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Midget Loco Stopped By For This

Letty Wong x Midget Loco x Ponce

Letty and Midget Loco

Check out these exclusive behind the scenes pictures I took of UKMG Artist Midget Loco! He came through to the UKMG Offices to meet up with us, then we headed to the set of his photoshoot, with the beautiful Ms Letty Wong. This photo shoot came out awesome, with great photography done by Grafik and Ponce of Old English Brand Clothing. Also, UKMG Artist Fiesty 2 Guns also came through to support Midget Loco and take some photos. These are just photos from behind the scenes, and they came out clean, so we cant wait to show what is the actual final pictures of the shoot. UKMG will be releasing Midget Loco’s brand new album for 2013 and will be releasing the name of the album very soon, along with the tracklisting and the album cover. Until then, bump this music video, turn it up, and play it loud!

Midget Loco – California Raised x Sucka MC

The Psycho Shop Script

Hand Written Psycho Shop Logo


Psycho Supporter



Creating Our Own Scrolls With Script




We brought a really dope artist by the name of Grafik into The Psycho Shop warehouse to do some custom drawing for our logo. Grafik has created his name for himself as a premier sketch artist, and script writer. We have seen Grafik’s work before, and everything he does is legible and professional, and very creative. Here are a few pictures of him working and putting the finishing touches on his script, titled The Psycho Make sure to tell us what you think of the drawing by Clicking Here and we will keep you updated on any future collaborations with The Psycho Shop and Grafik on some really sick Psycho Realm drawings, designs, script and logos!