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True Starr x Chino Grande Music Video

Official Announcement, The upcoming music video for UKMG Artist True Starr is out now and features fellow UKMG Artist Chino Grande. The video came out dope, and is taken from True Starr’s newest album called “You’re Welcome“, which is available now inside The UKMG Merch Store! True Starr worked hard on the album, and it ended up having 17 songs on it. Some songs were featured music videos, like Roll Through, What You Need, I Dont Trust, 48 Hours, Ambitionz and the upcomig video is called “Mind Right”. Watch the music video below along with the studio session creating the song, and the behind the scenes of t he music video!

True Starr & Chino Grande – Mind Right – Official Music Video


True Starr & Chino Grande – Studio Session Recording Mind Right

 Behind The Scenes of Mind Right

Remembering Selena

Today is a day we remember someone who touched so many lives through music. An artist who past away before her prime and had endless potential. An icon. An inspiration to millions around the world who have heard her story, with tragedy touching many more. Today we honor, and remember, and celebrate the life of Selena Quintanilla Perez, known more commonly to as her millions of fans, as just “Selena”. Watch the video as celebrities remember Selena, in many different ways. World Famous people like Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars, Former President George Bush and more. I never met Selena, but her personality and music will live on forever, because she was not just a famous artist, but her personality made it seen that you’ve known her before. Rest In Peace Selena, you are missed around the world, and this post is just for you. It has been 21 years today since the death of Selena, and we will continue to play her music for years to come.

True Starr Photoshoot With Old English

We invited our friends from Old English Brand to the shooting of True Starr‘s new music video, called “Mind Right” featuring Chino Grande. We asked them to hang out on set, take a few pictures during the shooting, and a photo shoot during the scenes. The pictures came out really dope, as they took some amazing photos during the shoot. This was even cooler because True Starr was rocking the OE “Faded Beanie in Black” for our photos, and even during the music video scenes. His video will release tomorrow, Thursday, March 31st. So we will keep you posted with the new video and will post it on our blog. And make sure to download True Starr’s new album “You’re Welcome” available now!

Behind The Music With True Starr

The latest video from Urban Kings is an exclusive behind the music video from our newest artist True Starr. He takes you into his music, literally, as he invites you into his studio where he has recorded parts of his album. He tells it all, his concepts and ideas on the creation of the album as a whole. He also talks about the musical styles and the types of music he is putting on the album. We did the video as we all prepare to release his new debut album, called “You’re Welcome”. It is Available Now, and with songs like “Roll Through”, “I Don’t Trust”, “What You Need”, “48 Hours” and “Ambitionz” already on music videos, you already know the album is gonna be dope. Make sure to stay updated to our website and Urban Kings Facebook Page!

 Click Here To Download “You’re Welcome” Today!


You’re Welcome Is Out Now!

The album you have been waiting for is now available to own. The newest release from The Urban Kings Music Group is called “You’re Welcome” by UKMG artist True Starr. The album features 17 brand new songs, and includes the 5 songs from the music videos he made, like Roll Through, What You Need, I Dont Trust, Ambitionz, and the upcoming music video to Mind Right, featuring Chino Grande. The album came out really dope and we are all proud of this release. Make sure to check it out and support new artists. True will still be working on more music videos and will be announcing some performances soon. Stay updated to The Urban Kings Facebook Page!

Click Here To Download “You’re Welcome” Today!


True Starr – You’re Welcome – Out Now!

Urban Kings Artist True Starr new album “You’re Welcome” is available now on iTunes.

Official Tracklisting

1. What I Deserve

2. What You Need

3. Mind Right – ft. Chino Grande

4. 48 Hours – ft. JC of the Finest & Gunz Lozano

5. Hold Up

6. Roll Through

7. Ambitionz

8. On The Low – ft. G Ward

9. First Time

10. Kobe

11. I Dont Trust

12. Make You Proud – ft. Young Craze

13. Right Now – ft. Oh No

14. Sick Raps – ft. Mosaicc

15. Make A Way – ft. Prosper

16. Options

17. Smoke And Drive Part 2 – ft. Young Craze & Prosper

Click Here To Download “You’re Welcome” Today!

