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Old School Psycho Realm Photo


Check out this old school picture of The Psycho Realm! It was emailed to us for The Psycho Shop blog. Sick Jacken told us the photo was taken around 1995. The picture shows Big Duke on the left, Sick Jacken in the middle and Brownman on the right. This is really dope and I know all the true Psycho Realm fans will appreciate it!

Jasper Loco Performing Tomorrow

Tomorrow UKMG Artist Jasper Loco of Charlie Row Campo will be performing some brand new songs from his new CD “Hustle Music“. Everyone is pumped up to hear the brand new music from Jasper and this will be his first chance to perform songs from the CD. I also heard he will be performing some music from the “Eastside Assassin” and the “All About The Money” albums along with some classic “Eastside Classics” tracks. This is going to be a dope show, and also performing is Oso Vicious, Rikee West, Bossalinoz, Mr Conejo, and Palito Castro Fulfunk Musik. Hosted by Ruby Uribe. Special guest DJ for the night is DJ Wiskey. All taking place at the 601 Bar & Grill in Fullerton, California. This event is 21 and over. Urban Kings will be in the house representing heavy, so make sure to come down and support Jasper Loco, Charlie Row Campo and Urban Kings.

Taking Place


601 Bar & Grill

601 South Raymond Ave

Fullerton, CA

1994 Sick Jacken

Check out this dope picture we have of Psycho Realm’s Sick Jacken! Jack emailed us this picture of his to share with The Psycho Shop blog readers. The picture was taken in 1994 on the apartment steps of the westside. This is a dope picture and I know the Psycho Realm fans will appreciate it!

Flashback Friday – Big Duke

Check out this dope picture of Psycho Realm’s Big Duke along with a Psycho Realm fan in the infamous Psycho Realm Gas Mask. I found this picture looking through files of my Psycho Realm folder, and this one was dope to share for my Psycho Realm Blog readers. So everyone have a great weekend and I will talk to Jack soon to see whats up with Big Dukes concerts, Street Platoon, Psychodelic and more!

Sick Jacken on 2Mex Hologram Podcast


Did you know that Sick Jacken was a special guest artist on the brand new 2Mex Hologram Podcast? 2Mex has a brand new podcast where he is interviewing some really sick artists, and Sick Jacken is one of the first guests on the show. The podcasts havent been released yet, but we have this picture of them recording it and the show will be broadcasted soon. I know everyone is ready to hear it, because Jack was posting that they were talking about some old school Psycho Realm memories, so that would be dope for all the sick Psycho fans to check it out and listen to that. I will keep everyone posted on when the 2Mex Hologram Podcast is available, so stay posted to The Psycho Shop blog for all the info!

Psycho Realm Throwback Performance Picture

We have a throwback picture of Psycho Realm performing at Plazita Olivera way back in the Summer of 1993. This was a concert that ended up being huge. Not because of the hundreds of people that came out to watch the show, but because this was the concert where they met B Real of Cypress Hill. The rest from there is history, with B Real being the honorary member of Psycho Realm.


Midget Loco Taking It Old School

We have a brand new picture of UKMG Artist Midget Loco doing a very rare old school photo shoot. From the old school suit, to the poppin fedora, Midget Loco always respected the ways of the past, and the style that was. In classic black and white, suited up with a lowrider behind him, the picture came out really dope. Photography credit goes to Antonio Garcia. The photo shoot was taken in El Monte, California, and the photo shoot went very well. This is just one of the pictures UKMG was able to get our hands on so far, but we will be posting up more pictures very soon, so stay tuned to our blog for the complete photography session! This picture also reminded me of Midget Loco’s music video called “Thirteen Letter”, click on the picture below to watch it.

Midget Loco Ft D Salas – Thirteen Letter Music Video

Taken From “Dedicated To The OGs” – Available Now!


