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True Starr At The Cannibus Cup


An Urban Kings Tv Exclusive

Urban Kings Artist True Starr vibin out and dabbin out at this years High Times Cannibus Cup

True Starr At The High Times Cannibus Cup

This is pretty dope. Urban Kings Artist¬†True Starr¬†took a little trip to the High Times Cannibus Cup last weekend, tryin out the new strands and he was a special guest at the King Legazy 2020 Hii Effect Booth. We took a camera man for this event, as he followed True Starr throughout the festival, dabbin and smokin. Make sure to watch the video and support his new album “You’re Welcome“, its available now!

Some Playa Made Mexicanz


Baby Bash just sent us this promo for his new compilation called “Playa Made Mexicanz”. This is a exclusive track and has an intro by Lucky Luciano, and SPM, Juan Gotti and Baby Bash on the verses with a dope hook by Carolyn Rodriguez aka Medicine Girl. Shout out to them Texas boys out in the Lonestar.