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Youtube Friday – Tattoo’d Eyeballs

I gotta give this guy Popek props on having the guts to do a tattoo like this. Popek, who is a Polish MMA Fighter and a Rapper, decided to tattoo his eyeballs, with green artificial eyeballs, complete with pupils. He is already tatted up from his neck to his feet, and couldn’t think of another way to just get more ink. So he decided instead of getting facial tattoos, he was going to tattoo his eyeballs. I dont know if this is a trend in Europe to do this type of thing, but the person who was in charge of doing the tattoo sounds nervous out of his mind during the video. It was his first time doing it. So watch the video by clicking it, and do not try this at home.


Youtube Friday – Protect Ya Neck

We are back with Youtube Friiiday and we got a good one for you. We always try to find the funniest, cooliest and craziest video clips, and this week trust me, we do not disappoint, with the craziest side of things. This is a real video of a Magician doing a real stunt with his real life wife. He is doing the popular trick of cutting a woman into peices. It starts off good, then it goes from good to bad very fast. Theres somethings you can read about, but there are most things you gotta see for yourself. With Youtube friday, we like to get you see for yourself. Be prepaired to watch the clip because its not for everyone, and always remember, to Protect Ya Neck at all times.