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slowit-down-review-marcos Chino Grande – Slow It Down Album Review Chino Grande Slow It Down Album Review by Marcos Chino Grande is one of the

Chino Grande

Slow It Down Album Review

by Marcos

Chino Grande is one of the rare artists that can transcend  into mainstream hip hop. His style is diverse and universal, and this album showed different sides of Chino Grande, from love songs to hip hop and back to love songs. Chino has always been one of my favorite rappers.The “Slow It Down” album has always been a classic album to me from the very first song “In My Neighborhood”, which is an anthem. With raw lyrical verses from Chino Grande, Oso Vicious, Jasper Loco and Lil Minor, the song sets the pace for what this type of album is, and thats good music. “In My Neighborhood” has to be one of my favorite songs of all time, from the beat, to the lyrics to the sound of it, everything factors and its hard to describe how dope it is. And the music video is just as good as the song! The second song is “Im Yours” and its that mellow chill laid back featuring Troub Nasty, Big Dave and Fingazz. The song I could hear on the radio, its a love track that is another favorite off the album. Fingazz did a awesome job on the beat and with the talk box. Another favorite of mine and many of my friend is “Take You There” featuring D Salas and Ms V. Its about a man who wants to be a better man for his lady. Ms V and D Salas did a fantastic hook for the song. Also I really like the song is “Witch Craft”. Featuring rare collaboration with Conejo and Wicked from Brownside, its a classic song that pits three dope artists that are in the prime of their rap skill.Overall this album ranks high as a must have in your rap collection. From hip hop, to gangster rap, to love songs, this album has it all.

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