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Just Announced – Psycho De Mayo In Mexico!


The Psycho Shop has just confirmed there will be another Psycho De Mayo concert in 2016! Psycho Realm will be headlining again along with Immortal Technique. This show is gonna be dope and its all going down in Tijuana, Mexico on Saturday, May 7th. Also performing at this sick ass show is Arianna Puello, Ill Mascaras and Alzino. All going down at The Black Box  Tj. The concert is 18 and over with ID and VIP Tickets will be available.


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Rosas Venenosas – The High Life

There is a new music video by The High Life, from there brand new album “The Connection“. The song is called “Rosas Venenosas” and was filmed entirely on the streets of Tijuana, Mexico. If you dont know, The High Life consists of Blaze Daily, G Double and Ro Q. Its their first ever all spanish song, so make sure to check them out. Their new album is available now on iTunes. Make sure to check out their video and support good artists. Click the button below to order the album!

Behind The Scenes with Sick Jacken in Tijuana, Mexico


I was browsing through youtube videos of Psycho Realm, and I found this classic behind the scenes video footage of Sick Jacken in Tijuana, Mexico filming with Trew. At first, I was watching because I wanted to see the scene of the music video, and then I realized that its pretty dope that Sick Jacken goes to cities like this. Thats why he stays respected. He even spits a little rhyme in the video, make sure to check it out!

Psycho Realm Tour Hits Mexico!


The Psycho Realm will be back in Mexico this year! Its official and will be taking place on July 3rd and July 5th! The Psycho Realm concert for July 3rd will be taking place in Leon, and will also feature Malafama, MC Luka, Rap Sin Formato and Sociedad Cafe! The second concert will be taking place on July 5th and will be taking place in La Laguna and will also feature Sekreto, Dignatarios, Rabia Rivera, W Kronico, Crunkers, Illegal Traffic, Lico Loco, Familia Joakas and DJ Rocka. More information will be coming soon!!! Remember to browse through The Psycho Shop Store and see whats new!

Psycho Realm Performing In Mexico July 3 & 5th!


Psycho Realm has just announced they will be performing in Mexico on July 3rd and July 5th! The concerts have been announced by Sick Jacken and Cynic themselves on video, letting everyone know the cities they will be performing at! The first concert will be on July 3rd in Leon, GTO, and the second concert will be on July 5th at La Laguna (Torreon, Gomez y Lerdo). The Psycho Shop always brings to you the exclusive news and information on Psycho Realm, so make sure to Order Your Psycho Realm Gear Here and rock it at the concert!

Spanky Loco Tattoo Tour Mexico This Weekend

Urban Kings Artist Spanky Loco will be headed towards Mexico this weekend!!! Spanky will be doing his tattoo tour, promoting both of his newest releases! He released The Grind Now Shine Now Sketchbook. He also released new music under Urban Kings, releasing the The Best of Spanky Loco – Greatest Hits. He only has one appointment left for tattoos while he is in Mexico, and he will also be performing during this trip. Spanky has been working non stop, promoting his new sketchbook and album, and doing many different tattoo conventions. Not to mention working alongside legendary tattoo artists. Make sure to keep both eyes out for Spanky Loco, because this year he will be around the world, again! Spanky will be performing at Legendario Bombay at Eje Central Lazaro Cardenas No 99, Col. Centro, Esquina con Republica de Ecuador y Organo, 06000 Mexico, D.F.

Spanky Loco Tattoo Tour – Mexico

UKMG Artist Spanky Loco is gearing up for his next Tattoo Tour stop, and again, it goes International! The next destination is Mexico! Spanky Loco will be in Mexico City on Sunday, April 13th. Spanky has many huge events coming up this year, and this tattoo tour is just a piece of the work he has planned. Spanky also is working with Mr Flaks on a huge art show coming up on March 22nd called “Grind Now Shine Now Art Show“, which will feature world famous legendary artists in both sketches, painting and tattoo. Their will also feature some awesome photographers and designers as well. Spanky has established himself as a musician and a talented sketch artist, tattoo artist and even painter. He has released his very first sketchbook along with Mr Flaks called “The Grind Now Shine Now Sketchbook” (and our online store has Autographed Copies!). We will keep you posted with more information on the Spanky Loco Mexico Tattoo Tour here on our blog!

Some Sick Side Art – Spotted in Mexico


Checks out this Sick Side Army Artwork that is in Guadalajara, Mexico. Showing love to the Almighty Psycho Realm, Sick Jacken and Big Duke. There is artwork like this all over the world, from the United States, To Mexico, To Latin America and South America, Spain, Europe, Amsterdam, Italy, Asia and more. Its dope to be part of a company to see this much support all over the world for the group you work for. Remember we have the brand new Psycho Realm Gas Mask Necklaces, Key Chains & Rings. Make sure to check them out! We will have a blog about them in a few days! They are available in Silver and Gold.

Spanky Loco Is Coming For You

The Urban Kings Music Group is proud to release the brand new Spanky Loco album, which will be a collection of his greatest hits, along with some brand new songs. Spanky Loco has been establishing himself as a top artist for years, working with many different artists around the world, touring Europe, Japan, Asia and the United States, as well as Mexico and Latin America. Spanky is already scheduled to return back to Japan for a brand new tour, and he will be promoting his brand new album! For the Greatest Hits album, Spanky featured artists like Conejo, Huero Snipes, The Stomper, Kokane, Smooth Hustle Artists Sonny Blue, Baldacci, LA Problemz, Napalm and Z Gunz, and more.

