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I Dont Trust – True Starr – DL Link!

Here is the latest music video from Urban Kings Artist True Starr for his newest single “I Don’t Trust”. Its a really dope track that features a dope beat and lyrical rhyme play. It is directed by Urban Kings go-to directors Kast N Fame, and the song is Now Available on iTunes! The storyline to the video is crazy, and with many different locations, we take you on a crazy ride through I Don’t Trust. Make sure to check it out and support!

True Starr – I Dont Trust – Music Video


You’re Welcome By True Starr Is Out Now!

UKMG Artist True Starr just released his new album called “You’re Welcome” and it is now available inside The UKMG Merch Store and digitally through iTunes! Their 17 songs on the album, including songs that were made into music videos. Get them all today and support good music! Click the button below!

True Starr CD Releases At Midnight!

Urban Kings Artist True Starr releases his new album “You’re Welcome“. It releases Tonight at Midnight. We have been working on this album, releasing singles and music videos from the album, some unreleased cuts that are not on the album, and some behind the scenes of studio sessions and music videos. But tomorrow is finally the day, and everyone is geared up for the release. True Starr is getting ready to start performing at shows, collaborating with other artists, and will continue releasing music videos. He just filmed one last week called “Mind Right” featuring Chino Grande. Make sure to download the album and support good music.

Click Here To Download “You’re Welcome” by True Starr

True Starr – New Album Out Now

Urban Kings Artist True Starr released his very first album called ”You’re Welcome”. The album is dope, and features 17 brand new songs, including his songs that he has done music videos to. His first music video was called “Roll Through“. The music video has done very good, getting over 40,000 views so far and will be getting more and more views every day. The song is very dope, the rhyme and melody is dope and catchy and has that dope chill vibe. We have just made this available for download exclusively though Urban Kings, so make sure to download the single and support the song. Also make sure to watch the music video below! He also released music videos for songs like “What You Need“, followed by “I Don’t Trust“, and “Ambitionz“. His latest video is called “Mind Right” and features UKMG labelmate Chino Grande. All music videos are directed by Kast N Fame. True Starr’s album “You’re Welcome” is Available Now On iTunes!


Click Here To Download “You’re Welcome” Today!

True Starr – Roll Through

True Starr – What You Need

True Starr – I Don’t Trust

True Starr – Ambitionz

True Starr ft. Chino Grande – Mind Right

Jasper Loco – All About The Money CD

Jasper Loco (of Charlie Row Campo) released “Its All About The Money“! This is Jasper Loco’s second solo album from Urban Kings, with his first Cd “Eastside Assassin“. He also has a collaboration album with Baby Jokes, called “Eastside Classics“, which is also available now. “Its All About The Money” has some really dope features on it, like Charlie Row members Chino Grande and Fiesty 2 Guns, King Lil G, Big Hutch from Above The Law, Kokane, D Salas and more. Make sure to order your copy today if you dont own it already. “Its All About The Money” is Available Now and its just $7.99 exclusively from the UKMG Merch Store!

Jasper Loco – All About The Money – Listen To The Entire Album Below

(Click Previous Track & Next Track To Change Songs)

I Dont Trust

Here is the latest music video from Urban Kings Artist True Starr for his newest single “I Don’t Trust”. Its a really dope track that features a dope beat and lyrical rhyme play. It is directed by Urban Kings go-to directors Kast N Fame, and the song is now Available for Digital Download! The storyline to the video is crazy, and with many different locations, we take you on a crazy ride through I Don’t Trust. Make sure to check it out and support!

Steel Storm Return Coming Soon?

Check out this sick picture that Sick Jacken of Psycho Realm posted on his official instagram! Its the Street Platoon inside the Druglab Studios. This is the first time in a very long time I have seen a picture of Crow and Cynic together in the studio. And now it looks like we might be seeing more of them very soon. I cant wait to get Sick Jacken on the phone to get the exclusive interview of what to expect from this picture! Stay tuned! Street Platoon is only available on digital distribution along with Urban Kings and The Psycho Shop to be available to iTunes. Make sure to click the picture below to download and support Street Platoon’s Steel Storm album!

