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Words of Wisdom


When I say I’m looking to hire somebody, people say “I can do everything”, thats the problem. I don’t need you to do everything. I need you to do one thing and do it so good that even when your not working,  your mind is working towards it because it just makes you feel that very crazy vibe type of way. The type of way where you just want to kill it, murder it, and really be the best at it. Life is a pattern and if you keep doing the things that you think of all day, you will succeed! Let me explain why. You see, what is two times two, we all know its 4 but we only know its 4 because we have been taught that its 4. Lets think about it, 2 is only a value because we put a value to it. If nobody never told us that 2 existed then 2×2 will never be a 4. It is because our brains tell us it is. Its a pattern and we learned it. Apply this pattern to your life with in your own dreams, your own idea. Learn it, repeat it and if you are really about it, your thoughts and dreams will transfer to reality. Do what you do like theres no tomorrow. What are you doing to beat yesterday? It’s time to change the direction in your life and advertise in your own brain, we are that xSetForLifex crew, join us I been waiting cause the pattern over here waits for everybody. That Ambition, Motivation shit lets live it.

- UKMG CEO Jaime C Diaz Jr

Words Of Wisdom

All the water in the world wouldn’t be able to sink a boat unless the water gets in the boat. Their is only two options in life; you succeed or you fail. Either way, it’s gonna be one hell of a ride. Lets live it like a boat and float above it all. • Courage • Live It • Motivation.I rep that xSetForLifex because I have no other choice but to have those high expectations and live above it all. I promise I got you guys, Forever. And forever is a long time #Swoosh Thank You for the support. We are team #UrbanKings xSetForlifex lifers…

- UKMG CEO Jaime C Diaz Jr

Some Really Sick Artwork


Check out what we have just seen at The Psycho Shop. This is some really dope artwork we found from Big Duke himself, that he posted on the Big Duke Official Facebook. This drawing is really sick, by Manuel Ontiveros, showing the old school classic jukebox in the background, I imagine it playing some Psycho Soul Oldies, then with that classic chevy bomb riding through the streets, and the Temporary Insanity Gas Mask. We just wanted to share some sick artwork with everyone. Stay posted to our blog for tomorrow, for more info on the FREE SICK JACKEN CONCERT with E 40, Too Short and more!