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Hello Loca Tour Clothing Auction

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Did you know UKMG Artist Ms Krazie is doing a very special, limited auction that is open and available to her fans. Ms Krazie is now auctioning off some of the clothing SHE WORE ONSTAGE at some of her past tour dates in 2012. Every piece of clothing is guaranteed to be worn by Ms Krazie herself. The auction will be a silent auction, meaning that you can submit the price  your willing to go, but the current price will not be available to the public. The auction will start at $50.00 for each item, and you will be notified if you have been outbid. The money will be going straight to charity, with the proceeds of the money will be going towards coats and blankets for the citizens of Mexico.

To place your bid, please email the official Auction Email at

If your offer is accepted and you win the item, you must pay through Paypal within 30 minutes of winning, or your item will go back on the bidding block.





Youtube Friday – Epic Fail


The IRS had its auction over the week of Young Buck’s personal belongings. Young Buck didnt pay his taxes and the IRS decided to auction off his valuables, including his 615 Cashville Chain, his Mink Coats, Louis Vuitton Gun Holders, Recording Equipment, Plaques, Video Games and his Hard Drives. The hard drive was a popular item, with people thinking it contained unreleased Young Buck music. But in IRS Auctions, the FBI takes the hard drives, reviews it, and erases all material that was in them. The general public does not know that, and someone paid $3,000 for the hard drive, then finding out that it was a blank drive worth $100. Watch The Video!


Youtube Friday – Epic Fail

An Urban Kings Tv Exclusive

The IRS auctioned Young Bucks personal belongings because Young Buck didnt pay his taxes. And a fan bought a hard drive he thought contained unreleased Young Buck music, but the FBI erased all music and content from the hard drive. The man bought the hard drive for $3,000 and it was only worth $100.


Youtube Friday – Rapper Young Buck Getting Auctioned Off

Young Buck has recently been in the news for his IRS problems. He recently got sentenced to 3 years in jail for not paying his taxes, and thats not the worst of it. When he gets home, hes gonna find that the IRS seized his property and selling it in an auction to repay the taxes he owes. The government is selling everything, from Young Bucks studio equipment, plaques celebrating his gold and platinum records, his jewelry including his 615 cashville chain, and even his rapping name “Young Buck” which is copywritten and trademarked. Watch the video.

Conejo Auction Is Now Over

Today is December 6th and the auction for the 2 Conejo Canvas’ are Andy and Radalyn.

^^^ Radalyn won the Conejo – Shady Conejo Canvas, which was Conejos first original full length album. She won with the highest bid of $376!

^^^Andy won the auction for the Conejo – Game Over Canvas. Andy won with the highest bid of $270!

Thank you to everyone who participated in bidding on these two Canvases, which are printed directly from our film that was from a photoshoot with Conejo, to the canvas. Each is the only one ever made.

Limited Edition

Auction about to end very soon!!!!

We have still been negotiating our silent auction for the 2 Conejo Canvases. Currently Andy and Radalyn are highest bidders  

^^^ Currently Ranalyn is the highest bidder for the “Shady Conejo” canvas. Most people dont know that this picture is Conejos first ever CD cover. Made with the original film from the Conejo first CD photoshoot, this is a collectors item and this is the only one available. The canvas measures at 44 inches tall (3 ft and 8 in), and 28 inches wide (2 ft and 4 in). This is a must have for any Chicano Rap and Conejo fan. Current Bid for the “Shady Conejo” canvas is $376.

^^^ Currently Andy is the highest bidder for the “Game Over” canvas. This is also from Conejo’s first CD photoshoot. Conejo is one of the most demanded artists of our generation. This canvas stands at 38 inches tall (3 ft and 2 in) and 36 inches wide (3ft). The current bid for the “Game Over” canvas is $270.


To submit your bid you can email . Bidding Ends Dec 1st. THATS IN 2 WEEKS SO GET YOUR BID IN SOON!!!

Update On Conejo’s Auction

There has been a lot of competitive bidding for these limited edition Conejo Canvases. We are going to continue this auction for another month or so (depending whether of not the competition continues). As of this moment 11:37 am August 31, 2011 the highest bidders are Andy Acosta and Randalyn Vasquez.

Randalyn Vasquez stands with his bid of $376 on the Shady Conejo canvas. The canvas measures at 44 inches tall (3 ft and 8 in), and 28 inches wide (2 ft and 4 in). The Shady Conejo was Conejo’s first actually album that he ever recorded. This is for sure the starting point of his career and no doubt that both these canvases will one day become a museum collectable.

Andy Acosta at the moment is the highest bidder for the unedited, original photo of Game Over. He has recently raised his bid to $270 for this canvas. This canvas stands at 38 inches tall (3 ft and 2 in) and 36 inches wide (3ft). Both of this canvas are straight from the original film used for Conejo’s photo shoot. It’s still not to late to put in your bid for any of these two canvases at

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