Street Platoon – The Steel Storm – Click Here To Download

Click Here To Download Street Platoon – Steel Storm

Fiesty 2 Guns New Digital Portrait

First I would like to say Rest In Peace to UKMG Artist Fiesty 2 Guns of Charlie Row Campo‘s Uncle Danny. Fiesty made a digital painting honoring his uncle, and it came out really dope. Fiesty has done a digital painting before, and this one is even better. The picture makes the shadowing and shading stand out, as well as the detail in the mustache and eyebrows. Charlie Row has been grinding heavy, and Fiesty is already back in the studio working on more music. Fiesty is still riding the success of his sophomore album “Bring It Home“, and is back in the studio working on his next project. Make sure to follow Fiesty on Instagram at @Fiesty2Guns! Did you know you can listen to his whole album online, FOR FREE? Check it out below! “Bring It  Home” is available at all major music retailers like FYE and Amazon, digitally through iTunes and online at The UKMG Merch Store!

Fiesty 2 Guns –  Bring It Home

Fiesty 2 Guns – Tragic – Featuring Chino Grande, Jasper Loco & Lil Cuete

World Premier – Jasper Loco – This Is For My Gs

We would like to introduce the World Premier of the brand new Music Video of UKMG Artist Jasper Loco of Charlie Row Campo. The music video is called “This Is For My Gs“. It is taken from Jasper Locos Sophomore Solo album called “All About The Money“. The video came out dope, and also features Oso Vicious and Na Mean. It is a raw hip hop track that came out really dope. The concept was created by Jasper himself and director Steve Lenin. Fans have been waiting for this music video, demanding it as a top choice from the album. Jasper is also working on a few more projects, including his upcoming mixtape, and brand new music videos. Make sure to stay posted to the Urban Kings website for all updates! Below is the cd cover of All About The Money, which is available now at all major music retailers, including FYE, digitally through iTunes and online at The UKMG Merch Store!

Jasper Loco – All About The Money – Album Cover



Birth Right – Listen Right Now


The Psycho Shop has the first taste of the brand new single released by Cynic featuring Sick Jacken and Vinnie Paz. This is the song that just hit iTunes a few days ago, and the one that everyone has been talking about. With sick verses from all three, this song is one of the dopest out. Birth Right is the first song released that will be on Cynic’s upcoming album “Grey Sky Black Water”, which will be coming out in October! I heard the album is dope, and all the Sick Symphonies, Street Platoon and Psycho Realm fans are gonna be hyped up when they hear the features. Make sure to stay posted to The Psycho Shop for all info. Make sure to support Cynic, Sick Jacken and Vinnie Paz by downloading the single through iTunes today!


UKMG/Street Platoon/Sick Symphonies Releases Birth Right by Cynic

Click Image To Download Song!Urban Kings has inked a deal along with Street Platoon, Sick Symphonies and Cynic to release his brand new single! This is a brand new song called “Birth Right” which is taken from from Cynic’s upcoming album called “Grey Skies Black Water”, which will be coming soon. The Birth Right features Sick Jacken from Psycho Realm and Vinnie Paz from Jedi Mind Tricks. Cynic has been doing his thing as part of Street Platoon and Sick Symphonies and also with Psycho Realm, touring worldwide and performing for a huge fanbase. His upcoming album looks to be a classic, with some dope features and killer beats, this will be one for all hip hop fans. Make sure to download Birth Right right now before anyone else, and support UKMG, Cynic, Sick Jacken and Vinnie Paz!

