Tuesday, December 27th, 2011

Psycho Realm X UI – Fallen Angels




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Wednesday, May 14th, 2014

Psycho Soul 2 Available Here



The Psycho Shop always has the exclusives when it comes to Psycho Realm. From news, concerts, information, shirts, hats and more. Today we have the Psycho Soul Oldies Vol 2. This is part two of the rare collection of oldies that were put together by Big Duke of Psycho Realm, Dr Zodiak and Gangster Of Love that features 3 cds of 60 classic oldies. With the first collection of Psycho Soul doing really well, Psycho Soul 2 was planned and organized and put together and it came out sick too. Did you know The Psycho Shop is the only place where you can find the original track listing of Psycho Soul Oldies 2? I will post them below so you can see what to expect. Remember, these are rare oldies, so make sure to support the sickside and Order Your Copy Today!

Psycho Soul 2 – Official Track Listing

Big Duke’s Palate – CD 1

1. The Satagans – Lovers To Friends
2. The Train Robbers – Tricky Dicky
3. Family Circle – Change
4. The Symphonies – That’s What Love Will Do
5. Elijah & The Ebonies – I Confess
6. John Garry Williams – In Love WIth You
7. Jerry & Wila – When I Say Goodbye
8. Joe Acosta – Loneliness
9. The Royal Five – Gonna Keep Lovin’ You
10. June Conquest – Take Care
11. The Blendells – Night After Night
12. Little Caesar & The Euterpeans – It Was Love
13. The Moments – Sunday
14. The Montclairs – Do I Stand A Chance
15. The Whatnauts – Whats Left To Give
16. Haze – I Do Love My Lady
17. Jackie Moppins – Your Hurting Day Is Gonna Come
18. Landy Nova – There’s No One To Blame
19. Orquesta La Fantastica – Latin Blues
20. Hands Of Time – This Love Is For Real


Dr Zodiak’s Palate – CD 2

1. The Legends – A Fool For You
2. Reggie Milner – Can’t Live Without You
3. Race, Class, And Power – The Search Is Over
4. Continental IV – Day By Day (Every Minute Of The Hour)
5. Charmels – As Long As I’ve Got You
6. Ronnie Walker – Really, Really Love You
7. The Emulations – These Are The Things
8. Carlos Wright – Man From The Sky
9. The Metaphors – You Have Everything (That A Man Can Love)
10. The Killers – Thankful For Your Love
11. Andre & Zero Plus – Sparkle In A Woman’s Eye
12. Debbie Taylor – Let’s Prove Them Wrong
13. Disciples Of Soul – Peek-A-Boo
14. Loleatta Holloway – Casanova
15. The Sweet & Innocent – Cry Love
16. Lee Fields – Do You Love Me (Like You Say You Do)
17. The Si-Berians – Crying Baby Wont Stop The Hurt
18. The Ordells – Sipping A Cup Of Tea
19. The Jhamels – Igloo
20. Donnie Elbert – Baby Let Me Love You Tonight


Gangster Of Love’s Palate – CD 3

1. The Upfronts – Most Of The Pretty Young Girls
2. The Precisions – Mexican Love Song
3. Newcomers – Mannish Boy
4. Sherlock Holmes Investigation – Your Game
5. Billy Joe Young – The Push
6. Dee Warwick – Do It With All Your Heart
7. Donnie Elbert – Tell Me So
8. Earnest Bolden – I’m Talkin’ About Love
9. Caprells – Walk On By
10. Masters Of Soul – Lovely Little Lassie
11. Impalas – I Still Love You
12. Salt And Pepper – Man Of My World
13. Exits – You Got To Have Money
14. Kansas City Express – This Is The Place
15. Notations – Just You And Me
16. Full Speed – It Must Be Love
17. Ronnie McNeir – I’m Your Lover
18. The Jack Moves – Fool For You
19. The Impressions – I’m Still Waiting
20. Three Degrees – Maybe

Wednesday, October 16th, 2013

Sick Jacken And Strong Arm Steady



We have an old school throwback picture we found of Psycho Realm’s Sick Jacken posted up with Strong Arm Steady, Planet Asia, Chace Infinate and Dj Truly Odd of the Heavyweights Djs.This is a dope picture because it shows some of the tightest, dopest, sickest emcees in the game. With all 6 members being some of my favorite lyrical rappers of all time. I was just bumping “Pressure” the other day too, and seen this really dope pic. Everyone check out the video below!


Strong Arm Steady featuring Sick Jacken – Pressure – Music Video

Wednesday, May 9th, 2012

Psycho Realm Colombia May 10, 2012


Monday, February 4th, 2013

Sick Jacken in Japan This Weekend


Sick Jacken will be performing live in Japan THIS SATURDAY (2-9-2013) and MONDAY (2-11-2013). It is all for Wannabe’s 20th Anniversary and will be featuring many dope artists that are from Japan.
Saturday will be taking place in Chiba at Live Saloon’s, and featuring artists such as IQ Homeruns, E.G.G Man, Army, Gang-O, Go The Redstone, J-Gren, Sarry, Silver Buck, Jeers, Solider, Dj Shaku, Dj Taka, Down Beat Selecters, Dj Daddy, Ras Charly, Deli, Trailers Trash, Bad Billy, Mikris, DJ Fabolous aka Most Dangerous, Bestia aka Charger & El Sol, Rockasen, Yawata Trece. Show will be starting at 18:00 through ???.
Monday will take place in Kawasaki at Club Chitta, and will be featuring performers like Axis, Afooshi, El Latino, Endzweck, Saigan Terror, Thugminati, Sarry, J-Gen, Solider, Dj Daddy, DS455, Trailers Trash, Har-Co, Dj Fillmore, F.U.T.O Phobia of Thug, Mulo Plier Sync (Society), Mikris, Numb, Mr. Low-D, Dj Moto, MoNa, Nanjaman, Yawata Trece, Dj Yutaka, Yoyo-C, r0-h0, Rounge, Juicho Sound, Dj Taka and More. This concert will be starting at 14:00 and does not have an ending time.
Make sure you check out both of these shows if you are in or around Japan, because we do not know when Sick Jacken will be back in the area, and you dont want your friends to tell you how sick it was and you missed it.