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La Blanco With Sand One

Our friends at Old English Brand recently sat down with the legendary street artist Sand One, who created a very special painting for a Miami art show. Sand and Urban Kings has worked together before, as she painted her mural of UKMG Artist Ms Krazie in East Los Angeles. Sand was working on her new painting she labeled “La Blanco” in honor of another legendary gangster kingpin, Griselda Blanco. She talks about the inspiration to creating her painting, and the heartache with each stroke. Watch the video as she explains how she created this memorable art piece and how she feels she is similar to Griselda Blanco.

Sand One Introduces Her La Blanco Painting


An Urban Kings Tv Exclusive

Old English Brand hanged out with Los Angeles contemporary artist Sand. She tells us the meaning to one of her paintings she calls “La Blanco.” Find out the meaning behind it.

Sand One Introduces Her Griselda Blanco “La Blanco” Painting

Our friends at Old English Brand recorded a small video with legendary street artist Sand One, who created a very special painting for a Miami art show. She labeled her piece “La Blanco” in honor of another legendary woman figure, Griselda Blanco. She talks about the inspiration to creating her painting, and the heartache with each stroke. Watch the video as she explains how she created this memorable art piece and how she feels she is similar to Griselda Blanco.

UKMG x Ms Krazie x Sand One

Click Here To Watch – Art In The Making

Have you seen the Urban Kings x Sand One collaboration mural up close and personal yet? If you cant see the mural in person, we have the next best thing. We have filmed a short documentary called “Art In The Making“. It gives an inside look into the life of Sand One’s art, and see why art critics rate her as the number one female artist you should know in Los Angeles. So it made perfect sense to collaborate Urban Kings and the queen of our label, Ms Krazie, with the queen of art in Sand One. Sand has collaborated with huge companies for her artwork, including The NBA, Levi’s, Redbull, Kayo, DGK, Univision, Nike and more. Now collaborating with Urban Kings on this mural and the creation of the “Art In The Making” video, will show you creating her masterpiece, and tell you her story herself.

See The Mural In Person For A Limited Time


498 South Ford Street

Los Angeles, Ca 90022

Sick Jacken Is Here


The Psycho Shop has a really dope image today we wanted to share with everyone. It is a drawing of Psycho Realm’s Sick Jacken by Cesar Cortez of Mexico. Its a dope detailed painting and its one of the best that has been featured on The Psycho Shop! Make sure to also check out The Psycho Shop Store to see the brand new items we got into the shop, including new tees, bandanas, windbreakers, and more!

Spanky Loco & Mr Brainwash

Check out this really cool picture of UKMG Artist Spanky Loco and world famous artist Mr Brainwash. This is really dope because Spanky is not only a dope hip hop artist, he is also deep into the art game. Painting, Tattoo’s, Sketches, Spanky can do it all. Spanky was on his way to New York for his VIP Tattoo Sessions, and he ran into Mr Brainwash at the airport. Hopefully we can see a collaboration soon in the works. That would be really cool. Make sure to support these two great artists and follow their amazing talents.

Art In The Making With Sand One

Urban Kings released a video along with famed street artist Sand One for a mural we collaborated with for UKMG Artist Ms Krazie. We did a project that put an original Sand One Painting of Ms Krazie on the side of a building in East Los Angeles. It took us a few days to prep for the showing of the painting, with Sand getting the sketch ready, and actually painting it on the wall. The wall is still up and available to view for a limited time. Make sure to watch the video of Sand, about being a female in the street art profession and how she worked with The NBA, Nike, Univision, Levi’s, DGK and more!



498 South Ford Street

Los Angeles, CA 90022

The Psycho Realm Temporary Insanity Gas Mask


Check out this really dope painting of the Psycho Realm Temporary Insanity Gas Mask. I always find some really cool, and sometimes really random things when it comes to surfing the web for The Psycho Shop blog, but this one is really dope. The painting looks really clean, really clear and really artistic. I love the stroke and the curvatures of the painting, seemingly looking realistic but yet cartoonish. This is one that I can appreciate, because im a psycho, so I know you will appreciate it because you are too. Right now we currently have the real Psycho Realm Temporary Insanity Gas Mask available at The Psycho Shop and it is in stock! Make sure to order yours today!

