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Slush Da Villain Out On Bail Shipment is here!

Look What We Just Got In

He Wants YOU! To Buy His Album

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Hot Off The Press, Hot Out The Box

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Look what we just got in. We got the new Slush Tha Villain CD “Out On Bail” into the Urban Kings office today. With the anticipation growing of Slush Tha Villains new album almost to its release date, we have been flooded with Pre-Sale Orders, because everyone wants to get that free poster and get the cd before everyone else. It comes out May 15th, but if you Pre-Order it, you get a free poster with the cd, and you get it a few days before everyone else. If you havent heard, the album is featuring Brand New Songs from Slush, featuring Urban Kings Music Group Artists Midget Loco from Steel Bangin Music, Chino Grande and Jasper Loco from Charlie Row Campo, Stomper, and The Queen of Urban Kings, Ms Krazie. It also features Kozme.

Slush Tha Villain – Out On Bail – Interview

Urban Kings Music Group is releasing a video interview of Slush Tha Villain. He talks about music deals, expectations for his new album “Out On Bail”, and being out of jail finally OUT ON BAIL. He touches alot of subjects and how he linked up with Urban Kings to release this album through them. This is interview that you dont want to miss because you get to see the type of person Slush Tha Villain is, and why his music sounds the way it sounds, from hustlin to riding in the streets. Remember this Slush Tha Villain Video Interview is exclusively through Urban Kings Tv. Remember that the new album “Out On Bail” by Slush Tha Villain will be releasing May 15th to all major retail outlets like All FYE Locations, iTunes and Pre-Sale is now available on the UKMG Catalog with features from Chino Grande and Jasper Loco from Charlie Row Campo, Stomper, Ms Krazie, Midget Loco of Steel Bangin Musick and Kozme.

Slush Tha Villain – Out On Bail – Interview

Slush Tha Villain Exclusive Video Freestyle

This is an Urban Kings Tv Exclusive, a Slush Tha Villain Video Freestyle, while Slush was working on his newest album “Out On  Bail”, which will release on May 15th, 2012. This album has had fans waiting and wanting this album and now we are 2 weeks away for it being released Nationwide. Here is a sneak peek of what to expect from the “Out On Bail” album, with a quick freestyle. The CD features Urban Kings Music Group Artists Midget Loco, Chino Grande, Jasper Loco, Ms Krazie, Stomper and also features Kozme. Presale is now available for this album so make sure to go to the website and Order Your Pre-Sale Copy Today and receive it before anyone else! This album will be available at ALL FYE Locations and Digitally through iTunes!

Slush Tha Villain – Video Freestyle


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You seen our Exclusive UKMG Black Shirts that just went on sale only at the UKMG Catalog . These shirts were originally made only for Urban Kings Staff and Artists, but now for the first time in 8 years, they are available to our fans. Now you have the option of sporting Urban Kings in white and  black and everyone knows its all in the words. Make sure to get your white shirt today because there is a limited amount of these shirts made, and once we run out of one size, there might not be anymore made. When you get the shirt, make sure to send in your picture wearing it, along with  your facebook link and twitter name so we can make you famous on our blog. All you got to do for that is send in your picture by CLICKING HERE . Shout out to everyone that supports us and our movement!!!

Youtube Friday – 1 Word – KOBE!

For this Youtube Friday, I chose Kobe. He is the NBA leading scorer with 28.7 Points per game, and the whole time while people have been saying he is old and isnt good anymore. 33 Years old and critics have been saying his knees arent like they were 5  years ago, he is much slower and other injuries have hurt him during this shortened season. But KOBE is still KOBE proving he can still play and score better than anyone else in the league, when he needs to. He always plays hurt, through broken noses, fingers, messed up knees and wrists, and sicknesses, he continues to be the greatest player ever. Here is the clip of him scoring 81 Points, which is only second to Wilt Chamberlains 100 Point Game.

Inside Look – Stomper – UKMG

Stomper has been having a great year so far in 2012. He has been prepping his newest album, Once Upon A Time In America 2, which has some really dope songs, all of them to be honest, and featuring some big named artists. Stomper went all out on this album with some of the lyrics that you have to pay attention to. He has always been the person who talks about real life, and never sugar coats what the streets and history try to manipulate us to think. With Once Upon A Time In America 1 being a great album, Part 2 will also be a big album. Stomper has been hard at work putting the finishing touches on the album that he is gonna give the world. He has not focused on anything other than his album and when the public will hear it, they will hear the perfectionist sound that Stomper has. Stomper is almost finished with the album and is already available for booking. He is also available for collaborating with other artists for their albums, mixtapes or dvds. For prices on Stomper verses or booking Stomper, Click Here !

Urban Kings 168 Webisode – Jasper Loco

We are proud to announce that we have the next 16/8 Webisode, and this time we feature Jasper Loco of Charlie Row Campo on this edition, and we will announce the music for the webisode soon. The 16/8 Webisodes feature a Urban Kings Music Group Artist, in a unique music video, for a 16 bar verse, and a 8 bar chorus. The really cool thing about the webisode, is that it could be a classic song, a unreleased song, or a single from a new album. Jasper Loco is featured in webisode 2, and will be premiering on Friday, March 21st! This will be a regular webisode series that will feature your favorite UKMG Artists, so stay tuned to our website for more information and future 16/8 webisodes!

