A Better Life Awaits Us

A critic by the name of Miguel Orozco, who works for Latina Lista, saw A Better Life and he could praise it more. In his article, I couldn’t help but to feel a bit inspired and if you don’t believe me read the article yourself. Remember a lot of heat is on Los Angeles and New York if this movie doesn’t do good the media is gonna keep ignoring our voice. If the movement goes strong this movie will be played nationwide for the world to see the struggle that many of our people face. Plus get to see our Baby Jokes on the Big Screen. So get the word out, just like Miguel said, “may not be seen by millions of Latinos unless we take action and get the word out”.

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We Are Premiering Midget Loco Songs All Day Today

Today, all day today, UKMG will be releasing all new songs from Midget Loco brand new album called “Street Love“. Today is Midget Loco day, and we will be putting out all new songs from the album, starting with Street Love, then dropping the songs one by one throughout the whole day. This is Midgets 3rd album, releasing “Bloodline Flatline” and “Dedicated To The OGs “. Both were really dope albums, and were bumped heavy in the streets. With Street Love, this album will hit hard with some really dope songs like “Crazy About Her”, “Street Love”, “California Dream” and more. Remember, Street Love will be releasing to all Major Music Stores such as FYE, and Digitally through iTunes Tomorrow,  Tuesday, July 16th! Below is his official Tracklisting, so make sure to check out the song listing, and the premiers that leak, because we will be releasing the whole album TODAY for everyone to hear!

Official Street Love Track Listing
1. Street Love Ft. Lady J
2. Fucking With A G
3. California Dream Ft. D.Salas
4. Bullets Ft. D.Salas
5. Cold Blue Ft. Lyrik
6. Im Done Ft. Daphne Puente Salas
7. You Changed For Me Ft. Gloria Sol
8. I Like That Ft. Lyrik
9. Crazy About Her Ft. D.Salas
10. This Gangster Style
11. Mr. Right Guy Ft. D.Salas
12. Live For This Life
13. Been Thru It All
14. Fucking With A Go
15. You Dont Want No Drama Ft. Lady J
16. Nympho Chick Ft. Hennesy Marie

Midget Loco – Street Love – Taken From Street Love – World Premier

La Loca’s Lesson #20

how you not gonna know who yo baby daddy is?.. unless you a hoe. that shit is hella sad lol


Tirando Y Rifando vol 2

Back to scene Spanky Loco is gonna drop the 2nd album of Tirando Y Rifando. It’s been 5 years since the first one. Tirando Y Rifando was a huge success but this 2nd album  is destined to beat the first one. The album is all in spanish and its going to be released May 17.

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Music Thursday- Its Been A Long Time

This song comes from Ms. Krazie’s Album Firme Homegirl Oldies 2.

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Ms Krazie Fan Tattoo of Forgive Not Forget Tee

Have you seen one of the best tattoo’s I have seen a fan have of UKMG Artist Ms Krazie. It is the portrait of the Forgive Not Forget Tee of Ms Krazie. The tattoo came out dope. You can see the quality and the shading of the tattoo perfectly and I think it came out really dope. There are many fans that have got many different tattoos, but this is the first I have seen with the Forgive Not Forget design. If you have any tattoo work, artwork or any cool designs of any Urban Kings artists, make sure to submit it to us Clicking Here! We will post it up here and make you famous!


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