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fiestystreetthumb-review-thumb Fiesty 2 Guns – Street Scriptures Album Review Fiesty 2 GunsStreet Scriptures Album Reviewby MarcosFiesty 2 Guns has always been one of my

Fiesty 2 GunsStreet Scriptures Album Reviewby Marcos
Fiesty 2 Guns has always been one of my favorite artists from Charlie Row Campo. He always speaks about real life topics and issues and never sugar coats anything. He has the artist ability to tell a story through song, and even more impressing is his lyrical ability and word pattern he uses to paint his story into our minds. Right out the package, Fiesty’s first song on his album is “What I Dream Of”, which is an uplifting track. One that can keep anyone going when they are feeling down and have that outlook of keep trying. The music video for “What I Dream Of” is also one of my favorites, because it shows that grimey street feeling, and even with that feeling, theres always hope for a better way and a better life. The second song really blew me away with how close the song resembles my life. “Make The Hood Cry” is another story of just living in the situation you were given. It’s my life to just live while being myself without having to be someone or something im not. Fiesty always stays real to who he is and thats why I can relate to him so well and Chino did a awesome hook that compliments Fiesty’s song and beat. Another song I love is “RoughNeck”. Its one of those raw, hip hop, lyrical with a rapper beat type of song. It showcases Fiesty’s lyrical ability, rhyme patterns and wordplay. “Don’t Cry For Me” is a classic. Talking about how sometimes people might not make the best choices to survive, its for the mothers of all those that are struggling. “Please don’t cry for me, only I know whats right for me” is so true when you gotta make difficult decisions. This album has love songs, songs to uplift those who are feeling down, and songs for those who need some music to relate to. I bought this album the first day it was released at FYE and it was a easy choice.




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