16/8 – Webisode 2 – Jasper Loco

Jasper Loco & Baby Jokes – Eastside Classics – Album Cover

Inside Look – Ms Krazie – UKMG

Ms Krazie is the type of artists that brings her music into the lives of soo many people. With her words playfully rhyming and talking about many topics from breakups, being in love and hanging out with her homegirls. Topics that everyone can relate to. Ms Krazie has been a fan favorite among hip hop listeners for years, creating a huge fan base and making more fans every day. She is just one of the girls, and has been through many different emotions and puts her heart into every word of every song. She has had much success in her music, being on many different radio stations like U-92.7 Palm Springs, Hot 103.5 Las Cruces, and 93.1 The Beat – Amarillo, just to name a very few. She has also been in heavy rotation on the latin hip hop radio shows “Pocos Pero Locos” and “Street Fuego” and is featured on “The Art Laboe Connection” with a song which she is featured, which is called “Reasons” by MC Magic. She has formed a team of her most dedicated fans, called “Team Loca” with new fans and members joining almost daily. Her Facebook Page is almost at 73,000 LIKES, her Twitter Page followers are over 10,000 followers, while only following 76 people. Ms Krazie has also started her First Nationwide Tour, which has already featured Denver, Raleigh and El Paso with the next concert being March 17th in Yakima Washington, and has 6 more tour dates after that.Ms Krazie currently has 4 solo albums out now, which is her first album “Brown Is Beautiful” , then the “Firme Homegirl Oldies 1” followed by her next project “Smile Now Cry Never” and her latest album “Firme Homegirl Oldies 2“. She is currently working on her 5th studio album called “Forgive Not Forget” which will be available in 2012. There is also a Ms Krazie “Try Me T-Shirt” which is out now, with a new Ms Krazie Shirt coming soon called “Forgive Not Forget”!!!

2012 Urban Kings CD Release Schedule

 Stomper – Once Upon A Time In America 2

Slush Tha Villian – Out On Bail

Ese Lil Joker – Most Wanted

Lil Sicko – My Neighborhood The Sequel

We Are Also Releasing This Year

Ms Krazie – Forgive Not Forget

Baby Jokes – Love Songs

Charlie Row Campo Album

Jasper Loco Solo Album

Spanky Loco Solo Album

Fiesty 2 Guns Album

Urban Kings Street Anthems Vol 4 Compilation

We have a full schedule this year, releasing 12 National Releases this year to major outlets, digital releases and more. We are working on the exact release dates but have chosen which albums will be out this year. Stompers album “Once Upon A Time In America 2″ is scheduled for this year, with fans waiting impatiently for this album, I have heard it and the public will not be disappointed at all. We are proud to announce a release from Slush Tha Villian, called “Out On Bail”. Slush always delivers on dope music and this album is no exception. The hard beats and lyrics are dope, and with features by Ms Krazie, Stomper and Kozme, its the perfect fit. Ese Lil Joker is also releasing a new project through Urban Kings Music Group. With this new album “Most Wanted” it is something that every Ese Lil Joker fans want in an album. Hardcore and Uncut, “Most Wanted” gives the fans what they want. UKMG is also putting out the new Lil Sicko album called “My Neighborhood The Sequel”. The first My Neighborhood  cd was dope and the new album is just as good if not better! Lil Sicko fans have been anxiously waiting for this release and this year its coming!

We also have a new release from Ms Krazie. Her “Forgive Not Forget” album has been a demanded album since we have announced the title of the album. This is a cd that every Ms Krazie fan must have. And it is coming this year! We also have a brand new Baby Jokes cd called “Love Songs”. It will be a full collection of loves songs from Baby Jokes and if you liked “Baby Love” and “She Used To Be My Sidekick” your gonna really love this album! We will also be releasing a brand new Charlie Row Campo album. The Camponero fans have been asking and we will be delivering with this solid album from the Campo, and YES, Chino Grande will be on the album. Jasper Loco is also putting out a new solo project this year, it is currently untitled but it will be coming out this year. Jasper’s last album “Eastside Assassin” was a fan favorite and his new album has also came out tight. Fiesty 2 Guns will also release his solo cd this year, also currently untitled, and will be a must have for all Fiesty 2 Guns fans. If you liked “Street Scriptures” and “Talking Guns”, then Fiestys new album is exactly for you. We also  have a Spanky Loco album that is scheduled for release this year. With some dope features and beats, its gonna be a dope Spanky Loco release like always. Also riding the success of the “Dedicated To The OG’s” album, Midget Loco is scheduled to release another solo album this year. All Midget Loco fans will not be disappointed with this album!

Also we have a Street Anthems 4 Compilation in the works, with all exclusive songs from Ms Krazie, Stomper, Charlie Row Campo, Fiesty 2 Guns, Jasper Loco, Midget Loco, Baby Jokes, Spanky Loco and some special guests.

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A little more info

Your New Role Model

Here at Urban Kings Music Group, we work hard every day, all day. okay okay sorry for the corporate talk lol but thats pretty much what we are going for. I been working on this top secret new Urban Kings site for the last 2 month to display all what we have and will do. From music, to clothing, to websites, to radio, i want to incorporate all the info with out being boring. I also notice tumblr has been a fast growing platform being used by all our fans. So i figured ill incorprated a tumblr to our photo sectoin (click here to visit our tumblr and start following us). Now you can reblog us and we can reblog you guys anytime. I also added a lyric sectoin which even i go there to read some of our artist lyrics. Of course i couldn’t forget a media section highlighting any and all media we have been involved with. Our video section is also one of are dopiest section giving the ability to see what you hear not just from our label but from all our friends, indie rappers and indie films makers who are working with our movement. Over all im very proud of this site and the many new features and options you will get to browse through, read about, and see first hand on what we have updated. It is a fun new interactive way to read about your favorite artist, write your personalized album review, read lyrics from your favorite songs or read what we have been doing in mainstream media! Welcome to the NEW! Like always please leave us your suggestions and feed back