True Starr Releases Mind Right Music Video

Urban Kings Music Group Artist True Starr released a brand new behind the scenes of his upcoming music video to go alongside the release of his new album “You’re Welcome“. The song is called “Mind Right” and features UKMG labelmate Chino Grande. The song is another single taken from his album, and is officially the 6th music video from True Starr. When they created the song, we knew it was going to be something huge. We brought the UKMG cameras inside the studio to release a behind the scenes and creation of the song. If you havent seen it, make sure to check it out below.

True Starr’s album “You’re Welcome” is available now on iTunes!

Click Here To Download The Album


True Starr CD Releases At Midnight!

Urban Kings Artist True Starr releases his new album “You’re Welcome“. It releases Tonight at Midnight. We have been working on this album, releasing singles and music videos from the album, some unreleased cuts that are not on the album, and some behind the scenes of studio sessions and music videos. But tomorrow is finally the day, and everyone is geared up for the release. True Starr is getting ready to start performing at shows, collaborating with other artists, and will continue releasing music videos. He just filmed one last week called “Mind Right” featuring Chino Grande. Make sure to download the album and support good music.

Click Here To Download “You’re Welcome” by True Starr

True Starr Album Releases Tomorrow

Urban Kings Artist True Starr released his first single called “Roll Through“, taken from his debut album “You’re Welcome”. The music video has done very good, getting over 36,000 views so far and will be getting more and more views every day. The song is very dope, the rhyme and melody is dope and catchy and has that dope chill vibe. We have just made this available for download exclusively though Urban Kings, so make sure to download the single and support the song. Also make sure to watch the music video below! He also released music videos for songs like “What You Need“, followed by “I Don’t Trust“, and “Ambitionz“. All music videos are directed by Kast N Fame. True Starr’s album “You’re Welcome” releases tomorrow, March 24th! Also be on the lookout for the upcoming video “Mind Right” featuring Chino Grande!

True Starr – Roll Through

True Starr – What You Need

True Starr – I Don’t Trust

True Starr – Ambitionz

I Dont Trust – True Starr

Here is one of my favorite music videos from Urban Kings Artist True Starr for his single “I Don’t Trust”. Its a really dope track that features a dope beat and lyrical rhyme play. It is directed by Urban Kings go-to directors Kast N Fame, and the song is now Available for Digital Download! The storyline to the video is crazy, and with many different locations, we take you on a crazy ride through I Don’t Trust. Make sure to check it out and support! True Starr’s debut album “You’re Welcome” will be releasing this Thursday, March 24th!

Chino Grande Under The Sun

The brand new single from Urban Kings artist Chino Grande is Under The Sun, taken from Chino Grande’s upcoming album 1300 Block Boys. The song is pretty dope and its the first song we are releasing from his new CD. You can own it before everyone else, make sure to check it out and download.

Chino Grande – Under The Sun – New Single From 1300 Block Boys


Stomper – I Wish It Was Fake

Have you seen this Urban Kings series called 16/8? It is a series that we created that we make for fans, along with UKMG Artists. We create a short music video, a 16 bar verse and an 8 bar hook, and make a song that fans want. It might be a classic song, it might be a song released only on a mixtape, or it might be brand new. This was the very first episode of our series, and features UKMG Artist The Stomper. The song is called “I Wish It Was Fake” and is taken from his album “Once Upon A Time In America“. Watch it now here on Urban Kings. We made Stomper’s albums available now from Urban Kings for just $7.99 only from Urban Kings.

Chino Grande – Under The Sun


An Urban Kings Tv Exclusive

The brand new single from UKMG Artist Chino Grande is available now for download. The song is called “Under The Sun” and is taken from his upcoming album “1300 Block Boys”, which will be released later this  year. Make sure to get the single and support Chino Grande!