forgive Not Forget”. Ladies, we did not forget about you, and we have just got in stock the BRAND NEW Girls Tee shirt exclusively from Old English Brand and Urban Kings Music Group Artist Ms Krazie. Once we released the information that Old English Brand and Ms Krazie we in negotiations with releasing a new collaboration shirt, the internet went nuts with the design and have been asking us (and her) when it was dropping. Well, with the new Ms Krazie album “Forgive Not Forget” album releasing September 18th, we decided to also release this new shirt. With Ms Krazie’s album snippets just being released, the hype is crazy for both the album and the new shirt, so take a look at the Brand New Ms Krazie X OEB shirt, Forgive Not Forget! Click Here To Listen To Ms Krazies Forgive Not Forget Snippets!

We currently have the Forgive Not Forget in Black, Sizes S – 2XL

Up Front

Forgive, But Never Forget

OEB x Ms Krazie’s 3rd Collaboration

Sexy Praying By Candle Light

We Got Your Back

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Even Pops Knows Im Hustlin

“Even Pops Knows This MothaFuckas Hustlin, And Even Moms Knows This MothaFuckas Bubblin”

- Jasper Loco “Hustlin”