Tonight, DJ FM will be on tonight from 6pm to 8pm Pacific Time. The show for tonight is called Zulu Tribe Radio, and features mixes with two of the top Los Angeles Dj’s, that are very very known and respected among Djs, Artists and the music industry, although never went into the mainstream hip hop. Mixes by Dj Vicious Lee (2Pac, Tone Loc and Unwrapped), and Dj Mark Luv (Universal Zulu Nation, The Pharcyde and Unity). Both will be playing a very healthy dose of real Hip Hop, from the Old School to the New Generation, as well as Funk, R & B, Rap and Reggae, among other things. Make sure to tune in and show your support.

Remember, its tonight, from 6:00pm  - 8:00pm PST

Some Old School Spanky Loco

UKMG Artist Spanky Loco sent us this old school picture of himself when he was just a teenager. Spanky has been making music since a teenager as well, making a name for himself in the music industry, creating a huge buzz in hip hop, not only in English, but in Spanish as well. From music, he toured all over the world. UKMG will be releasing a brand new Spanky Loco album for 2013, which is currently untitled. We will be announcing the release date very soon, so stay posted to our blog for the up to date information. You already know the album is gonna be dope, and Urban Kings releases only the best albums!

Ms Krazie is on Low Profile Radio

UKMG Artist Ms Krazie is now being played on LPG radio, a weekly radio show that plays some really dope music, from hip hop to Oldies to Old School and freestyle, to skits and more. LPG radio also takes callers, requests and dedications. This is pretty dope radio station that has something for everyone. They also show love to Urban Kings by playing our artists and supporting. They also have a new app available to download to listen to the radio show, not just online, but now on your cell phones. Make sure to support the radio show by downloading the app today and tune into the show on the go, and on the phone. It is available for iPhones and Android phones. Also make sure to request your favorite UKMG Artist’s song on the show, including Chino Grande, Spanky Loco, Stomper, Midget Loco, Fiesty 2 Guns, Jasper Loco, or Charlie Row Campo.

Check Out Midget Loco

We got an old school throwback picture of UKMG Artist Midget Loco. He was just out of high school, and living by the code of the street. When I seen this picture, I thought of his first album, “Bloodline Flatline“, which is one of my favorite Cds by Midget. With songs like “The Loco And The Loca” featuring UKMG Artist Ms Krazie, “Cant Complain” featuring UKMG Artists Chino Grande and Fiesty 2 Guns, and “Life Of A Come Up” featuring Chino Grande and Troub Nasty.

Midget Loco – Bloodline Flatline

Love Letters Live – Throwback Footage

Exclusive Throwback Footage of PR at the Festival Del Sol in Brazil, Performing Love Letters – Live, with B Real. Its a throwback clip and Sick Jack and Big Duke were killin it!

Midget Loco Photoshoot

The homegirls at Chola Pinup sent us another picture from their photoshoot with Midget Loco. The theme was 90s gangsters and you can see Midget and the Steel Bangin Musick team decked out in the 90s style. Everyone dressed the part and it reminds us of our roots, how most of us were raised and how we dressed to impress. The photoshoot was dedicated to the OGs who came before us and raised us with values, morals, loyalty and respect. Midget Loco also released his most recent album, dedicating it to the OGs who came before him and made him the person he is today.

Midget Loco – I Tried – Taken From “Dedicated To The OGs” album

Click Here To Listen and Buy “Dedicated To The OGs”

Whos The Hardest Rapper?

A Throwback from way back….We were bumping some of our favorite classic hip hop tracks and the song that was brough up was “Whos The Hardest Latin Rap Artist” by Proper Dos. Frank V got down on the track. From samples, scratching and the old school sound it was made to be a classic.

 Check It Out !!!

Jasper Loco Interview On Cam Capone News

Jasper Loco was interviewed a while back by Cam Capone News about how he joined the Charlie Row Campo and became a Camponero. He also discusses the old school vs the new school and what he thinks of “skinny jeans” and the new fashion trends of hip hop.