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Midget Loco – First Loco At The Street

Who remembers this mixtape by UKMG Artist Midget Loco? It was called “First Loco At The Street” and it was one of the first mixtapes Urban Kings has released. Midget got to rap over many different beats, and I think he killed the CD. The album featured UKMG Artists Chino Grande and Fiesty 2 Guns along with Gang Starr, Macy Gray and Mos Def. This is a really good mixtape that features 19 tracks. Midget was able to rap every style he wanted, and it worked over some hard grimey gangster beats. This is a classic tape that did not go in stores and tracks were limited on the iTunes release, since it is mixtape beats. If you haven’t heard the album, you can watch the music video of one of the singles below, called “Summer Season” and featured Lil Blue and Chino Grande, with production from D Salas. The video was directed by Echosworld.

 Midget Loco – Lil Blue – Chino Grande – Summer Season – Music Video


Midget Loco In Vegas

Midget Loco & Linda outside The G Spot

Midget Loco & The Steel Bangin Musick Team & Fans

Midget Loco & Some Fans

Midget Loco and the Steel Bangin Musick team had a autograph signing recently at the G Spot in Vegas last weekend. They met many fans and took alot of pictures with everyone, signed alot of autographs on posters, pictures and cds, and chilled with everyone. If you don’t live in Las Vegas, you may be able to meet Midget and Steel Banging crew because they have scheduled autograph signings and meet and greets very soon in many different areas. For the Meet and Greets and Instore appearances, Midget is always stocked up on Posters, Cds, Locs and Shirts, and once you pick them up from him directly, he can sign whatever you get! Stay posted to our blog so you can see up to the minute information on the next CONCERT, INSTORE or any news on Midget Loco!!! Also if you went to the autograph signing, make sure to send us your pictures by Clicking Here . We give you credit for sending it in and we also post your facebook and twitter accounts too!!!

Midget Loco Autograph Signing Tomorrow!!

Midget Locos Meet & Greet/Autograph Signing will be going down Tomorrow, March 18th in Las Vegas, Nevada! This is ALL AGES so anyone and everyone is more then welcome to come down, listen to some Steel Bangin Musick and hang out with the crew. Midget Loco will be there autographing Posters, Cds, Shirts, and Anything else fans would like him to sign. He will be there with all the Steel Bangin Musick team, like Doll-E Girl, Toro, Young Brown, Jay Brown, Lyrik, and G’D Up. The instore is all taking place at THE G SPOT and starts at 1P.M. Make sure if your in Nevada, either living there or visiting, make sure to make your way to THE G SPOT to meet Midget Loco and Steel Bangin Musick and take pictures and hang out!!!


Midget Loco Autograph Signing March 18th

Midget Loco will be doing an autograph signing March 18th, 2012 in Las Vegas, Nevada! Midget will be signing autographs, taking pictures, meeting fans and hanging out with everyone that comes down to The G Spot. Midget Loco will do the autograph signing with Doll-E Girl, Toro, Young Brown, Jay Brown, Lyrik and G’D Up Steel Bangin Crew. Midget will have all his CDS, Posters, City Locs and T-Shirts, so make sure if you live in or around or even just visiting Las Vegas, to come down to the G Spot and meet Midget Loco and the Steel Bangin Music team. This instore is an ALL AGES event, so come down and get your autographed CDS, POSTERS and PICTURES!!! IT STARTS AT 1P.M !!!