The Best Of Spanky Loco” will be Spanky Loco’s 4th official project released through Urban Kings, from “The Superior Mixtape” to “The Superior Album” to the collaboration album “Everybody Killa” along with The Stomper. Spanky Loco also released an All Spanish album called “Tirando Y Rifando 2” with Urban Kings. Everyone who purchase’s the Pre Order for “The Best of Spanky Loco”, will get a FREE Limited Edition Spanky Loco Poster. Buy more than one album, and get a discount! Each copy ordered will come with a Free Poster. Order One copy, receive One Free Poster. Order Three Copies, get Three Free Posters! Orders will be shipped out the Friday before its release (11/15/2013), and you might receive your copy before the album comes out! Stay posted to our blog for upcoming Snippets and news for Spanky Loco’s new album!

The Best Of Spanky Loco – Greatest Hits – Official Tracklisting

1.Show Love – Spanky Loco
2.Look Who’s Coming – Spanky Loco & Huero Snipes
3.Taken Chances – Spanky Loco & Huero Snipes
4.First 48 – Dedication To Boogstar Dinero & Flaks – Spanky Loco featuring Huero Snipes
5.West Coast Gee – Spanky Loco Featuring Huero Snipes
6.Fresh Til Death – Spanky Loco Featuring Tiny Loco & Dinero
7.Loco – Spanky Loco Featuring Kokane
8.Never Die – Spanky Loco & Huero Snipes
9.Real Recognize Real – Spanky Loco Featuring L.A Problemz, Huero Snipes, Baldacci, Sonny Blue, Napalm & Z Gunz
10.Spanky Loco – Spanky Loco
11.Street Delegates – Spanky Loco Featuring The Stomper & Stomplector
12.Feel My Pain – Spanky Loco Featuring Huero Snipes
13.We On It – Spanky Loco Featuring Tiny Loco & Dinero
14.No Problemos – Huero Snipes Featuring Spanky Loco & Conejo
15.Mexican Guerilla – Spanky Loco

Midget Loco On Fight Night

Check out this picture of UKMG Artist Midget Loco of Steel Bangin Music, ready to go for fight night this past weekend. Last weekend there was huge fight called “The One : Mayweather Vs Canelo”, and it was the first huge mega fight within the last 2-3 years in boxing. Midget Loco was ready for all the action, sporting a Mexico jersey and flag, cheering for Canelo. Midget always got love for his people and for the streets, and the streets got love for him too. It reminds me of his song “Street Love” taken from his new album “Street Love“, and its out now. Check it out below.

Midget Loco – Featuring Lady J – Street Love – Taken From Street Love

Midget Loco – Street Love – Album Cover

Youtube Friday – Mexico

We have the perfect Youtube Friday for today, Cecy B’s brand new music video called “Mexico” and features Lil Rob! And the video doesn’t end there, with cameos in the video by UKMG Artist Chino Grande, as well as Diamonique, Baldacci and Z Gunz of Smooth Hustle, Livin Real, 2Tone, Burst Rock of Funny Bones/Soul 2 Soul and more. Chino is also wearing a brand new unreleased shirt from our friends at Old English Brand. Everyone make sure to check it out and watch the video and get the views up! You may recognize Cecy B from a recent Urban Kings Facebook Ambush, as well as being on Chino Grande’s new album “Trust Your Struggle” on the songs “Too Hot” and “My Ride”, as well as working with other UKMG Artists!


Cecy B Ft Lil Rob – Mexico

An Urban Kings Tv Exclusive

Cecy B - “Mexico” Ft Lil Rob
BUY “Mexico” NOW ON iTunes
Female Rapper/ Singer/ Songwriter
For Features, Bookings and Business Inquiries
Contact: Dalexis at

Cameo Appearances by Chino Grande, Baldacci, Z Gunz, Diamonique, Livin Real, Burst Rock of 27 Junkies and everyone who came out to be in the video!

Cecy B – Special Thanks to Get Right Management for believing+ guiding to help make something out of nothing, @Architracks for the amazing beat and production, Lil Rob for showing love on the track, and Urban Kings Tv for posting the video!

Director: Adam Roberts

Additional Footage Provided by : Crime City Films

Sick Jackens Personal Bottle Of Jack


We just seen this picture of Sick Jackens personal bottle of Jack. He said this was given to him by a fan as a gift before a show in Monterrey, Mexico a few years ago. This is something pretty dope, original and pretty creative. The fan had to re create the Jack design, then change it up with some different words, then had to make the design into a sticker big enough to be on a large Jack bottle. Jack also posted this picture on his Official Instagram : @S1ckJacken. Make sure to follow him, because we can confirm its his personal instagram. If you are feeling this design, then you might like the Psycho Realm “Good Times” Tee, which is one of my personal favorites from my collection.

Sick Jacken In Mazatlan Mexico


Here is a dope picture we were sent to us by Juan Rivera, for The Psycho Shop blog. He is from Mazatlan, Mexico, and ended up running into Sick Jacken of Psycho Realm at “UpStreet”, a clothing store that did an autograph signing for Sick Jacken and Cynic. Here are a few more pictures that were sent in to us of the autograph signing and instore event Psycho Realm. Speaking of Psycho Realm, we  will be having more upcoming shows very soon, so we will keep you updated with concert dates, fliers and more. Until then, check out these dope pictures!



Juan Kickin It With Cynic