Wednesday, September 13th, 2017

Have you seeing the Masked Nun?


This weeks spotlight is on Psycho Realms “Masked Nun” tee. Now available in our shop.

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Friday, May 31st, 2013

Psycho Realm – Smoke Out – Brand New Shirt



Check out the brand new Psycho Realm shirt that has entered The Psycho Shop, its called “Smoke Out” and its one of my favorite new releases from The Psycho Realm 2013  Spring Collection. With a Gas Mask smoking a bong, while the smoke writes Psycho Realm on top, this design looks really dope. This is a shirt I would wear to a Psycho Realm concert, or just anywhere I want, just to rep Psycho Realm. All the new shirts are going to be noticeable by everyone, especially other Psycho Realm fans, and even more by Psycho Realm fans that didn’t even hear or see this new design. So make sure to get yours today and rep with us!


“Smoke Out” is available now, in Black, sizes M – 3XL



Smoked Out



Psycho Realm in Smoke



Hits From The Bong



Extreme Close Up



Are You A Psycho?



Tagged And Released



We Got Your Back



Click Here To Order “Smoke Out” Shirt Today!

Friday, April 15th, 2016

Just Announced – Psycho De Mayo In Mexico!



The Psycho Shop has just confirmed there will be another Psycho De Mayo concert in 2016! Psycho Realm will be headlining again along with Immortal Technique. This show is gonna be dope and its all going down in Tijuana, Mexico on Saturday, May 7th. Also performing at this sick ass show is Arianna Puello, Ill Mascaras and Alzino. All going down at The Black Box  Tj. The concert is 18 and over with ID and VIP Tickets will be available.


Make sure to get your Psycho Realm uniforms direct from The Psycho Shop Flagship Shop or you can always order online at The Psycho Shop Online Store! We ship worldwide! Get your order in soon so it can get to you before the concert!

Thursday, December 22nd, 2011

Psycho Realm Self Titled


Monday, December 30th, 2013

She Nailed This One



When it comes to rocking and supporting and representing the Psycho Realm, fans from all over the world have different ways to show how psycho they are. From thousands of tattoos, special artwork, drawings, paintings, air brushings, and more. From both men and women, boys and girls, there is no age or gender to be from the sick side. Check out these customized nail decals that one of the biggest female psycho fan around. Found this really sick picture and wanted to share this with everyone! Do you have some dope artwork or pictures from a Psycho Realm show and want to be featured on our site? Send them to us on The Psycho Shop Official Facebook Page and we will post it up here! And dont forget to mention your social links!

Wednesday, September 4th, 2013

Psycho Shop Facebook Ambush – DJ FM of Psycho Realm



The Psycho Shop and Urban Kings released a Facebook Ambush on DJ FM of Psycho Realm, and we ask why DJ FM always covers his face in all interviews and performances with a mask or bandanna. DJ FM created the “Street Mixes Vol 1″, and lets us know if we could expect a volume 2 soon, also he talks about the street mixes, and if you put a movie on at the same time, the audio will match into the movie. There is much more cool stuff in the video that I didn’t write, so you have to watch the video to see what im talking about! Check out the video and watch now to see more! Remember to LIKE us on Facebook to watch the video.