Ms Krazie will be performing tonight in Casa Grande, Arizona!!! This will be her first time performing in Arizona, and since she has announced that her Hello Loca 2012 Tour will be ending early, this might be the only chance for fans in Arizona to meet her. This is an ALL AGES EVENT so there is NO REASON to miss this concert!!! This will for sure be One Krazie Night…With Ms Krazie, Da Beast, Killy Kill, Problemaz, Payaso 915, Tokes, Pachuco Records, and just added Cuete Yeska!!! This show is gonna be off the hook!!! Make sure to come out and have fun with us and see a dope show!!

Let it Happen

Do we fall in love because it is planned or does love just happen? Even if we are in the saddest moments of our life’s, we can’t control who we fall in love with. We don’t just fall in love because they are fun. Love is something that you can’t planned, it just happens. Let it happen. Let it be, because in these times, love might be just what we need.

Model: Young Bella
Photographer: Noah “Kast” Teran.

Wale – The Gifted – Featuring Fat Trel – Out Now

Wale – The Gifted – Available Now

Album Featuring MFS Featuring Fat Trel

The brand new album by Wale album came out, called “The Gifted” through the Maybach Music Group. This is a really dope album we have been waiting for, because Maybach Music always puts out dope albums, from its label’s artists, Rick Ross to Meek Mill and Wale. Today, The Gifted released Nationwide to all Major Music Stores like FYE, Hastings, Best Buy, etc and digitally through iTunes. But the DELUXE EDITION is only available at Target and The Deluxe Version features our friend Fat Trel on a really dope song called MFS. We did an exclusive photoshoot with Trel, The SB General, and he was really feeling the OE “Street League” Crew Neck Print. Did you know that Wale and Fat Trel’s song MFS is only available on “The Gifted Deluxe Edition”. So everyone make sure to go out and get the DELUXE EDITION CD, not just because it has Fat Trel featuring on it, but it has 3 extra bonus tracks. I already got my copy today, and had to give MFS a listen first. I am posting Wale – Featuring Fat Trel – MFS song below, along with The Gifted Cd Cover so you can see how dope it looks. Wale and Fat Trel support OE so make sure to support them by coppin the cd! The Gifted also features Rick Ross, Meek Mill, Nicki Minaj, Rhianna, Juicy J, Ceelo Green, Yo Gotti, Ne-Yo, Wiz Khalifa, 2 Chainz, French Montana, Dom Kennedy and more!

Wale – The Gifted – Album Cover

Wale – Featuring Fat Trel – MFS

Click Here To Order Wale – The Gifted – Deluxe Edition – Today!


Check out our new campaign video for our new design “The Turf Club”, featuring our friend Adam, give him a follow on instagram (@adduummm)

We don’t normally open our flag ship shop on the weekend, but this Saturday it will be a special day. We are releasing our 5th drop, “The Turf Club”. So we will be open on this saturday the 13th. Giving out free beer (with ID) and Stickers. Come down! from 11am to 4pm

11781 Slauson ave.
Santa Fe Springs, Ca

Always Stay On Your Toes

Today is a Waayyy back Wednesday, and we are going into the Old English Brand Vault to find one of the treasures we created. We thought of a crazy way we can do something cool and fun, but at the same time, put our own flavor in the commercial. We made a video called “Stay On Your Toes”, and starred Old English Brand Creative Team Member Jaime C Diaz Jr dancing to his own beat. Watch as he gets down in his own way, while showcasing the OE “Stay On Your Toes” Tee. It is available now in our online store and our flagship store! Check it out in the video!

St Patricks Day Sale 2016

The Old English Brand Flagship Shop Sale is here! Its your chance to save in two different ways. First, we made available one of the most popular colors to celebrate today, the OE “Ill Tempered Pocket Tee in Green“. Being St. Patricks Day and wearing green is a must, and with most of the generation that is not wearing green, is getting bruised by pinches all day. Dont be one of those people, and pick up the Ill Tempered Tee because we made it on sale for just $9.99! Plus, we are doing a special promotion at The Old English Brand Flagship Shop, where if you wear green into our store, you save 20% Off Your Order. You cant beat that at all. Plus you get Free Green Cookies! That sounds like a sweat deal to me. The 20% Off Sale will only be at The Flagship Shop, and will end at 6pm today. The $9.99 Ill Tempered Pocket Tee will be available for that limited time price until midnight!

The Old English Brand Flagship Shop

11781 Slauson Ave

Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670

Open : Monday – Friday

Hours : 12pm to 6pm