Midget Loco and Doll-E girl will be making their way to Kansas City this May 31st to perform!!! Make sure to go check that out. Click on the flyer to see the details!!

Ms. Krazie Update

Check these 2 new pics of Ms. Krazie. She’s looking great. Shout outs to Ms. Krazie all your fans are anticipating that album of yours.

Video (update) On Ms Krazie Firme Homegirl Oldies 2

Ms. Krazies album has been pushed back to August 3rd 2010. Due to changes in the album. We are adding more tracks. And we are also adding the lyrics to all the songs in the album booklet. The album will now be perfect from beginning to end.

Ms. Krazie Pushed Back!! (GOOD AND BAD NEWS)

THE BAD: Yes i know, its terrible but before you curse us out and damn us to hell you have to understand the following. We are perfecting the album. There are several tracks that weren’t in the snippet video that are so good that we want to get this album right. If you guys thought “Cold Blooded Girl” is amazing these next tracks are going to blow you away. So we apologize about this delay.

THE GOOD: We also have good news for you all. The lyrics to the songs will be available in the booklet when you buy the CD!!!

Order Spanky Loco’s Superior Album

After a very long wait Spanky Loco’s Superior ALbum is now here.

Ms. Krazie Make Up Tutorial

Want to do your make up like Ms. Krazie. Have no fear we found a tutorial by a very dedicated Ms. Krazie fan.

Chino Grande Lyrics To “Slow It Down”


Kinda Feels Like Our Loves Been Lost In The Wind.
Your Always Talking To Your Friends Like Were Has He Been.
Im Just Out On The Streets Or At School Makeing Money.
You Act Like I Dont Fly, From Country To Country.
May Have Been A Few Places But Your Still In My Heart.
And Either Way You Ready New, What I Do From The Start.
You Cant Complain, But Still You Let Em Pick At Your Brain.
They Just Jelous Of What You Got And Now They Trying To Make A Change.
The Second I Turn My Face, They So Quick To Respond.
I Wouldn’t Be Surprise If I Turned Around And You Were Gone.
Just Listen To All The Lies, What They Say But They Dont Know.
I Could Say The Same Thing, Like I Dont Need You Girl.
It Dont Make Me Or Break Me, But Still I Come Threw Tastey.
For The Next Whitt Sez, It’s Complex And Dont Phade Me.
Im Brewed In The 80′s, Got Game That’llmake Babies.
So Pay Attention Closely, Cause This The Way That It’s Suppose To Be.

Sunday Kinda Girl, Sunday Kinda Love. The Summer Time Is Here, We Dont
Need To Hurry Up.
Oh, Sunday Kinda Girl, Sunday Kinda Love. The Summer Time Is Here, We
Dont Need To Hurry Up.
Slow It Down, Slow It Dowwwwn, Slow It Dow How Hown.

Verse 2:

How’s It Feel To Be Sad, Maybe Lost Or Alone.
Im In That Fleetwood Broze, Tequilla Shots To Be Dome.
Like A Patron, But Still I Hear Mad On The Phone.
Talkin Like Oh Girl, And You Dont Even Know.
But Im Tired Of The Games, Its Getting Kinda Old.
You Need To Phade Away Like Them Acrilyck On Your Toes.
And All That Stuff That You Be Rappin, Is Really So Irrelevant,
. So Hurry Up, Just Pick Up The Phone, And Go Tell Your Friends.
Maybe They Could Do A Little Something For Ya.
Im On The Bullie (Blvd) By The Movies And The Montebello Oilers.
Just Dippin, Hittin Corners, Chrome Dubbs On The Fresh Paint.
Shoulda Payed Attention, Now I Watch It All Escalate.
Dont Matter, Not Flatterd. I Anit One To Pretend.
I Got That Georgio Armani Whitta Sprinkle On The Penalton.
Girl You Might Be Right. An Yea I Really Kinda Miss You So.
I Sit An Merinate, Unitl It’s Time To Let You Go.


Sunday Kinda Girl, Sunday Kinda Love. The Summer Time Is Here, We Dont
Need To Hurry Up.
Oh, Sunday Kinda Girl, Sunday Kinda Love. The Summer Time Is Here, We
Dont Need To Hurry Up.
Slow It Down, Slow It Dowwwwn, Slow It Dow How Hown

Sinful El Pecador Exclusive Interview

Sinful El Pecador exclusive interview! Sinful from tha Mexakinz has been in the game for a very long time. He has worked with the who’s who in the game. From being in the studio with Dr. Dre to doing tracks with Pitbull. He’s toured the world and continues to grind and work on new projects.

Adding Ms. Krazie Music To Your Myspace

We notice that there’s people upload Ms. Krazie songs to their own myspace. Remember that you can click and add the songs to your pages off Ms Krazies page. Just click the “plus” button. By doing that you help Ms. Krazie get more and more popular.

Ms. Krazie Tattoos

Round 3 is here. Here are some pics from Ms. Krazie fans tattooed with the album tittle “Smile Now Cry Never.” These are dedicated fans and these people definitely deserve to say they are Ms. Krazie’s number one fan. You all are the reason that keep Ms Krazie doing this dope music for all of you.

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