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jasperthumb Jasper Loco – Eastside Assassin Album Review Jasper LocoEastside Assassin Album Review by Marcos Jasper Loco is an artist that comes around

Jasper LocoEastside Assassin Album Review

by Marcos

Jasper Loco is an artist that comes around once every 5 years. An artist that has that universal sound and that westcoast feel. He speaks about the street life that so many of us were raised by. Topics like getting high, women, hustling and more, Jasper has the westcoast grind music. From the first song on his album “Eastside Assassin”, the song “Hustling”, its a westcoast song with a dirty south beat, and fits perfectly with Jasper Loco’s laid back flow. Everyone can relate to this song,because everyone hustles,selling drugs doesn’t necessarily mean hustling. Hustling can be working your 9 to 5 or having 2 jobs and who doesn’t hear this song and not get motivated? Personally, this song gets me motivated to get to work and work as hard as I can. That is why “Hustling” is one of my favorite songs on the album, and its barely the first song on the CD. Another of my favorite songs is “I Got Murder”. It features most of Charlie Row Campo and Midget Loco. Over bangin piano keys, the Camponeros and Midget went hard on this track and each artist compliments each other on the song. There is too many great songs on this album, one of my top picks from the album is “Westcoastin” Produced by Nick Steele. Over a gangster westcoast rap beat, Jasper rapped circles around the beat, wordplay, lyrics and rhyme patterns made this one an easy top pick for me because it gets me motivated to jump in the car and get ready for anything that comes. I remember I had to go to 3 different FYE stores to find this album, and when I did, there was only 1 copy left.I also loved “Taken Chances” because its that type of love song where your feeling a girl, but not all in love, but just enjoying the moment. This album made me enjoy all moments with good music, dope lyrics, and its straight hip hop.


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