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Urban Kings Inc LLC, is a California Corporation with headquarters in Los Angeles. Working as an independent label, we have established our music and video products distribution company in the U.S. as well as international markets for the Latin and Urban Hip Hop genre. The purpose of the following information is to establish a better understanding in how Urban Kings works and how it benifits you.

We are also open to a strategic alliance with a other labels, media and different networks who is willing to work & grow both in nationally and internationally in a cost-effective and profitable manner. We currently are distributed independently, through internet sales, and word of mouth/street sales. As you will read below, we are successfully running our business on a local scale with our unique approach and various resources.

Urban Kings Mission Statement:
Our primary vision is to bring the Underground Latin Hip Hop genre to the mainstream market by using mature music with strong artists and integrating today’s new breed of Latin Hip Hop. Today, few, if any, major record labels and distribution companies have embraced the new Latin Hip Hop / Rap movement and as a result, the majority of artists sell their music at street level, either at Swap Meets, Concerts, Venues, and literally on the streets. The demand for this new sub-genre of music is huge and is being purchased by the diverse youth fan base both urban and rural nationwide. Our efforts are to expand this market and make the “Latin Hip Hop” market emerge and grow, bigger and better than ever, by featuring today’s hottest independent artists and producers integrated with marketing and promotions.


Company Profile – The Vision.
Urban Kings is a unique company dedicated to providing the latest and most innovative music hitting the needs of the growing Latino youth market. Originally formed in 2000 as a mini-distributor of mixtapes and independent albums, we have been working with the un-tapped artist community and selling to the “gray” market that caters to the second and third generation Latino market. We have a strong connection to the underground market and we have established loyal clients and customers. We have expanded our repertoire and production services to include events production, as well as youth marketing, distribution, management, and street promotions for all aspects of the entertainment industry. Whether it be fashion, film, television, music, interactive or corporate, our innovative skills and techniques have made it possible to find and break new markets such as Germany, France, Japan, and key U.S. markets like New York, Chicago, Houston, San Franciso/San Jose, Phoenix, and Miami. The link to the street has helped us grow our business to another level.

Street Credibility – is Power
Because of our strong link to the streets, we are always ahead of the curve on the latest and upcoming trends in music, fashion, art, style, and culture. It is this “first-hand” knowledge and experience that gives us an edge over our competition. We have assembled an all star staff of dynamic young promoters, artist as well experienced producers and executives with extensive experience in all areas of entertainment and management. Each member of our team brings his or her own unique talent to the company which enables us to be versatile and credible with the artists and consumers. The following is a brief overview of our marketing skills as well as our distribution resources.

Youth Marketing – Is the Approach.
Urban Kings Marketing has expanded the concept of Urban youth marketing. This comprises Latino and Non-Hispanic youth ages 13 through 25 who are into the “club/party culture” and the Hip Hop movement. The new Hip Hop movement is the ever-important market segment that creates many of the mainstream trends. The research and promotion done by our street team is what keeps us on top of the latest trends before they become popular. We found that the buying power of the Latino youth demographic market has been miscalculated (under-estimated). Young Latinos have been helping the U.S. Hip Hop movement grow rapidly. With over 39 million Latinos residing in the United States, the Census Bureau estimates that Latinos are a younger population ( 2000 Census reports that over 1/3 of the Hispanic population was younger than 18 years of age and more than 60% of the Hispanic population is younger than 35 years of age). The growth rate for Latinos continues to supersede non-Hispanic growth rates with the exception of Asians. It is estimated that by the year 2020, the Hispanic population will be at least 20% of the U.S. population (one in five Americans will be Hispanic). Today, nearly a third of California’s population is Latino and 48.9% of L.A. County is Latino. The trends point to a growing and viant Latino youth market for the next 40 to 50 years.

Working with a number of youth-targeted radio stations, organizations and corporations, we have partnered on a variety of cross-promotional tie-ins that are the direct result of the demand for our artists and their music. This demand has left the market untouched and ready for us to pick up the distribution pieces. We have used these opportunities and techniques to create our unique promotional and sales strategies. Carefully creating and designing ads for placement in strategic publications and websites frequented by our consumer base, we work with the following types of media outlets: hip hop culture and scene magazines, underground newspapers, college and high school newspapers. We also engage consumers with sampling of our music via the Internet or sample tapes (one minute snippets of the songs) and distribution of creative postcards and e-cards that drive young fans to our website or to a specific event. These tactics, plus new ones under development (iPod and digital formats) in conjunction with our other strategies are what makes Urban Kings unique and successful. We know that our grass-roots and street-level marketing approach is working for us on a local/regional level. We deliver results by increasing audiences to radio programs or events, and sales of our products and artist-related merchandise. With our finger(s) on the pulse of the American youth culture and, more specifically on the Latino youth market, we have an “edge” creatively and strategically on generating awareness for our artists and their products with tangible sales results.

Street Promotion – Guerilla Tactics.
The concept of street promotions or “Guerilla Tactics” has been used successfully in the Urban market for many years. It is one of the elements that have helped propel Hip-Hop and Rap music to the mainstream phenomenon it is today. We are strong believers in grass roots marketing for the promotion of our artists and their music. Our street team is an important element in our field marketing and promotional efforts. Since many of our crew members are regular fans and “tastemakers” (DJs, artist, clubs, promoters, etc.), they use their connection with the youth to introduce new products and music to them. They collect feedback and recommendations for us that we use to refine and improve our product, message and/or approach for a particular song or album. This approach allow us to expose our music with thousands of people monthly at clubs, events, malls, beaches, and “hangouts” for young people. Our crew distributes promotional product and flyers to the public at “cool clothing and music” stores, swapmeets, school events, websites and Mom and Pop neighborhood stores. Our street crew promotional techniques have been very successful in what we call “Street Hustling”. We target our efforts to reach the youth who attend clubs, Lowrider/car shows and events, as well as concerts and other youth-oriented events. All of these promotional efforts combined with our other services are tailored to increase our fan base and sales. Releasing a record and creating awareness for artists and his/her music is our top priority. We issue monthly press packages, promotional packages and flyers to the news media, the underground media, Internet and to participating retailers (our customers). Sales sheets are prepared to inform and motivate our customers to be excited of new releases. Internet marketing, (world wide) plays a key role in getting our message to the growing fan base for our music. With our young staff and consistent street connections, we are always on top of new and up coming websites. Promoting upcoming releases and sending out updates such as new songs and music videos, just shows is just one way we create “hype” for our artists.

Internet Marketing – National and Worldwide.
With our young staff and constant street connections we are always on top of new and upcoming websites .Promoting upcoming releases and sending out updates such as information and samples of new songs along with information about upcoming shows is just one way we create “hype” for our artist(s). Some commercial and new sites are now seeking us for interviews with our artists and to find out where to purchase our products. Using sophisticated email newsletter formats, a weekly report is distributed to more than 25,000+ readers making it one of our online marketing tools. In addition to and aggressive and pro-active Internet marketing, we will also support the efforts of fans to engage in viral marketing efforts such as through,,,, and many other new peer to peer sites.

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