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Psycho Realm Releases – Psycho City Blocks





The Psycho Realm and The Psycho Shop have come together to release this sick ass speaker. Psycho Realm has psychos all over the world, in every continent, and they created a brand new speaker that highlights one of their biggest songs of all time. Psycho City Blocks is not only another cool design by Psycho Realm, but it also represents where we grew up. Every city has some psycho city blocks, no matter what language, culture or religion. Plus when Psycho Realm released The Psycho Realm CD (Self Titled) very first album, it was the first song on the CD. The Psycho City Blocks Speaker is available worldwide on March 7th!

I Know You Got Soul


Sick Jacken will be performing this month at the You Know You Got Soul August 29th. It will be a special set because he will be doing a very special dj set, spinning his personal soul oldies record collection. Jack is a collector of rare and hard to find oldie records, and he will be spinning at this special event. Also performing will be Percee P, 2Mex, Namek, Rebels To The Grain and Bet-One. Along with Archie Bell, Norman Carter of The Delfonics, Brenda Holloway, Xiantoni Ari, all backed by The Angel City Alstars Band. Other Djs will be the Southern Soul Spinners Crew, Nick Aguirre of Soulful Thangs, Soulera 5150, Javie Lopez of and hosted by Rabeeto of The Bside Show and Soul Legend Miles Grayson. All taking place at 555 Boylston Street, Los Angeles, California, 90017.

Dj FM will be on B Real Tv Tonight


DJ of Psycho Realm will be LIVE on BReal.Tv today, Monday, March 4th at 8pm Pacific Time. Everyone make sure to tune in today because it is known that Dj FM gets down on the turntables. The show tonight is hosted by Dj Starscream, aka #O of the band Slipnot aka Sid. We will be tuning into the show to support and we are gonna rock it out tonight, make sure to check it out because you will miss out if you dont.

New Music Video Release – Me-Xicano

We have the brand new music video for Me-Xicano by Midget Loco and Hip Hop Alkatraz. This is a song that has released, and really took off. From being featured on many hip hop websites, online radio, clothing websites and more, Me Xicano has gained much success since debuting. The song has made the rounds on popular online radio stations like Shade 45, BReal Tv, LBP Radio, Junkie Alley Radio, BSide Radio, and still getting added stations to the list. Now, it is available through Urban Kings Tv. This song is a new twist to our genre, combining a hip hop sound with an underground flavor. Also, other UKMG Artists have very special cameos in the video, including The Stomper  and Spanky Loco, as well as Burst Rock and Oreo 1. Shout out to 27 Junkies.




Javie Lopez – Cheech And Chong Trap Music

Javie Lopez just sent us this brand new video he did. Everyone knows the infamous Cheech And Chong Movie “Up In Smoke”. Especially the part where Tommy Chong is in a party house and he starts making lines out of Ajax, then a lady comes in a snorts the lines, thinking it was cocaine. And she starts spazzing out, making weird and funny noises and faces. Javie decided to make a dope trap music beat to the noises, and it came out sick. Javie released the track officially on and everyone was going nuts. Javie also edited the movie so it goes along with the beat. With Cheech and Chong and featuring the Ajax Lady and Strawberry, its a very dope clip with a dope beat. Make sure to check it out exclusively on Urban Kings Tv!