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The Psycho Soul Oldies Back In Stock


The Psycho Shop always has the exclusives when it comes to Psycho Realm. From news, concerts, information, shirts, hats and more. Today we have the Psycho Soul Oldies Vol 2 back in stock! This is part two of the rare collection of oldies that were put together by Big Duke of Psycho Realm, Dr Zodiak and Gangster Of Love that features 3 cds of 60 classic oldies. With the first collection of Psycho Soul doing really well, Psycho Soul 2 was planned and organized and put together and it came out sick too, and it sold out really quickly. Remember, these are rare oldies, so make sure to support the sickside and Order Your Copy Today! You can also pick it up at the Psycho Realm Flagship Shop, Monday – Friday! Our Address is below!

The Psycho Shop Pick Up Location

11781 Slauson Ave

Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670

Hours : 12pm to 6pm

Open : Monday – Friday

Brand New To The Psycho Shop Is The Handout Tee


Brand new to The Psycho Shop is the Psycho Realm Hand Out Tee, which has already been a favorite of Psycho Realm fans around the world. Since we released the sneak peak of what this shirt would look like, everyone wanted it. And now its available inside The Psycho Realm Flagship Shop both locations! It is also available right now inside The Psycho Shop Online Store! We also have 2 brand new Psycho Realm Shirts, so make sure to come down to both our flagship locations to own all 3!

The New Psycho Realm YEB1 Design


The Psycho Shop has a brand new item in our shop, its the YEB 1 Design from Psycho Realm. This design is new and one of three new designs that just came in. These are exclusive right now and are not on The Psycho Shop website, but they are available now at The Psycho Shop Flagship Shop, along with the two other designs. You can come directly to The Psycho Shop, walk in, and see the new designs for yourself and own them today before anyone else! Our new Psycho Shop location is open Monday – Friday, from 12pm to 6pm! Come down today, we are open!


The Psycho Shop Flagship Shop 

11781 Slauson Ave

Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670

Ms Krazie Canvas

Urban Kings has just released a very dope, very exclusive, very limited edition canvas of UKMG Artist Ms Krazie. The canvas is called “Forgive Not Forget” and only 3 canvas’s are in existence. Thats right, only 3 were made. They are a limited edition lithograph, which means Ms Krazie’s autographed signature is printed into the canvas. These will never be made again, and once they are sold, they will be gone forever. For only the biggest Ms Krazie fans, the canvas dimensions are 24.5 inches in height, and 16 inches wide, made of tough durable canvas with a double thick wood frame. They are available right now inside The Urban Kings Merch Store! Get them before they are gone!

Follow Us On Instagram

Are you following Urban Kings on Instagram? We made an account that takes you with us to private events, like the one we did last night for the Straight Outta Compton. We also go to the dopest clubs, concerts, music videos and take you with us through it all. You might even see us hanging out with UKMG Artists! You can follow us and see what we do, we can chop it up, and even randomly invite fans to come down to dope things like that. All you have to do is Follow Urban Kings on Instagram and we will do the rest. Remember to Hashtag #UrbanKings when taking pictures with our Artists, CDs, Artwork or just to support, and we will follow you back!

Urban Kings Behind The Scenes With Bruno Mars

Have you ever seen this rare classic video footage of UKMG Artist Midget Loco on the set of the Bruno Mars Music Video for “Grenade“, which has almost 415,000,000 views on youtube, and the video that made Bruno Mars into a star. The video also featured UKMG Artist Richard Cabral, formerly known as Baby Jokes. Watch as these rare clips were posted. A really dope video for all Urban Kings fans, Midget Loco fans, Baby Jokes fans and Bruno Mars Fans. Make sure to watch the video here!

The Psycho Hat

The Psycho Shop presents another very exclusive, very limited edition item that we have available right now in our online store. It is the Psycho Realm “Psycho Snapback Hat“, which is super rare and very hard to find. We only have a few of these sick hats left, and its first come first serve on the orders. Make sure to get yours now or you might never ever get it at all. It is not scheduled to be re-made, so this might be the only  batch made. Get it while you can!

Click Here To Order Psycho Realm “Psycho Snapback” Hat Today!

Boom Box Tee Now Available


The Psycho Shop has available the Psycho Realm “Boom Box” Tee now available in our store. These have been difficult to keep in stock because these have been a favorite for Psychos all across the world. I was looking through orders, and I was looking to where these shirts went. Everywhere from Los Angeles, to New York, and international countries like Japan, Germany, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Brazil and more. I also seen alot of these tees at the Psycho Sickmas Concert in Los Angeles last month. Right now we have all sizes in stock, sizes M – 3XL!

Click Here To Order Psycho Realm “Boom Box” Tee Today!

The Psycho Realm Finally Showcase

The Psycho Shop Showcases a brand new item into our store. This tee is a instant classic, released by Psycho Realm as part of their Fall Collection. This shirt was a hit once it was released, and I always get asked about it when I wear it to hip hop shows. With the signature LA logo and the Psycho Realm and Goodtimes Jack Daniels Bottle along with the infamous Psycho Realm Gas Mask.  This tee is available now in sizes M – 3XL, and is now in The Psycho Shop Store! Today we showcase this sick shirt, and let you see the tee a little better, with different angles and views! Make sure to check them out below!

The Psycho Realm Finally Shirt

Sickside Living

Finally A New Shirt

A Closer Look

Psycho Realm Got Your Back

Click Here To Order The “Finally” Shirt Today!