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True Starr & Oh No In Studio

Urban Kings is back at it again with our newest artist True Starr. We were in the studio with him when he was recording a brand new song along with OH NO. The session was dope, and we were chillin in the middle of the mix and the track came out dope. The song is called “Right Now”, and it is featured on his brand new album “You’re Welcome“. We also recorded another behind the scenes video of True Starr and Oh No recording the song, and I know its going to look dope. We took these photos during the studio session, so you can see what to expect from the music. Also check out True Starr rocking the brand new Old English Brand new ”Faded Beanie“, which is available now at The Old English Brand Flagship Shop. True Starr’s new album “You’re Welcome” is available now from Urban Kings. Listen to the album by clicking the link below.

Behind The Scenes With Chino Grande & True Starr

Urban Kings put together two of our artists to make one hit song. We booked time at a studio in Hollywood, and took UKMG Artists Chino Grande and True Starr in the booth and the outcome is called “Mind Right”, which will be on True Starr’s upcoming album “Your Welcome”. We also brought UKMG Director Famous 8 with us to record the studio session and give you a behind the scenes look of the new song. Also talking with Chino Grande and True Starr in short interviews. This is an exclusive behind the scenes session, and their will be a music video to this song as well. Make sure to stay posted for the release of this song, because it will be released as a single. More info will be coming soon, as well as the releases for True Starr’s Your Welcome and Chino Grande’s “1300 Block Boys”.

Ms Krazie’s Album Coming Soon

Urban Kings artist Ms Krazie has been working hard on her brand new upcoming album, called “Sad Girls Club”. It is her latest project, and she is already many songs into the album. I have been in the studio sessions with her while she has recorded her new songs and fans are going to love the music on the album. If you are a fan of Ms Krazie, then this album is going to reach you and it will be amazing. I cant really give you too many details on the album, but know its going to be something great, just like all of Ms Krazie’s CDs. Make sure to stay posted to our blog for more information on Ms Krazie and her new album “Sad Girls Club”. Until then, we posted a brand new picture of Ms Krazie!

Charlie Row In Studio

Urban Kings Music Group artists Fiesty 2 GunsJasper LocoLil Minor, who are 3/4 of the members of the infamous group Charlie Row Campo. They are back in the studio, doing a brand new song for an upcoming Charlie Row album! The other day, they were recording music with producer D Salas! Wait until you hear the track Charlie Row did. This is a dope picture and good to see Charlie Row moving forward. The music is always dope, and more information on the album title, CD cover, and all the good information will be posted here as soon as we get it! Make sure to stay posted to The Urban Kings Facebook Page to let us know what you think of seeing C row back in the studio making music!

Sick Jacken and Ill Bill In The Studio


Check out this really sick picture that The Psycho Shop just got of Psycho Realm’s Sick Jacken in the studio with Ill Bill. I know it was probably a really dope studio session with some of the illest lyricists ever. I have to ask Jack if we can expect some crazy new music coming soon from Psycho Realm x Ill Bill. I will get that info when I see him and post it here! So stay tuned!

In The Studio With Stomper & Kast N Fame

Have you seen this brand new music video from Urban Kings while UKMG Artist Stomper along with Kast N Fame? This footage was taken inside the Kast N Fame studio and they give you an exclusive listening of some unreleased music by The Stomper. Stomps has been working on some brand new material and has many projects coming up soon. He always brings the raw lyrics and the style everyone loves. Make sure to watch this video and listen to two brand new songs that have never been released to the public….until now. One song is called “Heart Of Gold” and the other song is called “White Label” featuring 2Tone. Watch the video below and make sure to support Stomper, Kast N Fame and Urban Kings!

Urban Kings – In The Studio With Stomper & Kast N Fame

Sicario Webside 2 – Featuring Cynic


Check out the brand new Sicario webisode featuring Cynic. This is a really dope behind the scenes video of Sicario and Cynic in the recording studio. You can hear a brand new beat that was produced by Cynic himself. It also shows the song being made, with Sicario recording his lyrics for a brand new song that is featured on his upcoming album,  ”The Psycho Realm Presents – Mitologia Criminal”, releasing on November 19th through the Rebel Music Group. Make sure to stay posted for the release date, because we have heard some snippets and they sound really sick!

