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Stomper – Once Upon A Time In America Album Review



Once Upon A Time in America Album Review

by Marcos

This Stomper album had many fans waiting for a long while for its release. I remember waiting checking my mail every day since I ordered the album online from . Packed with an all star line up of features like Chino Grande and Lil Minor from Charlie Row Campo, Spanky Loco and Huero Snipes, MC Magic, Slush the Villain and Troub Nasty, this album is already worth the $9.99 I spent. The song I have on repeat in my iPod is “Aztlan Is The Truth”. This song discusses the roots of the Aztlan people, also talks about the political status of Americans and the Native Americans. This is one of those songs that you must pay attention to because Stomper is teaching alot of truths that are not shown in history books. Stomper always has his own lane when he makes music and it is a fresh breath of air to hear different types of hip hop in the latin genre. The music video of “Aztlan Is The Truth” is also one of the best videos I have seen. The beat is Produced by “Kast N Fame” and they also directed and produced the music video! I also really enjoyed the song “76 Bars”. This song takes it back to the raw hip hop influence of a true MC. Showing Stompers word play, lyrical ability and emotion, Stomper went off for 4 minutes straight with nothing but heat. With this song you can hear the reason huge artists work with Stomper, because Stomper can hold his own on the mic, weather the song be political song or a cypher like song like “76 Bars”. Another favorite of mine from “Once Upon A Time In America” is “My Story” featuring Huero Snipes and Spanky Loco. I relate to it because everyone has there story of life, and what you have gone through. Everyone has there own struggles and hardships of dealing with life and thats why I feel so much about this song. Spanky Loco, Huero Snipes and Stomper all brought lyrical verses to this song and this song is a highlight of the song. Overall , this CD has too many favorite songs to post, but I definitely recommend this album to all my friends and I have even bought my friend a copy. Now I cant wait for “Once Upon A Time In America 2″!!!