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Ms Krazie Is Always Watching

Urban Kings just received this picture from a fan that just got this tattoo of UKMG Artist Ms Krazie. It is a tattoo of Ms Krazies eyes, and the tattoo came out all sick. The tattoo artist captured every small detail of the eyes, from the eyebrows, to the eye lashes, to Ms Krazie’s signature blue eyes. This is truely an amazing tattoo and came out better than the sketch did, and exactly like Ms Krazie’s eyes. Shout out to the fans. If you have a cool tattoo of a Urban Kings Artist, of a song a UKMG Artist made, or even a line from a song, send the picture in, so we can show you guys some support back. To submit your picture, all you have to do is CLICK HERE and we got you!

Youtube Friday – Tattoo’d Eyeballs

I gotta give this guy Popek props on having the guts to do a tattoo like this. Popek, who is a Polish MMA Fighter and a Rapper, decided to tattoo his eyeballs, with green artificial eyeballs, complete with pupils. He is already tatted up from his neck to his feet, and couldn’t think of another way to just get more ink. So he decided instead of getting facial tattoos, he was going to tattoo his eyeballs. I dont know if this is a trend in Europe to do this type of thing, but the person who was in charge of doing the tattoo sounds nervous out of his mind during the video. It was his first time doing it. So watch the video by clicking it, and do not try this at home.


Tattoo’d Eyeballs

An Urban Kings Tv Exclusive

Polish Rapper and MMA Fighter Popek gets his eyeballs tattooed. Not his eyelids, or below his eyes, but his actual eyeballs.