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This Filter Is Taking Over The World

Everyone and their mama has been having fun with the new snapchat filters, and now you can add everyone and your favorite rapper. Check out this side by side of Urban Kings artist Ms Krazie and….Ms Krazie lol. The picture she took on the right is Ms Krazie in her signature blonde hair with her makeup. And she’s wearing her exclusive Lashes And Liner Tank Top that was only sold during her 1 Day Sale. On the left is Ms Krazie in a black wig, which is the total opposite of her blonde look. Which style do you like better? Let us know at The Urban Kings Facebook Page!

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Follow us on Snapchat. We always post some cool stuff on it, and today, we are behind the scenes for the Old English Brand photo shoot, so make sure to check us out and see some exclusive first looks at how its going. If your late seeing this, its ok, just follow us and u can get a backtrack of what we do.

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