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Congratulations Ms Krazie

The Urban Kings Music Group Staff would like to congratulate our artist and friend Ms Krazie and her husband on the brand new addition to her family. She had a beautiful baby girl and is resting comfortably. Congratulations to her on her new daughter!

Ms Krazie’s First Pic Since The Baby

Check this out, Urban Kings has the very first picture of our artist Ms Krazie since she had baby Vladimir. Ms Krazie and baby Vladimir are both doing great, and still resting. I have talked to her about music and upcoming concerts, and we have some cool plans coming up for 2015. Whos ready to hear some brand new Ms Krazie music, see her in concert. We are already working on plans for new music from all our artists, so make sure to stay posted to our blog for more info!

Ms Krazie Is Doing Great

We just want to give an update to the fans that UKMG Artist Ms Krazie is doing well after having baby Vladimir and they are both doing well. Krazie and Vladimir are resting comfortably and are both very happy. Here is an updated picture of the newest addition to Urban Kings, and our staff and artists wish Ms Krazie the best and cant wait to hear the song she will dedicated to Vladimir.

Ms Krazie’s First Baby Picture of Vladimir

We have the very first picture of Ms Krazie’s new baby! She has announced that she has named her baby “Vladimir”. This is Ms Krazie and Problemaz first baby boy and he is finally here. Urban Kings would like to congratulate Ms Krazie and Problemaz on their brand new addition to the family and to bringing a new member into the Urban Kings Family. We wish Vladimir the best in life and hope he continues to grow healthy. If you would like to send some well wishes to Ms Krazie, make sure to do so at The Urban Kings Facebook Page!

Congratulations Ms Krazie

We have the official update that was sent to us by Ms Krazie’s sister. She officially had her little boy and they are doing good. I know its alot to have a baby and we respect her private time and her family time. She will be making a post soon to give everyone an update straight from her and we will let you know when it happens!

Ms Krazie’s Baby Is Coming!

Urban Kings Music Group only female artist Ms Krazie is currently awaiting the arrival of her new baby son into the world. She is currently in the hospital awaiting news on an update on her new son. We are so proud of her and cant wait to have another addition into the Urban Kings family. She has always been a remarkable woman and always been fighting for girl power, and female empowerment. That is her as a person and her through her music. We will keep everyone updated on her status and on her son. We cant wait for her to announce the news! Make sure to give Ms Krazie your special message on The Urban Kings Official Facebook Page. Krazie Watch 2014 is on, stay updated!

Ms Krazie Baby Update!

I know fans always ask us how UKMG Artist Ms Krazie is doing, is the baby coming soon, is the baby born already, and more. We have a little update for everyone today, that Ms Krazie sent us this update for her fans. She is less than 3 weeks away from her first son and she is keeping her sons name under wraps for now. Its an awesome day within the Urban Kings family, because all the artists and staff are all family. As tradition, Ms Krazie makes a song for each of her children on her albums. What can we expect for her new baby boy, only time will tell, but we cant wait to add another member to the Urban Kings family. Remember, Ms Krazie’s CDs are available at all Major Music Retailers, like Amazon and FYE, iTunes and the UKMG Merch Store! Find Your Favorite Ms Krazie CD Today!

Ms Krazie’s 3D Ultrasound

We cant congratulate UKMG Arist Ms Krazie enough for her pregnancy and having her first baby boy! We knew Ms Krazie was pregnant before everyone, and its so dope to see Ms Krazie and her husband Problemaz having another baby. She posted this picture of her 3D Ultrasound during her 31st week of pregnancy. All Ms Krazie fans know that she always writes a song specifically for each of her children. I wonder how her next song will come out that will be dedicated to her baby boy. Congratulations to Ms Krazie and Problemaz, we are truly happy for you!

Ms Krazie Pregnancy Vlog! A Baby Is On The Way!

Have you seen the UKMG Artist Ms Krazie Pregnancy Vlog? Ms Krazie’s vlogs are always good because she always bares her heart out to her fans and the world on her own thoughts and experiances. She tells you about her past and the things that she has gone through and she is excited about her baby. Ms Krazie has always been straight out, and real with her fans and her vlogs are no different. Watch and listen to Ms Krazie’s story directly from her as she talks and documents about her road to expecting a new child.

Help Save A Life

This holiday, you can help save a life just in time for this little boy. His name is Charlie Torivio Gomez and was born with heart complications, his liver is swollen and he has an infection in his lungs. He is in desperate need of surgery and without the help, he will not survive. The goal is to spread the word that this little boy needs everyones help. Any donation will be accepted, and dont be shy to donate $1, because if 10,000 people donate just one dollar, he would be that much closer to getting the operation he needs. Everyone is trying to help this boy get healthy, and already has been shared by the Urban Kings Facebook Page, and UKMG Artists. We need to help together to make sure this boy will be taken care of. As of the beginning of this post, their has been over $5,800 raised towards his operation. Lets help him! Click Here To Read More!

Please Send Help To Baby DeAngelo

We want to let everyone know about this situation one of our friends is in. He is one of the youngest Urban Kings Fans and he is in need of your help. His name is DeAngelo Damion Bustillos and he is from Aurora, Colorado. He is only 8 months old and he has been very strong throughout this whole process, but he urgently needs a liver transplant. Like all of us, his family is not rich and a liver transplant is very expensive, even with insurance, medical bills are extremely high. We are asking everyone if they can donate money towards DeAngelo’s operation, it would be very much appreciated as it can potentially save a life, one whos life has not even started yet, being only 8 months old. Please share this post with family, friends, strangers, artists, celebrities, anyone who will listen so we can help this little baby live a long healthy life. Look at his picture and think if your son or daughter, nephew or niece, grandson or granddaughter was in this situation. Also send prayers to DeAngelo as his family and him go through this difficult process.

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Rapper Short Dawg Caught In Armed Robbery

We got this sent into our email about Lil Wayne’s Young Money Ent Artist “Short Dawg”, sticking up a shop that looks like a donut shop or a coffee shop. The entire crime was caught on closed circuit security cameras that have different angle views of the robbery. Short Dawg was signed to Young Money in 2009, and with his recent mixtapes making a bigger buzz for him, this could not have happened at a worse time. From Mixtapes “March Madness”, the “Adventures of Drankenstein” collection and “Southern Flame Spitta 4″, Short Dawg has been working overtime on all projects while creating his first solo release through Young Money Ent, called “Fresh”. Short Dawg is currently awaiting trial and no news coverage has been released about this incident.

Short Dawg recently filmed a music video with Echosworld Films, but now due to Short Dawg currently awaiting trial, the music video release date has now been delayed with no future release date.

Young Money Ent is home to hip hop artists Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Drake, Tyga, Birdman among other upcoming hip hop artists.

Rapper Short Dawg Caught In Armed Robbery

An Urban Kings Tv Exclusive
We have acquired police footage evidence of Young Money Rapper, Short Dawg holding up what looks to be a coffee shop of some sort. The entire 2.11 was caught by the store’s Closed Circuit Cameras but no news coverage has been released about this incident. Our source tells us he was arrested and is currently awaiting trail. Young Money Ent is home to top notch hip hop artists, such as Lil Wayne, Drake, Nicki Minaj, Tyga, and Birdman.