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Forgive Not Forget Album Review

An Urban Kings Tv Exclusive

Sorry to all the artists I didn’t mention in this video there was just so many and so little time to go in depth so big props to D Salas, Carolyn Rodriguez, Knightowl, Blanca Nieves, Problemaz, Kozme, T Train, Mc Magic, Jehu, Fer Ochoa, Lala Romero, Duende, Garzia, Silenciosa, Mz. Lovely, And Wicked Baby doll you guys and gals really added a special something to each and every one of these tracks and I hope all of your careers go above and beyond were you hope to get them :)

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Music Thursday – Slush Tha Villain

Slush Tha  Villain is this weeks Music Thursday. Today we are picking FUCK RAP. The 3rd song from Slush Tha Villains new album “Out On Bail”. This is a really dope album, all recorded by Slush Tha Villain, Album entirely produced by KAST N FAME, and features Urban Kings artists Ms Krazie, Stomper, Chino Grande, Jasper Loco and Midget Loco. OGGOOFI also did a video review of Slush Tha Villains album. So check out this dope song by Slush Tha Villain called “FUCK RAP” and make sure to buy the album By CLICKING HERE and you can also buy it at All FYE Locations and digitally download through iTunes.

Slush Tha Villain – Fuck Rap – Taken From Out On Bail

Slush Tha Villain – Out On Bail – Album Review

Here is the first review of the year done by OG Goofi for an Urban Kings Music Group Artist. First up was Slush Tha Villains newest album “Out On Bail”. Goofi dissected this whole album, rating his system on Beats, Lyrics, Originality, and Overall album. Do you have the album yet and want to tell us about it? Do you want to write a review for Slush Tha Villains “Out On Bail” album and it be on the Urban Kings website FOREVER? Complete with your Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and/or website? All you gotta do is click on CONTACT US on the top right of our website, and click on Submit Pic, then send us your picture, along with your name, info and social sites, and then write your review on the Out On Bail album. Its easy, fast, fun and we will also make a main post on our blog shouting you out and showing everyone that  you support UKMG. You might even win some FREE Stuff here and there! You never know, rewards come to those who least expect it!

Fiesty 2 Guns – Street Scriptures Album Review


Fiesty 2 GunsStreet Scriptures Album Reviewby Marcos
Fiesty 2 Guns has always been one of my favorite artists from Charlie Row Campo. He always speaks about real life topics and issues and never sugar coats anything. He has the artist ability to tell a story through song, and even more impressing is his lyrical ability and word pattern he uses to paint his story into our minds. Right out the package, Fiesty’s first song on his album is “What I Dream Of”, which is an uplifting track. One that can keep anyone going when they are feeling down and have that outlook of keep trying. The music video for “What I Dream Of” is also one of my favorites, because it shows that grimey street feeling, and even with that feeling, theres always hope for a better way and a better life. The second song really blew me away with how close the song resembles my life. “Make The Hood Cry” is another story of just living in the situation you were given. It’s my life to just live while being myself without having to be someone or something im not. Fiesty always stays real to who he is and thats why I can relate to him so well and Chino did a awesome hook that compliments Fiesty’s song and beat. Another song I love is “RoughNeck”. Its one of those raw, hip hop, lyrical with a rapper beat type of song. It showcases Fiesty’s lyrical ability, rhyme patterns and wordplay. “Don’t Cry For Me” is a classic. Talking about how sometimes people might not make the best choices to survive, its for the mothers of all those that are struggling. “Please don’t cry for me, only I know whats right for me” is so true when you gotta make difficult decisions. This album has love songs, songs to uplift those who are feeling down, and songs for those who need some music to relate to. I bought this album the first day it was released at FYE and it was a easy choice.




Midget Loco – Dedicated To The OG’s Review

Midget Loco
Dedicated To The OG’s Album Review

by Marcos

Midget Loco’s “Dedicated To The OG’s” album has been highly anticipated by the public for quite a while now. I have heard snippets and samples of the album through official sneak peaks by Urban Kings and I was anxious for this album. I Pre-Orded the CD and it came with a PERSONALIZED Midget Loco Autographed Poster with my CD. That is something cool Urban Kings usually does for fans that Pre Order. I got the cd through and put the CD in. First track is “Thirteen Letter” and its one of my favorites. Its mellow, feel good and just plain good song. It reminds me of a oldie song but with current day topics and real life situations. D Salas sang the chorus perfectly. The perfect song to cruise to. “Dedicated To The OG’s” is a complete album. With songs to ride to, some underground songs, some love songs, and songs that pump me up it gives me music for however my mood is. Another of my favorite songs from this album is “Aqui Estoy”. It pays homage to the old school chicano rap days but with a new twist and the lyrics are straight hip hop. “Sucka MC’s” is a great track as well, going back into the 80′s with the beat, but the lyrics are straight raw. A fan favorite if you like artists like Ice T, Beastie Boys Etc. On a side note, my B-Boy friends always break dance to the Sucka MCs song because its straight hip hop.I also really like the song “Gangster Love”. It became “our song” with my girl. The topic of “Anything For You” between 2 people with a Roger & Zapp feeling, its a love song that is really relatable. This is a classic feel good album, a rare thing when you can play a CD and let it play from beginning  to end without skipping any songs. I can not leave out the song “Sunday High”, I always play it while bbq’ing on those Sunday afternoons and the video for it is top notch. A fresh breath of air with great quality music and music video production. I definitely recommend this album to anyone who is a music lover.


Chino Grande “Story Of My Life” Album Review.

Once again its Junior805 the official chicano rap promoter dropping yet another album review from the catalog of URBAN KINGS and it wont be the last. First off, I would like to first say that Chino Grande’s style and lyrics aren’t like most. His unique voice and flow sets him apart from all other Chicano Rappers. This album is among my favorite albums to drop this year. And maybe the best album I’ve liked from Chino Grande thus far. All the hooks and lyrics make this album stand out from all his others. The transition from his bars into the hooks is flawless. Overall, the songs flow smoothly. My favorite track has been Story Of My Life/Do Or Die (L.A.). It’s like you can literally just slip into his shoes with the feeling his lyrics give you. And the emotion his tempo in his voice gives you. And I’d like to give D. Salas his props for presenting some outstanding tracks on this album. He does a good job and is up there as one of the best producers to be apart of this chicano rap movement. The next track as my favorites and its hard to pick from all the ones I liked on this album since each one has a certain factor to it that I like. Blue Rose, one of the singles to be released off the album, is an outstanding track for someone that has that significant other. A track that any man can dedicate to their lady. All the lyrics from Chino Grande and Baby Jokes and the amazing hook From Juno make this track a favorite for me since I enjoy listening to love songs (;. Sorry ladies I’m taken haha. The last track I will review is Money Dreams. Another of D. Salas creations. The beat is dope as fuxx! Chino’s flow and the beat made a sick ass combination. And Chino was spitting some real lyrics. That is the end of my review.
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