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Jasper Loco Interview

An Urban Kings Tv Exclusive

Jasper Loco talks about his new group album “California Boys”, from Charlie Row Campo. He also talks about Chino Grande’s prison release date and his upcoming solo release and how Charlie Row keeps pushing with Chino being in prison.

Jasper Loco Interview On Cam Capone News

Jasper Loco was interviewed a while back by Cam Capone News about how he joined the Charlie Row Campo and became a Camponero. He also discusses the old school vs the new school and what he thinks of “skinny jeans” and the new fashion trends of hip hop.


Jasper Loco At The 2011 Magic Show

Jasper Loco and the Urban Kings family was at the 2011 Summer Magic Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. While at the Magic Show, Jasper Loco was recognized by Cam Capone and they asked Jasper about the upcoming Charlie Row Campo album and Jaspers personal musical influences. Its a good read and make sure to pick up Jasper Loco’s recent solo album “Eastside Assassin“. Also available at and all your local music retail outlets!