Stomper Behind The Scenes Footage

Stomper’s getting ready to release his highly anticipated “Once Upon A Time In America.” He just shot his video for his song “Aztlan Is The Truth” with Kast & Fame. The video looks like its going to be “all sick!” So make sure you stay tuned for that and remember that “Once Upon A Time In America” come out July 7th 2010!!!

Spanky Loco “The Superior Mixtape Before The Album”

Make sure you go get this release. He’s giving you a dope warm up before his highly anticipated The Superior Album.

How To Get Urban Kings Ringtones (TUTORIAL)

We get a lot of questions as to how to get the ringtones. Some people are having problems doing it and some just flat out don’t know how to do it. Well fear not. This is why I am here, to help you, our loyal supporters, in the quest of having fantastic ringtones. FYI: All ringtones codes for each album are included with every purchase.

Now first thing you should know is that for some carries it doesn’t work, but for the majority is does work! If it works for mine it should easily work for yours.

The first thing we are going to do is add the recipient, meaning the person or in this case the company receiving this text/message.  So we are going to type 69937.

Now we are going to the type the number that represents the ringtone. In this case for Ms. Krazie’s “I like It”. which the number is 3518614.

Once you send that you should receive a message that looks like this.

Lastly message back YES.

After you send that you should receive a link to download the track and then you can just assign it to your phone as your main ringtone and thats it! Now wasn’t that easy?  If you have any further questions make sure you leave them in the comment section and Answer Guy will take care of you.

ALT The Saint – Chicano Rap History 101

ALT The Saint has been in the game since the very beginning. He has seen it grow and evolve. He started back when Chicano Rap was just called rap. There was no segregation. It was all just good music. He gives us history on how he started and where he is now. He talks about how Eazy-E was trying to help Chicanos in the music industry. How Eazy had major plans for Chicanos right before he passed away.

Music Thursdays

Bad Cuz Im Brown. Definitely one of the best songs done by Chino Grande, Troub Nasty, and Midget Loco. They brought that early 90′s rap to life with a new twist. Sit back and enjoy this hard hitting track. And if you haven’t copped this album, i suggest you get it now!

Krazy Race Interview

Krazy Race an L.A. based MC has been doing this for years. He’s worked with Immortal Techniques, Sick Jacken of Psycho Realm, Chino XL among other hip hop acts. He updates on his current projects. His label, Realizm Records, and the cds that are out out of his label. Check it out and keep an ear out for Krazie Race

Stomper “Aztlan Is The Truth” Video Shoot

Last night the first video off Stompers highly anticipated “Once Upon A Time In America.” Kicking off the album with a politically charged song like “Aztlan Is The Truth” is a great way to start defining the album. So stay tuned for it. Its coming very soon!!

Photo courtesy of Vendetta Republic.

If you haven’t heard the song. Check it out.

Ms. Krazie “I Like It” Cover

For those of you that have been asking for a bigger version of the cover here you go! Remeber to go on iTunes or any digital store and support Ms. Krazie by getting “I like It.”

Also get it as your ring tone by texting 35186 to 69937

Looking For Some Ms. Krazie Posters?

Lots of people keep asking about Ms Krazie posters. Well here’s a reminder that her posters are available for sale. Just click on the image below.

The Suspects + Sinful – Mexican

The Suspects music video for theis song “Mexican” is probably one of the best video ive seen. And that song is SICK! The song features Sinful aka El Pecador. This song and video delivers in every way.

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