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True Starr At The Cannibus Cup


An Urban Kings Tv Exclusive

Urban Kings Artist True Starr vibin out and dabbin out at this years High Times Cannibus Cup

True Starr At The High Times Cannibus Cup

This is pretty dope. Urban Kings Artist True Starr took a little trip to the High Times Cannibus Cup last weekend, tryin out the new strands and he was a special guest at the King Legazy 2020 Hii Effect Booth. We took a camera man for this event, as he followed True Starr throughout the festival, dabbin and smokin. Make sure to watch the video and support his new album “You’re Welcome“, its available now!

New Dr GreenThumb Commercial Featuring Sick Jacken


Sick Jacken just sent us the brand new video commercial for the Dr. Greenthumb Show for B Real Tv. The video shows everything from behind the scenes, to concert footage as well as footage from events. It also shows a whole lot of green. This is a really dope video that our friend Big Tiny did for B Real, and shows clips of Sick Jacken in there performing, and it also shows the hosts of the show, B Real, Dougie The Douche, Salam Wreck, Tall Can Turner, Dj Lenny Ducano, Dj Prophet, CMinus, Dj Shiva, and Dj Nelz.

MedBox – Coming Soon Near You

I was walking through a store the other day and I seen one of these machines. It is called a Medbox and its one of the newest machines available right now. This machine is a brand new dispensary for medications. All you have to do is swipe your medical card, and press your finger against the fingerprint scanner, then just choose which medicine you would like and even choose your dosage. The machine is kept in perfect temperature for medication, even refrigerating medicine when needed. Medbox is looking to install hundreds of medicine machines in various pharmacies in many different states.

Youtube Friday – Man Facing 80 Years for Medical Marijuana

We found this video of a man who is now facing over 80 years in prison over medical marijuana in the state of Montana. There was a large sweep of care givers, which used over 26 warrants across the state. Many companies have been in compliance to many of the laws from Montana. One caregiver got advice from lawyers and state attorneys, and he even gave drug task force and sheriffs and deputies tours of his establishment. In 2004, Montana voted for medical marijuana, and 17 other states also passed its law. But even though medical marijuana might be legal in a state, it is still illegal under federal law. What do you think about this? Post your thoughts and ideas on the subject by clicking the picture above.

Man Facing 80 Years For Medical Marijuana

An Urban Kings Tv Exclusive

There is a man in Montana who is currently facing 80 years in prison for growing medical marijuana. Watch the video and post your thoughts and reaction about this case.