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baby-jokes-life-on-the-streets Baby Jokes – Life On The Streets Album Review Baby JokesLife On The Streets Album Review by Marcos Baby Jokes is an artist that

Baby Jokes
Life On The Streets Album Review

by Marcos

Baby Jokes is an artist that is universal. He can make love songs, hip hop songs, grimey songs, and not give you an image of a love song guy, hip hop guy or grimey guy. I been waiting for a while for the Baby Jokes “Life On The Streets” Album to release through Urban Kings Music Group, like many other Charlie Row Campo/Baby Jokes fans. This album did not disappoint. I have heard a few songs here and there from this album through promotional sneak peaks through Urban Kings, but you don’t get the right judgement from hearing a partial song. So here is my CD review of Baby Jokes, “Life On The Streets”. Usually, I like the first song of the album, but from hearing “Don’t Love You Anymore” through a sneak peak, I wanted to hear that song first. So I skipped through to number 2. This song I have been bumping the snippet for weeks. This song is still one of my favorites. Produced and Featuring D Salas, its that song that encourages me to be myself and if she isn’t the girl for me, then so be it. I’m not putting up with any nonsense, I just want to have fun and this song is exactly how it is. Very relatable to both men and women because the role can be reversed. It’s one of those songs that is a great break up song and id say the exact same thing years from now. After I listened to “Don’t Love You Anymore”, I went back and listened to “Prevail” which is Featuring Charlie Row’s Chino Grande. Its a street record that is motivation to not lose, to prevail and win in any situation you may be in. With grimey piano keys and booming bass, Baby Jokes and Chino show why they are in one of the top rap groups out. This is a song I always play once I get in the car ready to go out for the weekend. I dedicated my next favorite song to my girl. “I Am” is another highlight on the “Life On The Streets” CD. “I Am” is featuring MC Magic , D Salas and Rigo Luna. The beat is catchy and has that feel good mood, MC Magic always delivers a great verse, and D Salas and Rigo Luna did awesome on the hook and outro. Not to mention Baby Jokes shined on the song. Baby Jokes shows he can make a love song, then go right into a hip hop song, then go right back to a love song. I also have another favorite from this album, which is “She Used To Be My Side Kick” Featuring Charlie Row’s Jasper Loco, D Salas and Mike Nez. It has different meanings, she has a man and dating you, she is the side chick, they both like each other but its something that could never work out for various reasons. It has a smooth hook by D Salas and Mike Nez and Jasper and Baby Jokes gave that raw emotion on the song so the listener can feel the struggle of the topic. I remember not being able to find this album at any FYE store and I had to buy it on . And that kinda sucks because since I didnt pre order it, I didnt get the autographed poster,  but I learned quickly.

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