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stompthumbnew Stomper – The New Testament Album Review Stomper The New Testament by Marcos I was hearing that there was a Stomper compilation


The New Testament

by Marcos

I was hearing that there was a Stomper compilation being put together and I was already ready to buy it. Then once it became available I bought it at 9am which my local FYE opens at that time. This album has songs with the top artists out right now, like Guzzle, Omar Cruz, Charlie Row Members Chino Grande, Lil Minor, Baby Jokes and Jasper, Spanky Loco and Huero Snipes, Midget Loco, ALT, Casino, and Diamonique. When I first put the cd in, in my car, there was “Urban Legends”.Over a grimey westcoast beat, Stomper, Chino Brown, Diamonique and J.Hind rode the beat viciously. Chino Browns flow was dope in Spanish, J.Hind came with that smooth lyric hook, Diamonique came with that super lyrical type of rap, and Stomper always delivers a classic verse.This song is a must bump when you cruise down the street with no rush. Another favorite of mine is “Book Em” featuring Baby Jokes, Jasper and Tiny Loco. Baby Jokes came in with a slow flow but came raw with the word play and lyrics. Stomper had the 2nd verse and came in with the lyrics blazing spreading that raw street rap. Jasper Loco ripped the beat with that westcoast gangster flow with the pattern switched up crazy.Tiny Loco is an underrated artist and he made a great first impression of himself on the track,because he can rap!A highlight of the album was “Gangster Relief” featuring Chino Grande. That evil devilish beat is one of the best beats I have heard in a very long time and Chino Grande and Stomper beat that beat up. Chino Grande came with another great verse that always leaves you thinking “daym he killed it”. Stomper made the beat his own with a dope lyrical pattern on this grimey beat. This would not only have to be one of my favorite songs on the album, but in my life. Trust me it is that good, and the video Directed by Kast N Fame came gutter and raw. This album is a must have for your collection and when I wanna hear some dope lyrical political hip hop, this is the first CD I grab.


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