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Happy UnBirthday to You

Christmas maybe over but it don’t mean you can’t get free things for nothing. Here at Urban Kings, we’re on a good one. So good, that we came up with a new deal.When you order your pre-sales for the Urban Kings Street Anthems 3 not only are you getting a free poster ( which are by 18×24) but you get the chance of the poster being autographed by Baby Jokes (Yes, ladies he did really sign them lol). Including that we are going to be giving 25 Exclusive Bonuses to the lucky random orderers. The album drops the 19th of April in all FYE stores and stores that support the moment. Talk to your vendors to see if they have ordered them. Don’t forget that the this Wednesday coming up (the 6th) we are going to be hosting our first livestream of the year. Where all the artist from the album will be dropping by to talk with the fans in live time. Let the word spread.

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Fiesty 2 Guns Interview for Street Anthem is here!

Fiesty 2 Guns exclusive interview about the new Urban Kings Street Anthem Vol 3. Fiesty talks about his new songs that are going to in the Street Anthem. What to expect on his behalf. As well as news about his album that is going to be coming out this year, Street Scriptures. Also another thing to be on your toes is his music video What I Dream Of is going to be released on Urban Kings Tv. So don’t be to far away from your computer.

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Street Anthem Spanky Loco’s Interview

The first street anthem interview is released and Spnaky Loco is the first speak up, as well as his news on his projects that are going to be coming up. Catch his interview on Urban Kings Tv, as well other videos we have released for the urban kings fans. The 3rd Urban Kings Anthem is going to drop this March.  What day, well thats something you guys got to stay on your toes. So stay posted : )

Coming Soon Exclusive Interview

Spanky Loco’s exclusive interview coming soon on Urban Kings Tv. Spanky Loco is asked about the up coming Urban Kings Street Anthem 3. Yea that’s right its that time that Urban Kings does it again. He talks about the songs that are released on this album as well as Chopin it up for the fans. Urban Kings is going to be interviewing the rappers that are going to be on the album. Lets see if your favorite artist makes the cut and see what they have to say. So keep post on Spanky Loco’s interview that is coming out soon. The secret is out Urban Kings Street Anthem 3 is coming out !!!