Psycho Realm x Street Platoon x Urban Kings Present

Urban Kings is proud to announce a collaboration with The Psycho Realm and Street Platoon to distribute Street Platoon’s classic album “Steel Storm“. This is another awesome combination with UKMG and The Psycho Realm, because UKMG has also distributed many of Psycho Realm’s projects, including Sick Jacken’s “Stray Bullets” as well as Psycho Realm’s “War Story – Book 1“, “War Story – Book 2” and Sick Symphonies “Terror Tapes 1“. Working together has always made a dream team, and we continue that blueprint with “The Steel Storm”, which is a cd of 13 jam packed songs, featuring Cynic, Crow, Sick Jacken and the late Mausberg (RIP).

Street Platoon – Steel Storm – Tracklisting

1. Downtown Daze

2. Dead Lines – Featuring Sick Jacken

3. Mean Streets

4. Drug Lab

5. Sick Of It All – Featuring Mausberg (RIP)

6. Pink (Pastrami Strips)

7. Great Downfall

8. Street Revolution

9. The Funeral March

10. Friction

11. Traffic

12. Animal Factory

13. Emergency Oxygen

Urban Kings Inks New Deals For Digital Distribution!

Urban Kings Music Group is proud to announce a brand new partnership with three huge companies that are world renowned in many countries throughout the world. Many countries have been asking where they can download music in their home country, and now finally many new Urban Kings Fans can purchase music by Midget Loco, Stomper, Spanky Loco, Chino Grande, Fiesty 2 Guns, Ms Krazie, and Jasper Loco, Conejo, Capone, Ese Lil Joker, Baby Jokes, the UKMG Street Anthems Series, Slush Tha Villain, as well as artists we also have reached distribution deals with, such as Sick Jacken (his solo album Stray Bullets) and from Psycho Realm ( A War Story Book 1A War Story Book 2 , Terror Tapes 1)  and with Sick Symphonies (Steel Storm) and more. Here is some information on the companies we have just signed deals with…

Pulse Locker – A Company based in San Francisco, Pulselocker is an innovative new subscription service that allows DJs to play an endless crate of music with their favorite mixing application, either online or offline. All users are offered a tiered subscription service that lets them stream entire tracks, download and DJ tracks on the most popular DJ applications before they decide to buy, and buy only the tracks they want to keep. Also available to users is a socially-driven discovery engine that provides more tailored recommendations based on user preferences and activity. The service will offer users ALC downloads and radio-style, non-interactive streaming.

Amazon MP3 -

Last year Amazon had launched Cloud Drive (locker) and Cloud Player, which respectively allowed users to manually upload their music collections to the cloud and download and stream over their connected devices. These initial services did not require a license, however we have now amended an underlying agreement to include various enhancements that do. These include scan-and-match technology and the streaming and downloading of tracks using a “single server copy” method (such as one digital file is used to provide licensed enhancement access to multiple consumers). This service has been launched and is now currently available in Europe, the United States and Japan. There will be three tiers of access available to customers, including limited introductory and premium services. In addition, Amazon has launched its MP3 download stores in Italy, Spain and Portugal.

XBox Music -

Microsoft are winding down the Zune brand and re-launching the service globally as Xbox Music. The re-launch represents Microsoft’s move to make the games console the entertainment hub of the home, a move that is similar to Sony PlayStation with their Music Unlimited service, allowing customers to consume music the way they want. The revamped service will offer free-to-user advertising-funded streaming, a single-tier dual subscription streaming service, a scan-and-match locker service and MP3 downloads. On launch the service will only be available on Windows OS and the Xbox console, however it is expected the service will be available cross-platform in approximately 6 months. The potential game changer with the new Xbox service is that it will be pre-installed on all Windows 8 operating systems.

Music Thursday – Midget Loco

A perfect video I got for todays Music Thursday is a Music Video by UKMG Artist Midget Loco. The beginning of the video starts with “California Raised”, which also has a Music Video along with the song Sucka MCs. All videos were Directed by Echosworld Films. There has been a huge heatwave throughout the country, and this is a perfect theme for it. Its a crusin easy going song and just to kick back to. It is taken from Midgets most recent album “Dedicated To The OGs” which is available at FYE, digitally through iTunes and online at The UKMG Merch Store!