Sick Jacken And Dilated Peoples


The Psycho Shop was just sent a dope photo of Sick Jacken posted up in the studio with Dilated Peoples, Evidence, Dj Babu and Rakaa Iriscience. This is a dope picture of some of the sickest lyrical artists ever. There is no word if Sick Jack will be on the Dilated album, but I hope he is, because anything Sick Jacken is on, make it that much sicker. It just leaves us to wonder about what will come out of this session, but I already know without a doubt, that something really dope will be the outcome of this. Dont forget that Sick Jacken will be performing with Ghostface Killah this weekend, October 27th at The Yost Theater in Santa Ana, CA and its All Ages.

Baby Bash In The Studio With Chino Grande – IG Pics

Urban Kings had set up a collaboration with UKMG Artist Chino Grande and Platinum Artist Baby Bash this week, and had them both in the studio working on some new music. We went down to the studio to hang out and hear how the song was coming out, and it came out vicious. Both Bash and Chino put down dope verses and over a D Salas beat, its gonna be a big record. Chino is currently promoting his new album, “Trust Your Struggle” and even though the CD just came out last tuesday, Chino is already back in the studio working on new music. Here are some of the pics we taken from the studio session from our IG and Follow us at @UrbanKings! And you know we have to show our fans how the studio session went, so we filmed a little bit of it, so make sure to stay posted to our blog for more information!

Bash layin down the vocals

Chino Grande – Chingo Bling – The Making Of Turn It Up

Urban Kings has a brand new video coming through, showing an exclusive behind the scenes look of UKMG Artist Chino Grande in the studio recording “Turn It Up” featuring Chingo Bling. We got these two dope artists together into the studio and they made a dope track. But fans get to see both Chino and Chingo creating the track, recording their verses, and even talking about the ideas and concepts making the verses. The video will be releasing This Friday, August 15th exclusively on! The song “Turn It Up” is taken from Chino Grande’s new album “Trust Your Struggle“, releasing tomorrow, August 13th!

Stomper In Studio With Midget Loco and Chino Grande

UKMG Artist The Stomper was in the studio with fellow UKMG Artists Midget Loco and Chino Grande. Stomper has been in the studio alot lately, from the studio with Spanky Loco, Chino Grande, Midget Loco and the Hennessy Lounge with Kiki and Dj Tony G (From the World Famous K-Day). I am excited to hear the outcome of the Stomper, Midget and Chino track, because everyone knows they can rap, and together on the same track is gonna be something classic. The Stomper is still working, after releasing on of the best albums of 2012, Once Upon A Time In America 2, which featured many big artists, like Sick Jacken from Psycho Realm, MC Magic, Chino XL, Omar Cruz, Spanky Loco, Slush Tha Villain, Kid Frost, Fingazz and more. If you haven’t got this really dope album, your missing out big time, its an album that stays in my cd player in the car. It is available in all major music stores!

The Stomper Chino Grande and Spanky Loco

Yesterday, three really big artists got together to record some music. UKMG Artists The StomperChino Grande and Spanky Loco. They all came together to work on one song, and it has already been sent to the UKMG offices and I can tell you its a instant classic. Stomper sent in some pictures of him, Chino and Spanky while recording this monstrous hit and I can tell you its definitely a banger. And I dont think this is the last time these three will be recording a track, because theres always good chemistry when they get together.

Spanky Loco’s New Tattoo

We found this photo of Spanky Loco in black n white that he sent us. This is a dope picture showing many of the tattoos Spanky has. With so many stories and rumors and this and that, sometimes you gotta just see life as it is, in the clear black and white. Spanky has been hard at work, working on music for his album, and some surprise stuff he has under wraps. He has also been tattooing, including me, and I am almost done with my half sleeve all done by Spanky Loco. Here is his new artwork he did last week for a female client…since we always put up guy tatts…heres one for the girls… A Spanky Loco Original..

Tattoo By Spanky Loco

Big Jas Corleone

Jasper Loco was doing a track with Oso Vicious and Namean and sent us this picture while they were all in the studio working on it. Jasper has been staying busy this year, already performing at 2 shows this year, working on his solo follow up album to “Eastside Assassin” and the new “Charlie Row Campo” album that will also come out this year. Make sure to follow Jasper on his Official Jasper Loco Facebook Fan Page and the Official Jasper Loco Twitter .