Fiesty 2 Guns New Digital Portrait

First I would like to say Rest In Peace to UKMG Artist Fiesty 2 Guns of Charlie Row Campo‘s Uncle Danny. Fiesty made a digital painting honoring his uncle, and it came out really dope. Fiesty has done a digital painting before, and this one is even better. The picture makes the shadowing and shading stand out, as well as the detail in the mustache and eyebrows. Charlie Row has been grinding heavy, and Fiesty is already back in the studio working on more music. Fiesty is still riding the success of his sophomore album “Bring It Home“, and is back in the studio working on his next project. Make sure to follow Fiesty on Instagram at @Fiesty2Guns! Did you know you can listen to his whole album online, FOR FREE? Check it out below! “Bring It  Home” is available at all major music retailers like FYE and Amazon, digitally through iTunes and online at The UKMG Merch Store!

Fiesty 2 Guns –  Bring It Home

Fiesty 2 Guns – Tragic – Featuring Chino Grande, Jasper Loco & Lil Cuete

Grind Now Shine Now Art Show

The Main Room

Sick Side Story by Edgar Aguirre

Living The Dream – Big Tiny

The Grind Now Shine Now Cake

We told you that the Grind Now Shine Now Art Show was the place to be at this weekend. Many world famous and legendary artists from the sketch, paint, graff and tattoo world came together for one evening to appreciate artwork. From artwork, to photography, to even two sketches on hands, there was everything at this artshow. Sponsored by some dope clothing companies, also Jarritos came out to sponsor the event as well. We took some pictures of some of our favorite pieces of artwork, but this is just a sample of all the art that was at the show. I just wanted to capture some of the art into detail of how they came out. The Grind Now Shine Now Art Show was brought to you by UKMG Artist Spanky Loco and Mr Flaks, and Supported by Urban Kings, Old English Brand and some great brands and companies that also appreciate art.

Urban Kings Short Video @ Grind Now Shine Now

Click Here To Watch The Video!

Grind Now Shine Now Address Release

The upcoming Grind Now, Shine Now Art Show is almost here and just announced the location! UKMG Artist Spanky Loco and Legendary Tattoo Artist Mr Flaks organized a very special, very dope event. They are bringing together legendary artists in the art world that do sketches, painting, typography, tattoos, and photography. There has been more artists that have been added to the show, and more companies that are supporting the event! The artists that are scheduled to appear are; Big Tiny, Zoro Rodriguez, Emanuel Marentes, Tattoo Huero, Big Sleeps, Dyse One, Sand Oner, Tattoo Nene, Klown Savaria, Defer, Dino Blanco, Denovo, Floesome, Prime, Adam Roberts, Justin Hendricks, Freddy Negrete, Tone Chingon, Kats, Nizz, Dom, Edmar, Snake, Dominick Taylor, Shawn Roberts, Big Stomper, Boo Boo Negrete, Krazy Race, Robert Rios, Edgar Aguire, Osoeh, Rich Castor, LA Eyekon, Big Solo, Noemi Basquez, Space Hustle, Danny Cee, Omar Vargas, Machete Gator, Danger Padilla and more. There will also be cars, food, music, special guest appearances and giveaways, plus surprises. Make sure to come out and support a great show for a great cause! We will see you there!

Spanky Loco Tattoo Tour – Mexico

UKMG Artist Spanky Loco is gearing up for his next Tattoo Tour stop, and again, it goes International! The next destination is Mexico! Spanky Loco will be in Mexico City on Sunday, April 13th. Spanky has many huge events coming up this year, and this tattoo tour is just a piece of the work he has planned. Spanky also is working with Mr Flaks on a huge art show coming up on March 22nd called “Grind Now Shine Now Art Show“, which will feature world famous legendary artists in both sketches, painting and tattoo. Their will also feature some awesome photographers and designers as well. Spanky has established himself as a musician and a talented sketch artist, tattoo artist and even painter. He has released his very first sketchbook along with Mr Flaks called “The Grind Now Shine Now Sketchbook” (and our online store has Autographed Copies!). We will keep you posted with more information on the Spanky Loco Mexico Tattoo Tour here on our blog!